Sunday, November 29, 2009

haiyoh.. the determination..

hhuuuh.. lately i'll thinking most all about the money , property , cars and everythings... guessing in the millionaire.. mayb because of my surroundings here made me felt like that.. or maybe the determination spirit of me to become a succesfull in my life. thinking im jelous of some people arround me gaettin' richer.. and that made me so. may b this feeling cause of my past history FAILEd on the SPP interview job.. Well , it doesn't matter.. i dont make any sense of it.. yeahh.. im 19 y.o... too young too think all about that... Well, that was my determination to get success in my life. Surely ,, i will get those of the wealthy,, may b being an entrepreneurs of somethings.. WELL,,
now ... thinking on how to digs all of the wealthy ang money..