Tuesday, April 21, 2009

21 april 2008

huh... today many things happen in my journey of life.. hmm. actually,, aku sentap sikit dengan sorang girl dalam kelas aku nih... memang menyampah.. ah.. ader aku kisAH..?? tak mati pon kalau tak kawan dengan hang.. walhal,, kalau nak hitung2 banyak yang ang mintak tolong aku.. WEll.. lets see whether you wanna ask for my favour again or not.. haha.. Sundal!! Well,, bukan aku nak mengumpat but.. kau tuh yang tak reti.. in other word bodoh.. dahlah les... OPS!! pecah lobang.. hmm. malas thinking about that sial.. hmm.. semalam ,, ada 2 girls.. actually what should i call. ? Bro or miss.. whatever.. Looks like a tomboi photgrapher..hmm.. im guessing.. so i as the wakil macm kesian aja nak bagi sebab request kelas untuk amik pic yang diorang shoot tu tak seberapa.. so, aku sebagai orang tengah berasa serbasalah lah jugak nak bagi.. But,, well aku pon dah berjaya menyerahkan sabil explain ..

"diorang banyak tak da duit.. Sorrylah ya?"
Ok.. Tak pa.. kami paham"..

Oh.. so pity at them.. hm.. rasa kesian lak. dah macam orang bagi harapan... But.. nak wat camna.. Mngkin depa dapat lah kot untung kat tepat lain.. hmm.. anyway.. i dont know why are so many students here hate them.. Yeah, thier look like a pengkid,..sorry to say.. But they are huma too ryte?? hmm.. aku macam kesian lah gak kat diorang.. Still manis and sopan orangnya walaupon Tomboy.. I dont know.. People hera such a narrow minded.. Tak boleh accept lagi orang2 macam tuh.. im not backing them up but.. yalah.. human?? kan.. sapa lah yang tak pernah buat silap..kan?? anyway, nnt harap adalah orang yang dpat menerima mereka..

Hmm. assignment is looking for me back.. Busy lagilah nampaknya.. Nak wat camner.. Hmm.. Im getting so lazy nowadays.. sibuk dengan lappy nih (maklumlah sejak ada asyik dok main tenet aja kekdahnyer.).. OH GOD!! hopefully aku tak terlanjur lah ralit dengan lappy aku nih.. Maklumlah.. final will arrives soon.. Tak sabarnya nak blah dari diorang yang aku tak suka dalam hidup nih.. Harap2 paham lah no..Tak sabra nak mulakan hidup baru.. Kawan2 yang baru... Geng2 sekepala yang baru.. Dan lain lagilah.. Pendek kata>...


TAk sabarnya nak tinggalkan rival2 aku kat sinih..

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Inventory ....Disposal.... Sayangnyer..

hmm. petang tadi.. helping my lecture to make some of the inventori disposal... Actually,, barang2 tuh adalah barang2 from our course yang lepas... I'd think dalam tahun 2004 kot.. MAsatuh pun masih form 2 lagi.. Hmm. just proceed..actually i was surprise sebab in the past our silibus ada shhoting film, making film and bagai... Wah,, bestnyer.. sayangnyer.. it was a past.. and we all tak sempat pon belajar benda tuh and even learning about that.. rasa macam ruginyer.. sebab now we all belajar benda2 kecik macam tuh aja.. NOt adventure at all.. hmm. ini adalah sisipan gambar yang.. WOW!! memang mahal lah barang2nyer but... NAk diposal... oh GOD... ruginyer...

Nak wat camner... tetap rasa sayang nak buang kan?? Kan best belajr balik benda2 tuh..

Very der shit yaamat..

hmm. just baru balik from the kuliah maghrib.. get some irritated from the bodoh tu lah...Menyesal betul lah being a friend with him.. bukannye apa.. just macam bodoh being irritated like that.. Well! let the tyme decide it.. i dont even heran lah sangat with the good deeds that you have done.. Toksah nak berlagak lah pandai san-pandai sini.. Everyday you just keep on acting and being a hypochrite towards the others poeple.. Bukannyer apa, i just cant keep on hiding on what have you done..Ikut hati memang nak reaveal saja apa yang dibuat olehnya.. but!! i just get retarded of being acting like dats, being a bad infront of people of telling everythings about you...
DAhlah.. meluat cakap denagn hang.. Jumpa hang pon aku DAh MELUUUAAAATTT!!!

btw... BODOH!!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Future..

i dont know what will i be in the future..? What will my occupation to be on the future? The only hope was getting the SPA jobs.. hmm.. i dont know.. sometimes i just feel dissapointed with myself,my study , my friends, and so on..i dont know whether i choose the right path to be here or may b i will have another rezeki beza datang lambat atau cepat... hmm.. just let it be.. What do i feel ryte now was an epmtiness... i become a haters rite now.. i dont know which i have to admit that im wrong or not or it was unconsious did.. ah.. lantaklah to the last narrow of my class.. Im not the one who terhegeh2 nak being friend with uols.. Well, my princip senang aja.. Being nice with me there ill be.. Being rude to me there ill be rude too.. As for me.. tak rugi apa2 pun kalau tak kawan dengan hampa.. But,, beware.. you just make a BIGGER problem of your life.. seems like my words like stupid but yeah.. as i know i was a peramah and mudah being friend with anyone else,,,.about the one yang sengal tuh.. hmm.. i dont know what should i do.. just being a good actor aja lah.. But.. ya hampon!@!! memang menyampah tengok muka dia especially bila dia start to *******! perasan bagus yaamat..

ohoho... mish my other friend..
oh b4 forget...
we'll see whether i just suitable with h88 or not.....

its a reality to be a fantasy..

haha.. dunoow wat im babbling about.. just getting the wifi now.. so im a very lil bit Of 'sengal' today..
i dont know.. my currently mood now was a ROJAK now.. macam hampeh.. and i dont like to have this feeling strange like today.. prefers to have one feeling at the time...
and so hitless.. my desktop hard disk was corrupt... thinking whether i shuold buy a new one or just let it be..
hmm.. stting retarded by some one.. like it so much.. hopefully.. it will be a true.. donnow whether it will be the kind of pecah tembelang or not.. just thinking of being a friend with it... don have to think so much deepre about this .. bukann apa.. afraid of getting the angau or love sicks...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Convocation Of Poly are today..

huhu.. now im at the class computer.. Using the net .. didnt bring my lappy coz kalut sikit pagi tadi.. hmm.. anyway,, today was bored.. and so released a lil bit coz them not maiking the idiots things today.. Anyway, i hope so for the so on..hmm.. im guessing if i were at the POly ryte now... them are making thier 3th Convocation today.. surely my mum get busy today.. hmm.. If so i could be there now.. hmm.. tak delah apa sangat entry kali ni.. just dreams.. Anyway.. i can accept the fact here now.. Things will past fastly.. AMIN.. hmm.. must be them having some citcat there and enjoying the nice foods selling there includes get a souveiner.. Oh GOD.. Sukan asrama is coming.. im so afraid towards the many works that i have to do.. SHITLESS.. hmm.. dont wanna think about that.. Just thinking something like Our Class vacation to Key All.(KL)... Cant wait.. hmm..

Ps: Dreaming that i'll be there...

The Poly Matter.

hmm. at the way masa nak mai ILP ni i was gueesing and thinking whether i made a wrong decision to come her(ILP) although i got the POLY.. hmm.. bukannya apa.. seems i got a lot of problem here.. yeah.. last week i sent my best friend going back to his hostel and i've meet the two of his friends.. Id think that we can be a friend yang seperti rang kata like a GANG.. kawan yang boleh masuk satu kepala.. Yeah., seems i found nothing here .. and now im thinking and adding up my friend by him.. Im dreaming if i was studying there. i could hang out with them together.. and more.. im just hoping my study here ended soon and im counting down the days.. The lifestyle there is very different apart then here.. like thier schedule.. it was very different..
And now..
im thinking whether i made a wrong decision.. But.. what can i do..
Just focussing on my study here and cant wait to seek him when the weekends coming..

Ps: mish my best friend...

Breaks is OVER!!

hhmmm.. i miss my home.. anyway,, this breaks is Over and now im at the college.. huahau.. MISH my Home.. Anyway.. cuti ni tak dalah adventerous sangat.. but i feel very happy coz my missions accomplished like the planning..Hm.. Now i was bersila at my katil after done kemas2 barang.. Although it was a WEEKS Holiday but macam 2-3 hari aja.. Masa cepat sungguh berlalu kan skunk ni.. I was very proud with this holiday because :
1-My Kad Biru Project was done.. Soft copy , tinggal nak buat hard copy saja.. Haha. beware..
2-Menghantar my BEST friend going back to POLI and having and interesting journey. plays with his little baby(NABIL)mish dats.. and meet his 2 college friend bytheway at his home.. And i'd think i has a chemistry with them..(later i blo about it)
3-Get some money and effort of selling the Tapioca at my dad orchards..Happy.. ;)
4-wathching a Fast and furious 4 at the Cinema.. Good acting of VIN DIESEL.. Luv it..
5-Cooking a spagheti.
6-Winning of some Hampers at the JPJ Family Day.. Banyak jugak hadiah yang dapat.. Best..
7-Tidur lelama pagi2 dekat umah.. bangun lewat..
8-Downloading some of the movies at the Internet.. (unfortunately my hard disk become corrupted..) maybe because of the long time open for downloading..(HOLY CRAP!)
9-Going to POLy and meet my cousins buy her CENDAWAN GORENG..
10-Meredah banjir on the way to POLY.
11-Fetch my cousins because of her VAN break down and send her back to POLY.. At the same meet adilah at there.
12-meet my neighbours.. LOng time no see have some chat and thats great..
13-Watching the CSI on AXN channel at night.
14-having my mums cooking..
15-getting some bad hobby.. Dont try this.. May cause a suffer from a lung cancer..Just tension...

hmm.. tu lah.. activity yang buat...hmm. ada banyak lagi yang tak list down.. Anyway,, this breaks tak menghampakan aku although it was a short break.. Cant wait for the Cuti Sem yang 3 weeks nuh.. JUst counting a day.. Cant wait too...

pS : still miss my home..

Friday, April 3, 2009

Life Is Not like what we wants..

hmmm. dah lama ya rupanya tak wat entry dalam blog ni... Sampai dah nak habis cuti pon baru nak start wat.. Well,, overall , my holiday just a simple breaks only.. tak de aktiviti sangat.. hm. just duduk kat umah , wathcing the tv , surfing the Net, and merayau2 without no destination.. Hmm.. entahlah kenapa terpanggil untuk wat entry malam ni.. anyway,, cuti dah nak habis dah, This sunday, i have to go back and continued my study,, Macam belum puas aja cuti.. Nama seminggu but macam 2-3 hari saja.. anyway,, HOPING for the next cuti.. Tak sabarnya walaupun lambat lagi.. hmm..At all.. i fell very dissapointed with my self , my life , my friends and so on.. I dont know why does this happen... Keep blaming others people although it was my did.. I dont know what would happen to me next day or in the future.. FEELs like im a LOSERS ryte now..NOW? yeah.. it should be.. I really feel that im losing my friend.. NOT beST anymore.. I dont wanna mention h** name but.. YEAH.. we're not same anymore.. NOT compatible ANYMORE..Yeah,, as in the phrase 'OIL and Water cannot be combined IT has to be separated' LIKED us 'GOOD poeple cannot be With the BAD poeple'..Yeah.. since it was a TURNING DRAMATICALLY of your atitude... Yeah.. i was in BAD.. So?? Occaylah.. here are some suggestion.. You do your own things While i do mine?? rite.. Dont have to drag/brag/crap me onto your mirror... Just do for your own.. Seems this words blaming me.. Yeah.. it should be.. I was hoping that you happy with your own world.. While i was wannabe in my own world..

-------WE HAVE TO BREAK IT OUT------Thats all...

Sorry seems to be the hardest words...