Sunday, January 31, 2010

Terkejut bila bangun pagi..

Gila dowh.. bebangun pagi tadi terekejut...!!

nak tau naper?

entah tetiber ada open wounds kat celah jari kecik kaki aku nih..

agak pedih juga lah..

siot! mecamana benda nih boleh jadi..

terus naluri jahat berkata..

"aku kena diabetes aka kencing manis kot"

terus bukak pc google about diabetes..

saftey pecaution gila..

tanya my mum..

how come this?

she said./. may be masa tidur aku terkena apa2 or terkick apa kot..


terus sedap hati..

tak pikir dapat diabetes ker..


kebelakangan nih asyik nak makan banyak..

a on

**matilah.. obes..

bila abang balik terus tanya dia..

he said..

"oh,, kaki makan air nih!!"


kaki makan air..?

did u ever heard that disease before..


maybelah kaki aku tak cukup air dalam badan therefore dia makan sendiri air tuh..

hahaha.. lawak..



tak dalah worried sangat kata kena diabetes ker tak..

dah berapa kalik taruk minyak gamat dalamnya..

tak da apa2 reaction pon..

sengal2 ubi tuh ada lah jugak..


lepas google dan wiki2..

jumpa pong..


penyakit kaki makan air..

here there copy..

Kaki makan air
Dari Wikipedia Bahasa Melayu, ensiklopedia bebas.
Lompat ke: pandu arah, gelintar
Cross green.png PENAFIAN: Untuk pengetahuan sahaja. Sila dapatkan nasihat doktor mengenai kesihatan anda.
Bahan dalam laman ini tidak bertujuan menggantikan jagaan profesional, khidmat nasihat, diagnosis atau rawatan doktor. Laman ini tidak mempunyai jawapan kepada semua masalah. Jawapan kepada masalah umum mungkin tiada kaitan kepada anda. Sekiranya anda menyedari simptom kesihatan atau jatuh sakit, anda perlu menghubungi doktor bagi rawatan lanjut.

Rencana ini adalah tentang a medical condition. Untuk the American retail shoe store, sila lihat The Athlete's Foot.

Athlete's foot or tinea pedis
Pale, flaky & split skin of athlete's foot in a toe web space
ICD-10 B35.3
ICD-9 110.4
Pangkalan data penyakit 13122
MedlinePlus 000875
eMedicine derm/470

Kaki makan air adalah sejenis penyakit yang juga dikenali sebagai Athletes Foot. Penyakit kaki makan air disebabkan kulat. Penyakit kaki makan air biasanya disebabkan kaki yang selalu berendam air atau lembab.
Isi kandungan

* 1 Simptom
* 2 Diagnosis
* 3 Rawatan
o 3.1 Rawatan biasa
+ 3.1.1 Topical medications
+ 3.1.2 Oral medications
o 3.2 Alternative treatments
+ 3.2.1 Topical oils
+ 3.2.2 Onion extract
+ 3.2.3 Garlic extract
+ 3.2.4 Rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and vinegar
o 3.3 Rawatan rumah (Home remedy)
+ 3.3.1 Asid borik
+ 3.3.2 Pengering rambut
+ 3.3.3 Baking soda
+ 3.3.4 Peluntur biasa
+ 3.3.5 Garam Epsom
* 4 Lihat juga
* 5 Nota kaki
* 6 Pautan luar
o 6.1 Maklumat perubatan umum
o 6.2 Gambar
o 6.3 Organisasi

[sunting] Simptom
Keruping antara celah jari kaki.

Kaki nakan air (bahasa Inggeris Athlete's foot) menyebabkan kulit dicelah jari kaki yang dijangkiti menjadi berkeruping, bersisik dan gatal. Lepoh dan kulit pecah juga mungkin berlaku, menyebabkan tisu dlam terdedah, kesakitan, bengkak dan radang. Jangkitan bakteria kedua juga boleh berlaku bersama jangkitan kulat yang kadang-kala memerlukan rawatan antibiotik.[1][2]

Jangkitan ini mampu merebak kepada bahagian lain badan, seperti peha, dan biasanya dikenali dengan nama lain apabila ia merebak, seperti tinea corporis pada tubuh atau anggota badan dan tinea cruris (jock itch atau gatal dhobi itch) bagi jangkitan pada celah peha. Tinea pedis kebiaaannya hadir pada celah jari kaki, biasanya pada jari kaki kempat dan kelima palingkerap.[3][4][5]
[sunting] Diagnosis

Diagnosis boleh dilakukan oleh ahli farmasis, doktor umum (general practitioner) dan pakar dermatologist atau podiatrist.


* After any physical activity shower with a soap that has both an antibacterial and anti fungal fighting agent in it.

[sunting] Rawatan

There are many conventional medications (over-the-counter and prescription) as well as alternative treatments for fungal skin infections, including athlete's foot. Important with any treatment plan is the practice of good hygiene. Several placebo controlled studies report that good foot hygiene alone can cure athlete's foot even without medication in 30-40% of the cases.[6] However, placebo-controlled trials of allylamines and azoles for athlete’s foot consistently produce much higher percentages of cure than placebo.[7]
[sunting] Rawatan biasa

Conventional treatment typically involves daily or twice daily application of a topical medication in conjunction with hygiene measures outlined in the above section on prevention. Keeping feet dry and practicing good hygiene is crucial to preventing reinfection. Severe or prolonged fungal skin infections may require treatment with oral anti-fungal medication. Apply zinc oxide based diaper rash ointment. To prevent sweaty or wet feet that are breeding grounds for athlete's foot, apply talcum powder (baby powder) to absorb moisture that kills off the infection.
[sunting] Topical medications

Rencana utama: Antifungal drug

The fungal infection is often treated with topical antifungal agents, which can take the form of a spray, powder, cream, or gel. The most common ingredients in over-the-counter products are miconazole nitrate (2% typical concentration in the United States) and tolnaftate (1% typ. in the U.S.). Terbinafine, marketed as Lamisil is another over-the-counter drug. There exists a large number of prescription antifungal drugs, from several different drug families. These include ketaconazole, itraconazole, naftifine, nystatin, caspofungin. One study showed that allylamines (terbinafine, Amorolfine, naftifine, butenafine) cure slightly more infections than azoles (Miconazole, ketaconazole, clotrimazole, itraconazole, sertaconazole, etc.).[7] Undecylenic acid (a castor oil derivative) is a known fungicide that can be used for fungal skin infections such as athlete's foot. Whitfield's Ointment (benzoic and salicylic acid) is an older treatment that still sees occasional use.

Some topical applications such as carbol fuchsin (also known in the U.S. as Castellani's paint), often used for intertrigo, work well but in small selected areas. This red dye, used in this treatment like many other vital stains, is both fungicidal and bacteriocidal; however, because of the staining it is cosmetically undesirable. For many years gentian violet was also used for bacterial and fungal infections between fingers or toes.

The time line for cure may be long, often 45 days or longer. The recommended course of treatment is to continue to use the topical treatment for four weeks after the symptoms have subsided to ensure that the fungus has been completely eliminated. However, because the itching associated with the infection subsides quickly, patients may not complete the courses of therapy prescribed.

Anti-itch creams are not recommended as they will alleviate the symptoms but will exacerbate the fungus; this is due to the fact that anti-itch creams typically enhance the moisture content of the skin and encourage fungal growth. For the same reason, some drug manufacturers are using a gel instead of a cream for application of topical drugs (for example, naftin and Lamisil). Novartis, maker of Lamisil, claims that a gel penetrates the skin more quickly than cream.

If the fungal invader is not a dermatophyte but a yeast, other medications such as fluconazole may be used. Typically fluconazole is used for candidal vaginal infections moniliasis but has been shown to be of benefit for those with cutaneous yeast infections as well. The most common of these infections occur in the web spaces (intertriginous) of the toes and at the base of the fingernail or toenail. The hall mark of these infections is a cherry red color surrounding the lesion and a yellow thick pus.
[sunting] Oral medications

Oral treatment with griseofulvin was begun early in the 1950s. Because of the tendency to cause liver problems and to provoke aplastic anemia the drugs were used cautiously and sparingly. Over time it was found that those problems were due to the size of the crystal in the manufacturing process and microsize and now ultramicrosize crystals are available with few of the original side effects.[perlu rujukan]

For severe cases, the current preferred oral agent in the UK,[8] is the more effective terbinafine.[9] Other prescription oral antifungals include itraconazole and fluconazole.[1]
[sunting] Alternative treatments
[sunting] Topical oils

Symptomatic relief from itching may be achieved after topical application of tea tree oil, probably due to its involvement in the histamine response;[10] however, the efficacy of tea tree oil in the treatment of athlete's foot (achieving mycological cure) is questionable.[11][12]
[sunting] Onion extract

A study of the effect of 3% (v/v) aqueous onion extract was shown to be very effective in laboratory conditions against Trichophyton mentagrophytes and T. rubrum.[13]
[sunting] Garlic extract

Ajoene, a compound found in garlic, is sometimes used to treat athlete's foot.[14]
[sunting] Rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and vinegar

Direct application of rubbing alcohol and/or hydrogen peroxide after bathing can aid in killing the fungus at the surface level of the skin and will help prevent a secondary (bacterial) infection from occurring.[perlu rujukan] In addition, soaking the feet in a bath of 70% rubbing alcohol will help dry the skin out, and likewise kill the invading fungus.[perlu rujukan] The alcohol is not, however, effective against spores. Vinegar in some cases has killed the fungus and is effective against spores.

[sunting] Rawatan rumah (Home remedy)
[sunting] Asid borik

Peggunaan asid Borik pada stokin sebagai melindungi kaki daripada dijangkiti berulang, tetapi tidak digunakan bagi merawatnya.
[sunting] Pengering rambut

Oleh kerana kulat tumbuh pada persekitaran lembab, iaamat penting bagi mengeringkan kaki dengan betul selepas mandi. Pengering rambut boleh digunakan bagi membantu mengeringkan kaki, atau bagi mengeringkan kaki yang menjadi lembab dalam tempon antara mandi.
[sunting] Baking soda

Melumur kaki dengan pes baking soda dan/atau menabur baking soda dalam kasut dipercayai membantu dengan menukar kadar pH.[15]
[sunting] Peluntur biasa

Menggunakan peluntur pada kulit idak digalakkan, kerana ia terbukti sebagi perengsa (jelas dilabel di United Kingdom sebagai "Merbahaya (Harmful)" oleh COSHH). Bagaimanapun ia dilaukan bagi kegunaan pembasmi kulat persekitaran bagi menghalang penyebaran dermatophytes antara haiwan, dan dari haiwan kepada manusia. Ia juga digunakan bagi menghapus kulat di lantai laluan kaki (kolam renang), dan pada pakaian (stokin).
[sunting] Garam Epsom

Merendam kaki dalam larutan gram Epsom dalam air suam. Air masin/garam akan merencat/membunuh kulat.
[sunting] Lihat juga

* Dadah anti kulat
* Asid borik - sebagai rawatan
* Ringworm
* Tinea


kopy jer keja..

okayh.. selesai satu masalah..

tapi dalam wiki tuh mentioned yang kata bekerja di persekitaran lembab...

padahal aku kerja di poersekitaran air cond,..

kasut bertutup litup bagai..

macam nmalah boleh jadik..

nama penyakit tuh dalam bahasa inggeris Athletes..

oakyh.. lupakan pasal disease tuh..

hari nih best..

bukan apa..
dapat rehat banyak lah..

tak payah pergi kerja..


hari nih.. buat sejenis kueh yang pakai kulit poiah tuh..

then we fried..

and lumurkan dengan instant nestum,..

its kinda delicious lah..


aku bangun pagi pukul 11.30.. hahah..


**(sleeping queen katanya,..


duduk depan pc..

main Crazy taxi..

Main cafe world..

then.. aku tidu ayam kul 4..

bangun kul 5..

hahah.. tidur lagi..

marathon katanya..

okayh.. petang + malamnya..

going to Amer house..

he was my neighbour..

entah panggil aku..

about computing problem lahg katanya..

cannot install game..


tolong2 dia..

bnalik rumah jap..

then dalam kul 9 mlm tuh gfi umah dia..

sedekahkan cerita2 aku8 yang da dalam external aku nih...

tak banyak sangat lah dia amik..

KUl 11.30 mlm baru balik..


lama betul yer aku doik umah orang..

then balik..

buka laptop aspire 4530 aku..

main klik sana klik sini..

pastuh shut down..

kul 12.00 malam akum aku bukak blog nih...

taip this entry..

macam na?

full of meaning tak hiodup aku..

hahaha penuh dengan ketiduran jer..

okayhlah.. aku nak pergi tidur lak..

dah lewat malam nih.. nak dekat kul 1 pagi! dah..

hahaha.. matilah tidur lagi.....

ok.. choiw...


Gud Nyte!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

There's a monster in my bed?

huhu.. pepertah yang haku mengarots nih..
bukan apa..
* currently listening to Gaga song-monster...

very der catchy yaamat..

anyway, bayak aku nak tulis hari ni..
aku banyak lupa.. idea cepat kering...

tulah.. lainkali kena on the spot tulis entry.. 24 hours katanya..

okayh.. schedule hari nih..

like usual.. tak banyak sangat kerja..

Btw, i found someone today at the shop..

he was.. my english teacher... long time no see huh.?

but , entahlah.. i ran away from him..

avoided him..

hopefully he did'nt see me.. hahah..

oklah.. jahatnya aku nihkan..

padahal kebelakangan nih dok seru nama dia..

tah.. tetiba muncul tanpa diduga..

jadi ker mantera aku nih?

okayh.. motif aku lariki daripada dia bukannya apa..

i'm just ashamed of him..

nothings can be proud of me now..

im sorry sir..

i have to do it...



keep going on..

just now just captured the name translator from facebook aaps...

nor i can believed it or not??

here another one...

should i believed it??

it makes me blush..

Btw, thanks for the morally support...

made my life even precious..

Oh ya.. dengar kata hari nih gaji..

others dah dapat..

tinggal aku jer tak dapat..

may b boss not have much tyme to seek me sebab aku chow balik awal hari nih..


nanti dapatlah tuh..

dapat gaji awal2 pon bukan apa.. nanti boros ajer..


aku tak tau apa aku mengarots yerk..

bukan apa...

latter niyh just too much things happen to my life rapidly..

most of was a FUCKED life..

*** so, i dont noe what to babbling about much...

kayh.. chiow..

Thursday, January 28, 2010

is it true?

Just saw this horoscope on my facebook application...
it was about my sign of today...


Naseb malang..

huh.. apalah punya naseb aku hari nih...
Semua yang aku buat serba tak kena hari nih..
BODOH punya naseb..
Aku tak tau apa perlu aku rasa sekarang..
Sama ada sedih ,
Semua ada hari nih..

Bukan nya apaa.. Hari nih adalah hari nasib malang buat aku..

Hari ni tak da apa2..
JUst pi kerja macam biasa...

Antara Perkara malang..

* Cpu kastemer.. As promised hari nih nak amik..
tup2.. bila nak bagi.. tak da display lah...
CAm cibai.>! pastuh bila aku nak hapdate kaspersky anti virus..
memang haram jadah...
slow tahap cipan..
bila kastemer dah balik..
Ok lak!!
sengalnya main2kan hari nih aku...wahai nasib.

**aku terdelete semua lagu dalam Mp3 player sony aku..
haram jadah punya Windows media player tahap kuno...
bila aku higight nak drag (dah banyak dah) tetiberlak.. terklik tempat lain.. hilang habis semua higlight tuh.. siyal..

***mouse cpu aku nih memang FUCK!..
bengong... klik sekali jadi double klik..
tak leh drag..
kadang tak lekat bila klik..
padan muka aku dah hempuk..
satu lagi maouse dah arwah..
buang dalam tons sampah..

PAdan muka wahai mouse2 ku sekalian..

***one of my cousin, dapat tawaran as a lecturer.. and aku.??memang dah naseb aku dapat masa depan yang gelap dan untuk dipandang serong oleh orang lain..

****today dapat interview letter from ciast..
Malangnya.. takleh nak pi sebab aku tak tamat OJT aku lagi..
dan interviewnya pada bulan dua nih for april intake!!
memang hazab yaamat...

*****my ext. Hard disk aku jatuh.. Bukan jatuh di tilam tapi di atas semen...
VAVISNyer,,, semua benda nak jatuh hari nih..
tak kena itu dan ini... naseb ok.. tapi aku precautious lah.. takut lifespan dia kurang..

********aku secara tak sengaja telah menyebabkan salah satu button IBM thinkpad ah fuh punya kawan iatu keyboard dia CTRL telah tercabut.. macam na leh cabut aku tak tau.. aku tak cungkil mahupun tekan butang tuh... memang syaitan yaamat....sengaja nak cari gaduh ngan aku hari nih wahai naseb..

******************motorsikal FX aku lampu problem.. Butang lampu tinggi yang tak pernah problem buat HAL cilaka hari nih.. VAVIS!!

*******aku sterssed sangat sebab dapat semua naseb yang SIYAL pada hari nih...

dahlah.. tak da mood nak taip entryt.. banyak lagi naseb burok pada hari nih..
kang tak pasal2 lappy aku meletops lak sekarang pasal naseb yang very stupid sangat!!!

Btw!! bodoh punya naseb...


**sory atas entry yang banyak mencarots...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


okayh.. entry kali nih..
Nothings special..
Except!!! stressed...
bencinya.. bodohnya..

*kisah Pertama
-ada kastemer nih hantar CPu dengan his old hard disk..
dalam plastik letak atas CPU..
selalu tak da sapa usik pon HD tuh..
Tup2 masa nak pulangkan kat kastemer..
Hd tuh lesap..
Might be terlekat with other kastemer CPu and gone..

Freaking Bitch!!!
macam mana benda tuh leh hilang..
nak salahkan sapa?
Salahkan masing2 sebab BODOH Dan CUAI..
Boss no response...
macam tak tau je kes nih lagi..
Takutnya kalau tau...
Now si Ah Ming trying toh discover the customer yang terambik HD tuh by CALLLING>>>
Harap adalah yang pulangkan...
(salah memasing sebab CUAI!!)

*KEs Kedua..
Tadik ada kastemer.;.
Ada hantar CPU..
Cannot load windows katanya.,..
Okaylayh.. so as suggest..
apa2 pon sebelum format aku akan CAll dulu tanya ada tak data dia dalam C: drive dia yang penting or nak backup..

okayhlah.. kastemer tuh kata ada dekat d semua...
include dokumen apa yang dia dok merepek..
data dalam d..
But , lepas format,,
guess what..
bukan kecuaian kami...
he said no data in c..
bukak2 d files...

Terkejut aku...
should i9 b responsible?
hafiz just got back from his recess..
told me about his Data alol in C:

But , dah call kastemer .. and said go on with c..
entahlah.. aku pong pening...
Entah kastemer tuh tahu ker tidak drive C: atau D;

Jangan nanti mai serang aku...
sebab aku tak da masa nak check ur hard disk C: kau b4 format...
sebab hari nih pack sangat..l
Banyak CPu..
okaylah.. Lupakan bout that probs...


Balik keja..
aku just drop by at nyte market..
hajatnya, nak beli makanan lah..
my mum tak masak since ada bacaan tahlil and makan2 bihun sup at the late's house...
okayh. aku baru balik and malas nak attend there..
aku beli Bihun SUp..
Urm sedaplah kat situ..

then, balik.. singgah to Manan's Stall..
Drop by tu beli Nasi Goreng..

Kebulur aku...
makan banyak malam2 nih..

** seronoklah pergi pasar malam..
bermain dengan perasaan sambil lupa masalah kerja,..
tengokm gelagat2 manusia kat sana...
ada yang sedih..
ada yang excited..
ada yang..
tak taulah..
banyak sangat..

aku malas nak hurai banyak sebab dah pukul 11.51pm dah nih..cuma..

agak kesal dengan masalah sekarang...

****almaklumlah kempen Potong sana and ini from (tak nak mentioned... tak pasal2 kena bayar SAMAN aku bukannya ada duit sangat nak bayar yer...).!..

Lampu jalan WHOLE taman aku pon dipotong..
WTF!! dah gelap gelita satu taman tuh..
nak berjalan and riding pon takut..
tambahan pulak..
dalam keadaan gelap nih boleh mengundang banyak kecurian dan rompakan...

Nak kata lampu rosak or kabel lampu jalan rosak tak jugak...

Percaya tak.. Satu saja lampu yang menyala..
Luckily ianya infront of my house..

U noe wat?? sebab dia bayar for the Lamp... masuk dalm bill elektrik dia..
But yang lain.. tak logiklah benda tuh rosak kan?
sebab satu aja yang menyala apatah lagi kalau ianya dibayar personally..

Jimat2 jugak...
Tapi janganlah jimat sampai macam nih...
nih dah jatuh tahap Bakhil,..,.
salahkan sapa...

""Lu Pikirlah Sendiri"

Minda serabot..
Jiwa kacau..
Nak tidor..

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another burial ceremony..

Hari nih aku agak letih sesangat...
Pagi tadik terkejut dengan shocked news..
aku dikejutkan oleh mak aku seawal 6 pagi...
but, kali nih with a BAD news..
Today., my adik punya tok a.k.a Tok lang has passed away early morning..
what can i say? she has been in hospital for a weeks..
it was her fated and destiny..
nothing else i can elaborates..
reciting an Al-Fatihah sahajalah..

Btw, schedule aku morning nih memang kalut..
bangun,, dengan taik mata di mata..
in rush..
driving mum's Kancil to sent my lil' sister to school..
My parents took an Emergency leave due to this condition..
so, i had to sent her to school lah since my parents has to figure out somethings here.
bawaklah aku kancil tuh Dari kangar To pauh...
Naseb kuar awal.
taklah buzy sangat the road..

balik tuh,,
aku mandi segala siap bagai..
wearing a Melayu suits..
and going to the late house..
this tyme im speeding up via LAgenda..
going alone to my Grandma house..
FYI, the late house is side by side to my Grandma house..
okayh.. not much i can help..
standing there.. walking there..
and lastly, ended up till 9.15a.m..
i have to Punch card for work today.
Nor taking the E.L..
Hm,, going to work like usual..
but this tyme,,
macam-macamlah si karenah dia tuh..
about what??
about our schedule lah..
bukannya apa..
he's always selfish..
tak paham how to treat a guy like that..
aku tetap with my noon shift next week..
not what..
pity to jit..
alone in downstairs...
busy on looking for customer laptop...
*btw, boss there... has to working.. does'nt have much tyme for playing around like upstairs..

Im tired ryte now..
being a wonderman for today..

Monday, January 25, 2010

I need a perfect lullaby...

hari nih..
tak tahu nak tulis about...
macam2 yang berada di benak fikiranku nih..
First of all, aku as a students terasa when my mus said about on what she heard from the radio (era) this morning...
Approx. 400.000 lebeyh graduan menganggur..
and i can feels that situation..
yelah.. im now doing my practical .. so after this??
what should i do?
whereb should i go?


aku pon tak ada jawapan untuk masa depan aku..
yang embimbangkan lagi, now the govt start the kempen of "POTONG"
potong ituh.. potong inih....
OMG! what does on earth this happen??
although aku tak berkerja but my parents was also a govt servants..
sedikit sebanyak aku kena jugak tempiasnya..

BTW, aku tak nak sangat berharap about working onjh govt sector esp when this issues happen.
since our country losing some budget..
nowadays,, COLA pon dah potong...
i dont want to elaborates that much..

One things on my mind ryte now...
How do i ganna survives.... wth this situation...
mayb at my age.. (19) doesnt need to think that all about..
But,, i was wondering what would happen to me,,, to my future...
*terasa sangat statement my mum to made ourselves dekat dengan pencipta...



no answer.

okaylah.. lupakan seketika tentang coretan itu tadik..

hari nih schedule aku..

nak story sikit...

adalah sorang budak tuh..

tak reti dengan schedule dia as we've made..

he shgould be in noon...

and working the down department...

tapai ada jugak yang terhegeh-hegeh tak reti dengan jadual...

buat bodoh jer bila ditegur,...

bukannya kau nak kena noon shift selamanyanya..

as decide...

kan kita selang seminngu gilir...

awat BODOH sangat!!

wondering how was the polytechnics students who doesn't has an ethique on working...

or in other word made thier promise...

You should ashamed towards the ILP students who was giving thier commitment...


hari nih..
adalah jugak kerja2..

pasang new CPU beberapa bijik..
Formatting pc...
and treats customers neglected...


btw, okaylah...

not much grumbling...

made me feel tough by day...

okaylah.. aku nak merenung masa depan aku yang agak gelap nih...

rasa macam unemployed....

yang gelap masa depannya...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Sunday...

wah... bestnyer hari ni.. bukan apa.. hari nih rest day.. ssetelah penat bekerja di CPL tuh..

Btw, hari nih schedule tak dalah sangat.. just bisa 2 jer..

main cafe world...

Siyal... lambat betoi nak naik level dia..

btw, hari nih ada one new experinced i've ever had..

hari nih me n my family visited my little brother who studied in sekolah sains tuh..

bukan apa.. saja aja..

my mum said want to lunch there..

picnic katanya..

so .. aku pon ikutlah..

adik aku tak join picnic sebab dia dah kenyang and he has to figure somethings..

ada perjumpaan band katanya..

i'm quite impressed.. he join the pancaragam!!

What! a pancaragam..

somethings that i've never thought of my family members would join that..

anyway.. tahniah...adik... do ur best there..

picnic kami2 aja..

+ accompanied by thw windy blow of wind.. nyaman juga..

angin sepoi2 bahasa..

anyway. masuk sekolah tuh macam masuk to new world..

everybody has to work on somethings..

perjumpaan tu lah..

study group lah...

memasing with thier own world..

oklah.. apa2 pon aku taknak kata apa..
bayak lagi obstacles yang depa kena tempuh..

jangan jadi macam aku..

study pon tak pandai..

btw, hari nih tengok tv..

nak tergelak lah..


tak leh hingat punya..

tengok raja lawak tuh..

suka part Pak Kassim a.k.a idlan...

Dia punya trademark memang masyuk/.../

Pon... Pon... still kena ada..

i love that part instead that he has avery good looking..

memang kreative... suka gaya lawak dia..

oklah... dah pukul 12.21 a.m lah..

aku pon nak tidur lah...

bukannya apa.. beso nak kena kerja..

takut tak bangun pulak..

maklumlah... aku nih liat sikit nak bangun..

**nota.. hari nih ada gotong royong membuat bubur asyura kat taman aku..
tak pi pon tolong..
ada jugak sampai umah aku dua taparware..

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kaki bodek caci maki + Guest (dua dalam satu)

huh.., stupid boy.. im taotally pissed of dan bengang tahap meluat yaamat terhadap adalah sorang budak tuh..
Tak pasal2 aku balik pukul 7 hari ni padahal boleh balik pukul 6.. Sundal betul celaka tuh..
Benci nyer yang teramat kat dia...
klunya.. *dahlah amik pendrives kat kedai tak bayar. masuk buku jer.. ops!! pecah lobang... si budak pencurik...(the previous entry)

Hah!! tu diah.. dah reveal dah semua tentang dia... carilah antar kami 4 yang mana satu..

BODOH lah kau dok bodek senior staff kat situ bila ajak balik awal...

tak pasal2 kami yang nak balik ni kena tunggu ko... siyal yaamat tujuh keturunan kau..!!

aku benci sangat kat kau!! bodoh + babi wahai si kaki bodek....

btw, taknak hurai banyak pasal budak hingusan tuh...

btw, hari pack sangat.. maklumlah banyak cpu yang harus direpair.. tapi tak dalah sangat aku buat kerja.. entah.. memasing tunjuk lagak nak baiki...

yang si ^&$%*& tuh pon tak nak bagi kami buat...

sundal nya rasa pernagai sekorq-sekorq hari nih..

hm.. masa balik tadik makan donut yang coklat diatasnya with cokolat rice..
Neighbour depan juall.
Pandai buat bisness ya dalam ekonomi gawat .nih..

okalah.. watever..
mum's said..
ada orang nak mai..
it was my dads cousins...
just come to visit and tumpang sembahyang kaedahnya..
But, entahlah..
aku rasa segan plus malu lah bila dia nak datang..
yang nak datang tu berkoyan-koyan hartanya.. (engineer with involving too much bussiness kekdahnya..)
Wife dia pon sama (engineer with macam2 lah money punya field.)

ok.. kekadahnya.. i don even know they have a new baby.. yang keempat after abang2 ang kakak dia yang sebaya dengan aku...

okalha.., the points is.. terkejutnya.. tup tup.. diorang dah ada new bay..

i dont even remember what his name..
Baby boy..

ada azhar kat belakang namanya..

hm.. wat can i say.. it was a cutie boy...

bestnyer bila pegang that baby...

untung baby tuh lahir je dalam family yang kaya..

watever,, dah nasib dia..

okayh .. diorang datang and have a dinner here...

aku jugan yang dipaksa oleh my mum buying somethings pukul 8.30 tadi...

in rush jugak lah aku pecut my fx110 yang berjasa tuh beli chicken meatball , kiub ikan bilis and sayur..

naseb lah ada aku and fx110..

thanks fx...

everythings done and smooth until depa balik...

Hah.! bout depa yang datang tuh..

bukan apa..

kalau depa sama league with family aku..
takdalah rasa segan sangat,,,

but , when it come to money...

boleh buat orang rasa segan...

bukan apa.. rasa macvam tak complete lah.. itu ini..

susah nak penuhkan hati org2 kaya nih..

btwe , lega bila depa dah pulang..

OH YAH....? kenapa diorang tetiba datang tanpa angin dan aral melintang rushing bak from KL? JOHOR?

oh.. they come here to melawat mak dia a.ka. my tok punya adik...

okayh. paham ker?

my tok punya adik.. is now dekat hospital..

according to my mum . rasanya kritikal keadaanya..
aku pong tak p tengok lagi..


malaslah.. bukan apa..

macam nothing to do there...

duduk diam.. usyar sana-- nusyar sini..

then balik...

okaylah.. aku pon malas nak menaip nih. since sekarang dah pukul 12.12..a.m... dam aku pun masih dok basuhy baju..

takpalah.. btw ,, tomorrow aku cuti..

Yahoo.. bestnyer...
leh lepak main cafe world sampai lebam..

Now aku nak pi urus mesin basuh aku..

okayh da..

*almaklumlah mesin manual.. bukan auto.. bukannya orang senang..
staff govt sector jer my parents..

Aku akan buat bisnes satu hari nanti....
Maybe IKS product based food...

Perhaps>.. itu harapan aku..

ookayhlah.. dah penat ngarots nak simpan cita2 tuyh.. aku macam nak taip lqagui but apakan daya aku kena finished up my washing mechine turn..

Okayh.. daa..

nota == Entry nih aku tulis untuk luahan perasaan yang aku rasa dan apa patut ditulis..
Kalau yang terbaca tuh berkaitan sesangat dalam entry nih ... Pesanan aku.. Go FUCK urself...Takda masa nak layan... Aku cuma tulis yang benar,,.. Bukan Propah... kalau kau marah... memang benarlah apa yang aku tulis nih.....

Friday, January 22, 2010

BAby are you down..

As jay sean said .
Tdaoy mood was cool down...
like usual..
bz like crazy..
too much spoiled of computer parts need to be repair/..
apart of listening the free "tarbiyah" from si Ah fuh tuh..
Not much gonna write that about..
actually just being dissatisfied of someone..
my coalegue...
adalah somethings taht he taken from the store..
malas lah nak kata apa...
just hope yang he has to paid on somethings that he has tken it..
nama dah tulis dalam buku..
and hope the upper will figure this out..
bukannya apa...

Aku pon nak jugak...
how come that he will get that things as for free..
c'mon CPL....! do somethings..

too much poeple sent thier computer to us only for a simple things like. that..
huh!! wasting of money lah..
kalau aku buka kedai..
mesti dah kaya dah nih..
just rub your ram.. being charged.. haha..
sapa suruh hantar...
kenalah bayar for the service charged..
okaylah ..
cau cin cau...
aku nak out..
nak makan ...
and look after my CAfe World on face book..!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hari yang ceria..

Not much i wanna write for todaaay.. just a brigthfull day...
hari yang sempurna..
at workplace as usual..
makin banyak computer yang harus direpair..
but, its okayh..
since today like bz as crazy..
*taklah bz mana pong...
terlupa nak tulis report for today dalam buku report ojt..
besoklah aku tulis somethings..
nak feeling bagai jap.. da.. see u tomorrow...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Defend of the ancients DOTA

huh.. what.. currently listening to this DOTA song by BASSHUNTER (PEMBURU BASS) hahaha...
entahlah.. what are the relate bout this little creep song and the title of m,y enty..
ya hamponn!!!

think im addiucted to this song lah..;

hahah... kuasa lagu katakan.. 1st imprees of this song..

BTW, 4get bout that song.. actually , my today events was like a normal usiual day excpet that CIBAI scenes wat happen on my previous entry..

Dont wanna talk bout bout that much..

anyway,m tdai masa balik.. saw naiem.. (previously my best friend on SMKAA lah..)
ntahlah.. idont know why does on earth this happen..

Thinking like he is running way from me..

tukar no phone tak bagitau..

call adik dia berulang kali (old number) but..
no reply nor sms..

entahlah. maybe he was feeling ashamed of being a friend like me..

lainlah dia.. dapat masok maktab watever bagai..


oh god, this is fucking idiot..

well,, takpalah.. redha ajerlah..

hoh! bout thet.. jumpo dia..

dari jauh lah.. went out through out my workplace..

aku ushar dia..
nampak juga macam dia usyar aku...

aku lihat reaksi wajah dia...
tak ada sebarang perubahan..

so, aku pon,, cepat2 tutup visor aku dan cabut dengan lajunya membawa motor Fx aku dengan hati dan perasaan yang laranya...


Lets the tyme determine it..

tak nak kata apa..

finally , he found what he wants and got..



Let me choose what would be happen to mee someday..

i dont know..

i'm just planned.. but GOD determine it...

May GOD willing..

chow dulu as for today..

a 2 tragedy for today..

Slutty day...

ok.. da~~

maybe aku takkan berjaya kan??

tengok gaya penulisan aku pon dah atau kata aku nih memang BENGAP!!

Just get out of my life the usurper..

the damn whore in action....
bencinyer dekat si muka tak malu tuh...
memang babi sungguh..
bukannya sekali dia buat macam ni kat aku...
i'ts countless. lah BODOH..

*this is not a love drama... just totally pissed of with some one...SHIT!!

merasa entry marah sekali yang dilepaskan melalui tulisan..

ok lah.. lets forget about the bitch...

aku nak gi mandi jap.. stressful sangat...

jap g aku update..

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ketegangan di pagi hari...

hm.. today was a very strange day.. never happen in workplace...
no one speaks.. no one smile.. and no onelah!! this is unusual day at my workplace..
BTW, after lunch everythings being normal...
Maybe hari yang suey kot bagi semua orang...

Anyway, not gonna expand all of those about.. just want to share that...


its was easyb to tell the truth to hafiz about our this matter.. hahaha...

it was me... too much overthinking... he can accept that lah...

okayh.. so rasa free sangat bila dah bagitau perkara nih...

hahah... rasa lawak pon ada juga...

but,, senang kira.. tak payah nak pikir banyak..

just follow the schedule...

starting next week..


tak dapa apo nak carutws today..

cuma dissatisfied sikit with my FX110..

as known lah.. dah tua...

so.. adalah problemnya..

aku terfikir..

how to msolve this problem...

masalkah lampu jer..

kekadang nyala .. kekadang tak...

short kot....kat mana2...

laterlah thinking bout that.. now im foccussed on done the On Job training...

hariniyh... sedut movies banyak lah dari ah fuh..

harap he woulkdnt angry...

haha.. penat dia donload.. aku sedut ajer...

oklah.. need to go..

nak susun balik movies yang ambik tadi dalam my ext hhdisk...

ok.. chow...

Monday, January 18, 2010

The shocked day..

hahaha.. matilah hari ni... U noe what??


Mandi Gila bagai rush...
yelah kan.. abngun pukul 9.40!!!
*lainkali tak nak tekan snooze....

aku pecut naik fx aku tuh.. dalam 10 minit bajet nak sampai kedai..
Punch pun 10.54a.m....

gila dowh.. lagi 6 minit nak over...

hahaha.. thanks to my FX m'cycle...
berjaya sampai jugak...

anyway, this is a lesson for me..

btw, theres a conflict among us..
our 4 have do make noon syif..


kalau tidak taknak..

byw , 2morow i need to tell the trutht to HAFIZ..

mke some change again..

i need the strenght (its about our syif lah..) syif partner...


aku bukan apa..
nak cer skit..
kebelakangan ini aku nih moody siket..

nak kata datang bulan tak pon..

yeah i realised it..

the way i treat my family and friend,..

i dont know why this happen..
nak kata letih or stress kat tempat kerja.. tak ada pulaak..


aku nih kan jenis yang suka pendam..
tak suka bagitau dengan org lain..

ikut mood jugak aku nih...

i hope will get this fix soon...

maybe this a symptoms of rindu sesorang kot,.. (*perhaps my OLD frend kat ILP)
or maybe this is an effect of i'm tring to get along with this situation..
to handle this....

hmm.. oklah for today ,... i need to pack my laptop and go to sleep..


taknka the same things happen tomorrow...

ok daa~~

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Today is sunday.

well, have a great and quality resting day today... The power of sunday... masa taip entry ni teringat tadik.. rasa cam nak gelak aja.. tgk si IDLAN yang masuk rancangan Raja Lawak...
Memang pergh lah lawak dia tang masa dia sebut..
"Pak Kassim!!! ponnn ! Ponn11... * dengan loghat utara dia tuh.. muka pon dah lawak aku tgk...

Yang Si alex.. persembahan malam tadi memang Kawx2 la lawak dia.. memang buat aku tak berhenti gelak.. hahaha... yang masa dia lawakkan si pengemis tuh...

memang mantap...

ok.. forgot about all of those jokes in raja lawak...

actually , i still searcging for any place to further my study after my OJT.. 3 months onwards...

Kinda intersetd to join THE UNIMAP.. applyiig for Diploma program..

Thinking i want to use my Sijil from ILP lah..

But, dont now how to applying..

maybe buying PINCODE for UPU la kowt...

C'mon i need to further my study.. My journey still far away..

About going to ADTEC.. for /.
that farway from this place..

nun jauh di BATU PAHat nuh..

to further on my course iaitu TEKNOLOGI KOMPUTER (NETWORKING)

SKM tahap 4 perhaps!?

but.. ntahlah.. but now im doin my OJT...

After this, trying to step my journey...

From the beginnig..

Hope sangat dapat further kat UNIMAP..

dekat dengan homeplace..


laterlah i trying to figue these out..


sekarang MOOD terasa sangat LAZYNESS...

Malas sangat nak pergi kerja besok...

MALAS!!! Malas!!

but eventually i had to go whether by hook or bu crook.. *the phrase that BANG DIN FROZEN used to scold at me while working at THE STORE dulu..

harap sangat aku dapat habiskan my OJT dengan jayanya,,

nak sangat dapatkan My skm smootheringly...

w'hout any obstacles.. and problem..

takpalah.. harap tomorrow si AH foose datanglah...

nak belajar lagi new things ther on the copmputering problem due to my training...

can improve my skils on these computer problem lah..

Lots of things craziest ang annoying on many computer that i;ve found there..

oklah... feeling2 malas..

ingat kata pujangga nih!!!

need to sleep early...


do my best tomorrow....

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Today is saturday...

u freaking me out BITCH!!
I hate you...
u such a loser... SHIT...
*ditujukan kepada si annoying tuh... okay..

Forget about the bitch..

im telling you... nowadays,, im addicted to the facebook games called Cafe World...
Oh SHIT!! he's stealing my time.,.. i have to committed on this s...T things..
Dahlah this apps makan aku punya ram.. memang banyak sangat...
itu tak jadi penghalang.. masa ojt pon sepat jugak nak hupdate cafe world nih..
ntahlah.. ape yang best sangat ttg game nih..
*kekdahnya.. sambil update blog sambil tunggu masak di cafe world.. kedaung yaamat..,

okaylah.. in not to told you about this apps..
but my review of the day..

okayh.. as usual bangun cam besa lah .. nak gi keja katanya.. kejiss tul..
ngantuk sangat due to the last previous activity.. *hehe
okayh.. so , si ah fooh tuh tak mai.. so ada la si ah meng nih datang..
oakayh gaklah working with him..
not having any difficulties today..
yang bestnyer... hari nih balik awal..
balik pukul 6 gituh..
saturday katanya...

so balik rumah... main cafe world lagi..
okayh.. at nak magrib tuh , my cousins with her hubby and son comes to my house..
just drop by ..
to sent some surprise present for my younger brother tuh..
as an appreciation dia dapat 5 a in his UPSR last year..
adik aku tuh dapat a CASIO WATCH!!!

WHAT!! nampak macam mahal lah.. of cos lah..
but , he's at the hostel.. so besok lah baru dia balik bagi..
Btw, thanks lah k.chak cos giving adik aku that expensive watch..
*sedih..walau aku tak dapat..

But that's not an issue here..

just now, before updating my blog,
got called from ariel., asked me out for minum2 katanya..
sambil teman dia using the wifi there..
what.. aleea's cafe kot.. before the reph kopitiam..
accompanying him sampai kul 11/..
then aku masuk bilik..
bukak pc..
buak fb (cafe world)
then im updating blog now.. haha..
okayh.. that's today..
aku pon nak masak lagi...
then sambil basuh baju nih..
ok.. daa~~~
chow cincau....

Friday, January 15, 2010

Pening Kepala Dengan MLM!!! What THAT??!!!

hai all, i just got back from the On job training like usual.. But , today i just feel irritated or unaesy with myself !! What wis wrong with this worlds?? What on earth does MLM do?? i9m confused..

Ok.. The sotory begins,,,,,

Today , early morning.. i just go to work like usual. Suddenly my coaleague just ask me or offering me about the mlm program.. I'd think it called im sorry it was D.U.T.a... means stand for Doa Usaha tawakal or wat ever!!! i dun care.. Caranyanya mudah..
Masuk Bayar jelah Rm...50.. and get bla..bla.. benefits.. find urself.. im not promoting.. as like other program...
Masalahnya.. he depressed me with teh stressFULL question okayh..
lama gak lah he's trying to seduced me...
Aku ingat nak lupa.. He remind me again.. WTH!!! WTF!!!
So, im telling he i'll thinking bout it later...
okayh.. dunnow after this im excusing on what ever...!!

bukan aku tak suka.. just rasa DAH TAK ADA BENDA LAIN KER ORANG DALAM DUNI NIH NAK BUAT.... MLM... MLM>.... MLM..

Tak suka sebab reasons ...
1. Use money..
2. Downline kena tindas.. upline kaya... pengasas lagi jutawan tahap cipan\...
3. kena carik ahli.. (tebal muka dowh)
4. Tak suka lah...

Baik melabur dalam ASB ker, Koperasi ker.. senang...
Nak kaya kena usaha...berniaga ker.. kerja ker....

ish.. kusut aku...

yang bertambah kusut lagi...

yalah.. sekaranmg niyh... aku baru balik kerja...

Then after prayer my parents told me that they going to BRasmana hotell..
Briefing about....
the sucks MLM!!!!!


MML again..

Other company not like i mention above...

too much MLM company nowadays...

Tumbuh bagai cendawan selepas hujan...

Feeling shit about this...

oh c'mon...

now they laeving me.. left me money.. to buy dinner alone...

OH GOD!! harap2lah my parents dont made a REALLY big mistakes,..

Hope theyt choose wisely... Thinking 100 times..

now i'm losing my mood...

About this SHIT things...

sapa yang untung MLM nih..... ???!!!!

Upline jugak.... Downline kena tindas...

C'mon people.. STOP bullying other people...

Stop taking advantages to others... Tak suka sangat!!!!!!! BENCI!!!!

okaylah... i GTG!! seek for my dinner...
and forgot all of these things....

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Forgot lah!!

OMG!! i just forgot to update my blog last nite.. BTw,, now im "stealing the bone' or in malay words called "curik tulang"... sempat lagi nak update.. well, the situation ryte now was so BORED... dunnow what to do0.. Last night, a huge dizzyness in my head therefore i'll going to bed so eraly after ghosting my computer.. ok lah. c yah later.. feeling awkward update in this place... Im going to do on my training.. but???

*bye.... stetement tak bolehm pergi..

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Second Day..

Well, this is my second day doin my OJT (on Job Training ) on this Comp. Land here.. Tak lah rasa takut + janggal like the first day.. seem like i can make myself adapt with the situation there but it such a BOORRIINNNG there.. Dont know what to do.. Asyik duduk saja tak buat apa2.. my supervise aka senior staff said he has to teach us on doing that lah before we can handle this on ourself.. OKlah.. we accept that... maybe he dont trust us enough as he was in charge on supervise us.. if somethings happen he has to responsible asyhought it was our own fault.. But its oklah.. NAseb baik lah si aH foose to ramah.. Keep on talking.. *(mostly about his private life..)
But its okayhlah... *(too many its ok daa) .. NOt getting so bored on there.. BTW, rehat sejam cam tak cukup aja.. nak lebeh lagi...
This second day made my self feets (Out of breath).. sakit jer.. lenguh kot sebab berdiri terlalu lama.. dahla kerusi tak cukup.. ada tiga daripada 5 orang kami.. *sighs..

Hope the tomorrow will be even better then today.. And myself can get easily control the situation..

*angkat barang2 is the common things that we should do.. PArttuh yang tak tahan.. naseb bukan frequent.. just rarely.. when needeed.. BTW , hari nih balik kul 7.30.. Oklah than masa aku keja kat the store.. Elaun pon setimpal lah on what we do here..

OKlah.. feel so sick watching too many CPU there.. need some rest. Tada.. Adios... HAri nih tak letih sangat... mayb dah biasa sikit dengan keadaan.

Lebih kurang macam nih lah Service Room kiteorang... Messy sangat..

Monday, January 11, 2010


well.. hari nih hari first adik aku yang form 1 tuh mendaftar di sekolah sains.. Macam mana kah keadaannya sekarang?? i hope he will get on there easily... dapat sesuaikan diri... dapat belajar kehidupan di asrama .. dan sebagainya...

p/s: teringat zaman dodulu... homesick memanjang.. asyik sangat termenung di tingkap teringatkan rumah.. Manja sunnguh aku..

Tiring day!!!!

huhu.. letihnyer hari nih.. Well, as dijanjikan hari nih hari pertama aku Practical di cc center kangar.. okayh>> at first.. Unoe wat ? freshie.. selalu kena buli... antaranya kena angkat baramg.. tak taulah kemudian.. mungkinya kena cuci bilik ker? kemasa ker..? hm.. takpalah .. aku pon ada 3 bulan aja nak habiskan onjobtraining aku nih.. Sabarajelah.. At first sampai.. Just duduk.. Bagi tau lapor diri.. Isi butir2 dalam punch card.. dapat Briefing.. Bla.. itu...
Bla... ini.. itu.. and so on..
Ok.. Biasa jugalah kerja dekat situ. nak kata best.. tak taulah..
Nak kata tak best tak atulah..
Tapi memang bosan bila dok saja dan tak da kerja.. Rasa macam nak tidur aja since bilik tecnician kat atas tuh bar aircond..
Overall, Part yang aku tak suka ialah part bila kena bawak barang turun.. Yerlah dari tangga tuh.. And kana barang bawa turun..
Hm.. tu semua kerja freshie lah tuh..
Takpa.. terima ajalah dengan relanya..
Mmang letih.. sapa sangka ada bilik puaka disebalik kedai yang tersergam cantik di bawahnya..
Memanglah menguji kesabaran yang sanagt..
Nasib baik ada senior member tuh baik punya..
Yam Hamponn ! muluts dia tak kekok nak bercerita itu ini.. takderlah bosan sangat bilik tuh..
As far.. Dia lah yang paling ok..
Yang kat "bawah" 2 tuh macam hampeh..
KEkwat nak mampos.. Sh**! sangat.. Suka buli freshie..

Anyway.. ada lagi 2 orang budak Poli yang buat practical today.. One malay boy .. And one chinese boy..
That malay boy aku kenal since dia tuh pon satu sekolah menengahy dengan aku..
Anyway, aku nak minta maaf lah kalau jarang update blog.. bukan apa.. LETIHSANGAT!!
balik tadi pon.. lepas mandi.. Aku terlelap atas katil dalam tempoh sejam gituh..

Hazabnya pergi practical hari nih... Tapi adventerous and tiring sangat... Harap2 aku biasa with this situation faster and easily..

Sabarjelagi... Ada 3 months onwards... Do my best.!
oklah need some rest/... besok nak kena p lagi.. punch.. tapi tak best.. tak fixed jadual.. kalau boleh fixed senang nak bajet balik pukul brapa...

Ngantok!! bye..

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Birthday aisyah..

Ok. my today event was.. Pepagi..
aku bangun pukul 11.30 pagi.. WTH! Lewatnyer.. ok.. lepas bangun/... aku terus masak nasi since my dad going to his orchards and my mum doing overtime at Poli (Preparation for thge poli student yang bakal masuk mendaftar dalam minggu nih.. so,, then aku bersiang ayam yang my dad tinggalkan dalam sink.. buang kulit , lemak dan serta puaka2 yang terdapat di dalamnya.. aku buat ayam goreng curry spixce aja.. perangat sambal tumis yang ada dalam freeze .. then my neighbour generous giving her asam pedas iukan keli.. Then after masak..

At 3.30 pm.. Going to the "famous " supermarket.. *sorry to say..
It was the store/. accompanying shahrul and shahril going to buy some of things.. then singgah beli keropok lekor depan the store tuh and the twins treats me the ABC.. Thankjs yerk...

Then kami balik..

At 8.00. arief msj me.. ask me to go out for dinner.. What !!
Im exhausted now l;ah..
O k.. So , wait at arief house.. Then Dylla And Ash brought adie dad;'s car.. The Waja with the superbs torbo..
Ok.. Il test drive the waja..

Going to medan selara kangar.. And im ordering the Burger Ayam and Air teh ais.. WTF!!! i can say.. TOO Expensive... Fuck! Burger Ayam For 6.00+...;

Ok.. Im telling you that im not going there dah nanti.. ]

WAtch the juara Lagu..

The.. We're heading to kuala perlios.. Planned to surprise party for asishah.. Well, her birthaday was today.. So, lepak tepi pantai bawah pencawang di kuala perlis tuh and then light on the candle and everybody sangs a birthday party..
With the breeze of an ocean.. Include
The car audio owner turn up the scenes with the loud song.. and..
What can i say..
It was memorizes for her.. Aisyah..

Ok.. Going back i'll drive.. And speed up the turbo of the waja on the highway kola perlis..

it was hillarious and fun..

But , im just afraid of the summons of thye speed trap ther...

My gosh!!! hOpelah takder speed trap.... Takutlah kena saman.,.,
althought it was dylla dad car.. but i have to responsible for the upcoming summons .. If so..

Hopefully dont lah!! janganlah.. ada.... btw , aku dah pesan if ada summon letter sampai umah.. Just told me.. Its all on me.. k??

Matilah ! has to saveing all my money after this...

BTw.. Tulah day aku hari nih..

Tomorrow hari penting aku..

I will start my on job training at Compuland Center Tommorow which will be duo 3 months onward.. Strats for tomorrow.. Wish me luck K..

Oklah.. i'll need to go sleep now..
To get a quality rest...

Sorry for the typing error..
Aku dah ngantok sangat.. Ting tong dah otak aku nih.. Tak sempat pon nak taru7k gambar.. Btw.. Adios//>!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sleepy day..

hm.. i've made a records today.. ..bad records actually... hahaha.. let me story bout it.. Ok.. yesterday ber fb bagai sampai lewat malam.. so this day , wake up in the mornink.. 11.00 a.m.. hahah.. still mornink.. ryte? ok.. bangun ,, mandi, and bersiap.. today (family) got a wedding invitation At Politeknik Pauh.. The pengarah son lah.. wedding kat dalam kawasan Poly.. Not much i can say bout it.. An authorities to the veto's persons.. yaeh u right.. u desreved to use the Government Facilities for your own good sake.. All whole Poli area.. .

ok.. Fullstop!

The dishes prepared there was.. Nasi Minyak , ayam masak merah , daging kari , kurma , air asam , and acar limau..

the side dishes.
As usual, buah limau , ais kacang , teh tarik , laksa.. urm -my favourite.., bubur ,,and last but not least.. tapai.. the fermented of glutinous rice....

Okayh... lepas aja melantak.. kami pon pulang ke rumah.. letih and kenyang mentekedarah.. aku masuk bilik. then...

pukul 2.30.





Aku tidur balik.. hahah.. sampai pukul 4.00.. then bangun.. then tertidur pulak sampai pukul 6.00.. haha.. tgk tv.. then mengarots2.. write this entry..

Banyak gakkan aku tidur...

ps.. sleepy day...

Friday, January 8, 2010

Gilo Otak aku nih...

Ptg tdi .. pergi balik to the late's house.. niat sajojo nak jumpo the twins.. Malangya.. Jumpo Creamer..


Whos the Creamer?



*taste yang berbagai..dan sangat.... $#&^*&

My GOD.. nanti aku bagitau..

Gila Dowh....

  • Tak betul otak aku nih...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Burial..

Hm.. a very tough day ryte Shahril And Shahrul..

Wake up in the morning at 6.00 a.m.. Ridin' a motorcycle with mum to visiting the arwah house at 7.00a.m..

not much happen.. just an ordinary mourning scenes.. what i can say about it.. It was fated and written for all off creatures to death.. hmm...

Theres some people rciting a yassin surah..
al fatihah..

And also some villagers and guest chatting each other on the house area..

also got some of Shahrul friend who in rush with them from the Kelantan last night..Just arrives before the burial..

Dont wait much longer for the burial ceremony.. Dued before Jummat Pray...

Not much we can do as a little creatures in this world..
as keep on going on and pray for the late...

After that , me and cik teh family going to seriab to change the engine oil and the filters for thier MYVio.. Im just accompanying them.. After that going back to town and drop by to Juliana buy some lunch food..

Balik Rumah.. Cooked rice.. And Watchi CSI Axn channel..
Then Write this..

Oklah.. Adios.. Need to go for Friday's Prayer..
At B.Empiang MOsque..


Innalillah hi wainnailaihi Roji'oun...

Shock news...

Recently just received a new status msg from Aishah on Mspace..

Our bestie... the twins..

Shahrul and shahril

Thier Mom has passed away just a couple hour ago..

*Al - Fatihah.....

normal day..

well.. hari ni tak der apa yg menaraik utk diceritakan.. just an actual day..
tak hectic..
tak juga pada..
oklah spend some quality tyme with my BFF!!
sambil2 taip ni sambil loading pade dari KDL...
my b busy site dia since people ramai surf on his site..
it ok.. wait here.. and wait..... ... ..

well bangun subuh and mengadapa depa pC seawal 6.30 pg dowh!! Fuss..
Selalunya aku bantai jerk lena sampai pukul 12 noon..!
*matilah...... bocor...

Mengadap Hmetro , bharian.. read and entire news early monink..

Afta that.. MAndi kul 7.30 pg and wait for my BFF to come to my housew..
Oh! lupa..
Since dia po0n nak kena gi Practical same date with me but he's far away. In Bayview Penang.. Althought we're not in the same league.. BUt , hw come practical same date.
Oah.. Tak kisah lah. as long as bahagia..walau aku practical kat perlis ajew.. Cewah Kelas gitu..

Ok motirf utama dia nak datang ke rumah aku hanyalah nak suruh aku ajak dia teman nak gi cucuk.. Aku tak kena.. Yelah..
Dia kan Amik hotel dan katering ... Kenalah cucuk itu..
Apa.. Cucuk pengendali makanan.. Aka Typhod..
Wut ever lah!..
so dia datang umah aku dalam kul 8.15 so kami pon bertolak.. ok .. tak jauh pon Pejabat Pegawai Kesihatan Dareh tuh.. Around 5 minutes by M'cycle la jugak..
So sesampainyer kami di sana kami pon pergilah ke kaunter..
so surprise..

WTF! kak tuh leh kata
" adik , cucuk ni kami buka pada pukul 2-4.30 aje...... Oh ye.. Jgn lupa bawak Gambar sekeping --*yang pose vogue ajer) dan duet sejumlah RM23.00 hinggit....


i tought this vaccination was free... Such a.....!! tut !!
Nak kena bayar lak.. Ingat Govt free...

OK.. so kami dgn hampanya pulang ke rumah aku.. Btw,,
aku drop by .. Beli nasi lemak
near de road.. Aku beli 5 doh.. Rm 3 inggit.
3 utk aku.. 2 utk adik aku..
Pelah.. Adik aku ting.1 tapi tak pi sekoalh lagi.. Bukan aper.. Di punya sekolah masuk sama dengan aku punya tarikh Pratical... Apeda.. Masuk sekolah sains pon daftar lewat...
Sempat ke derang cacth up.. Tak pelah.. Tu hal dia..
so kami pon pulang ke rumah dan aku pinjamkan dia my computer..
Kesian dia..
Lama tak berfb, myspace. and so on..
Bagilah dia main tenet sampai kul 12.30.. kami pon bertolak,,,
First place kami p Tm Point...
Aku lah.. nak bayar Bil Streamyx rumah aku yang tertunggak dua bulan!!
*note.. my mama bz yer.. tak sempat nak tgk2 bil nih..

ok.. kami pi lah ke pasaraya terkemuka di Perlis ni yer.. Apa lagi kalau bukan THE STORE..

my GOSH!!

*giving sme claps to PERLIS.. hahah

ok.. motiffnyer.. nak gi cari seluar kat dia.. seluar slack hitam.. buat dia nak masuk practical nih..,

cari2/.. geledah2.. akhirnya jumpa apa yang kami cari..

Paling murah dan selesa dan kain..

akhirnya dapat..

Lentino slacks for rm 25.00.. hahah,... cheapest sangat...
berjenama pula.. bayar.. and belah...

keluar dari the store . singgah beli ais krim kat MAMAT JEPUn.. tuh.. i'll treat..
tak mahal..
murs-murs ja...
rm1.00 cone ice cream..
beli dua..and then..

ok afta that kami pi lah ke klinik tuh...

Buat semua2 registration.. payment bagai kat kaunter tuh and.. heading tuh the cucuk2 room...
kami kan bahagia.. so asyik gelaka aja.. ak just straing at the window pane and tengok di.. dia tengok. aku.. then kami sama2 gelak/.. haha..
siap nurse tuh kata cam ni ..
"haih.. nak cucok pon dok gelak lagi ??"
pastuh ada pak cik attenden bitchy mana tah sebok menyampok kegembiraan kami.. "bagi jarum yang besar sekali..." what.. Sebok jer ko owg tuah..
so kami cucuk2 .. afta that.. kami pon heading ke m'cycle..
my friend H.safwan aka zam tuh.. agak pening2 lalat lepas cucuk.. leh ke drive.. aku tanya..
"jap2 lepak japm tas moto.. aku pening... just now ak rasa macam nak pengsan la.. "
Ok2 kita lepak jap..

So kami biarkan masa berlalu.. biar dia punya headache lega sikit.. the..

dia tanya : nak pi makan mana?
aku : hm.. letg go to medan..

so kami pon drive heading to medan.. and we'll order nasi goreng biasa ang our own drink..

Masa makan aku ader jumpa mamat hensaome masa aku kat teknik nih... then.. dia looking stare at me and ak pon tengok dia..
masing2 biasa dan tidak menunujkkan apa2 riak wajah..
so aku pon.. ok.. tak tegur aku tak tegur... fine..

hahaha.. matilah.. iblis..

ok.. afta makan kami pon bawa haluan masing2.. he's heading tuh kawan dia punya bengkel kereta.. ntah upgrade apa ntha Mitsubishi Galant

di punya engine the.. aku pon balik.. hujan renyai2.. aku pon kebasahan...

so.. gitulah.. quality tyme utk aku..
yelah utk aku..
dahla lama tak kuar ngan dia.. kuar
ngan di for such things pon jadilah..
diatuh.. sebok aja tahap VVIP..
bahagia juga seketika..

ok pulang ke rumah..
then merapu meraban...
lepas maghrib aku tlg my youngest sister who scholl at SRJK (C) tuh balut bulu dia..
Wrap2.. sampai lenguh tangan aku.. she's darjah dua..
Merapu ngan adik aku tuh dalam bahasa cina..
aku tak tau.. dia aja yang tahu..
ok.. makan..

mak aku masak simple2 aja.. then update bloig.,..
buka KDL..

u noe what...

tak habes2 lagi loading blog KDL.... lamanya..sampai aku habes menaip nih tak habi2 loading..

oklah.. ak nak p check it out..


Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Tak banyak sangat lah aktiviti aku hari ni..
just bangkit masa my mum gerak subuh..
and tak tidur balik...
Trying to install Windows 7 on my CPU AMD ATHLON 64x2.. with 512mb ram,..
Amazing .. runs smoothly..
Ok.. keja biasa seorang technician komputer kalau bukan install OS dekat CPU. ( os = operation system) means korang punya Windows lah..
Rasa best lak guna Windows 7 nih.. Ok jer walau 512 mb of ram..
Siap boleh Main Game GTA san andreas lagi tak sangkut..
Naseb lah tak yah upgrade ram.. hihikkk...

Windows 7 512mb ram

Nih caption diah...


After install.. dalam kul 9 pg.. aku berus gigi dan mandi.. then aku pi beli roti canai and roti sardin dekat kedai makan depan sekolah putra tuh.. mmg suprebs roti cainai dia..
aku bedal sampai 2 keping roti sardin dan 1 keping roti canai..
mmg kenyang giler..
tahap gilababs..

Lepoas tuh... Aku pun buat plan ketiga hari ni..

-- Aktiviti Mencuci Referigerator ---

Ya hamponns... memang hazab.. dah seingat aku dua tahun aku tak pernah cuci referigerator tuh mmg hazab sekali.. Kotoran dia.. mmg dah melekat.. dan sebati lah dengan kediginan mereka..

amik masa dalam 45 minit tau nak cuci... Tu pon aku wat in rush..
Tak tahan doh bau dia.. siot.. buat cepat.. cepat siap.. kan 2??

Referigerator 1

Cuci Door referigerator

tengoklah segala kekotorannya... mmg sangat degil lah..
ingat nanti leh gak buat idea nih..
cari duit poket..
minta upah around rm10-rm20..
hehe... duit siot..

Tak sangka yah JUrteknik komputer nih sungguh rajin bab2 dapur nihg..
kebersihan ler.. diutamakan..

** niat sebenarnyer nak test Kejadah nih jer..
Charcoal Deodorizer.. Mak aku beli kat COSWAY.. hahaha..... tapi ok gak pada freeze dekat umah aku tuh tak cuci..

Charcoal Deodorizer

tada.. sekali tengok macam pewangi lak.. tapi aku cium tak wangi2 pon..

Aktiviti aku seterusnya..
Tak caya ker aku masak..
Aku masak simple aje../.
memula masak nasi...

Masak nasi

Then aku masak sambal sardin..

mula2 potong cili kering..
then kupas bawang putih , dan besar..
rendam cili kering tuh dan blender bersama puaka2 tuh tadikl..
mean bawang and garlic ler..

pastu aku letak asam keping dan tuang dalam minyak..
Bila ' Naik Minyak"
barulah aku tuang kan sardinnyer,..

tada ?!?

dah siap pon..

Masak sambal sardin

Sambal Sardin

aku pon dah letih menaip..
nanti aku enrty lagi....

I need strength...

i need someone ryte now..
someone who are willing to hear what im gonna say this..
Thus , NO One can feel on what i've feel ryte now..
Feels like im such a loser..
Perhaps that i dont read her BLOGS last nyte.. BUT?
hmm... still in my mind.. a dizzyness..
why do i should thinking of her.. and her achievement..
That's make me SOOOO jealous ryte now and made me feel such like a loser..

Ok.. i must keep going on..
i dont know what will happen to me afterward... my future..
Damn.. !!
regrets of changing the school.. but?
Thus that tyme will rewind..
Maybe i dont seem somthings special on me...
Something that can be proud..
Something that are reliable..
I've try my best on my past history..
Entering many competition ,.,
Even peringkat kebangsaan...
but.. I will never being satisfied on myself..

Isn't this such a loser words??

Oh C'mon!
Wake up...
Your journey still far away ...
U must strong on what will come to ur life.. The obstacles..
To b success u must Wake up on the past failure history..
and you should be proud on what have you done..
Take is as a challenge for you to be success on ur life..
Dont compare other's life and it is destiny for our lucks written by GOD.
Dont thinking of that things lah!! We deserved on what have we seed.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Testing on FLICKR

Originally uploaded by syikrinn
my pics...


huh.. dah lama ya aku tak buat renovation dekat blog bersawang aku nih since aku watkan ianya private.. But .. Hey.. Its not private anymore lah... **clap.. .. hm.. nak berblog ikut mood dan connection.. since aku selama nih asyik menyepi dan menjadi anonymously on orang lain blog.. hahaha... sajaja nak menyepi buat seketika.. dan
BTW... in other word mengembalikan mood aku untk megetak ngetuk keyboard aku nih..
well... banyak dalam otak aku nih nak translate kat sini.. nak bertinta kat sini... oh jap22!!
aku nak padam jap entryy lama2 aku yang agak BOLEH annoyed poeple yang aku tak suaka..
jap2.. nak padam kang tak pasal2 we've fight again..

okayh.. back again.;.
dah pon tinggalkan entry2 yang ok ja..
hhmm.. lupa lak apa nak tulis tadik..
justnow, baru baca satu blog..
she's was my ex schoolmate dulu masa dekat smkaa.
and.. described about her.. well she intelligent , dats why dia dok kelas depan .. means kelas yang better2 lah..
ok.. wat actually am i saying about was.. im quite jeolous on her , proud of her pon ada jugak.. hmm.. she's taking a medic in CAIRO...
again CAIRO... wow.. im quite impress... w3ell.. her blogs write on evrything thats she has to all through..
its so hard to get that.. to study there.. yeah.. as a science student we have to FREE up our memory to memorizes all of the anatomy , biochem and evrythings science.. wow..
she could stand that... well..
she has a STRONG faith along.. mean.. ALLAH.. my GOD.
She;'s struggling there.. nothing else i want to say about her but pray for her success to be a doctor..

And for me...

Padan muka! dulu orang suruh belajar taknak.. main main.. NAH!! i deserves it.. A lessons for me.. never look back..a past is past.. ineed to motivates myself. i need to strugle from my life ang has to STAND UP from my past BIG FAILURE.... i need to study more ++ hard to success in my field here.. i need to get all of those qulification that i need..
i need to struggling on my life for upcoming job.,
welkl. lets GOD decide on whats is written with my effort.. such a big effort.. Success in my life + get higher sallary..
for my future..

p/s.. teringin jugak tengok orang lain p abroad.. Hope i will too.. coming soon.. sure..
BTW.. my on job training will be due on this 11 / 1 /2010..
pray for me doing good right there..