Tuesday, January 5, 2010


huh.. dah lama ya aku tak buat renovation dekat blog bersawang aku nih since aku watkan ianya private.. But .. Hey.. Its not private anymore lah... **clap.. .. hm.. nak berblog ikut mood dan connection.. since aku selama nih asyik menyepi dan menjadi anonymously on orang lain blog.. hahaha... sajaja nak menyepi buat seketika.. dan
BTW... in other word mengembalikan mood aku untk megetak ngetuk keyboard aku nih..
well... banyak dalam otak aku nih nak translate kat sini.. nak bertinta kat sini... oh jap22!!
aku nak padam jap entryy lama2 aku yang agak BOLEH annoyed poeple yang aku tak suaka..
jap2.. nak padam kang tak pasal2 we've fight again..

okayh.. back again.;.
dah pon tinggalkan entry2 yang ok ja..
hhmm.. lupa lak apa nak tulis tadik..
justnow, baru baca satu blog..
she's was my ex schoolmate dulu masa dekat smkaa.
and.. described about her.. well she intelligent , dats why dia dok kelas depan .. means kelas yang better2 lah..
ok.. wat actually am i saying about was.. im quite jeolous on her , proud of her pon ada jugak.. hmm.. she's taking a medic in CAIRO...
again CAIRO... wow.. im quite impress... w3ell.. her blogs write on evrything thats she has to all through..
its so hard to get that.. to study there.. yeah.. as a science student we have to FREE up our memory to memorizes all of the anatomy , biochem and evrythings science.. wow..
she could stand that... well..
she has a STRONG faith along.. mean.. ALLAH.. my GOD.
She;'s struggling there.. nothing else i want to say about her but pray for her success to be a doctor..

And for me...

Padan muka! dulu orang suruh belajar taknak.. main main.. NAH!! i deserves it.. A lessons for me.. never look back..a past is past.. ineed to motivates myself. i need to strugle from my life ang has to STAND UP from my past BIG FAILURE.... i need to study more ++ hard to success in my field here.. i need to get all of those qulification that i need..
i need to struggling on my life for upcoming job.,
welkl. lets GOD decide on whats is written with my effort.. such a big effort.. Success in my life + get higher sallary..
for my future..

p/s.. teringin jugak tengok orang lain p abroad.. Hope i will too.. coming soon.. sure..
BTW.. my on job training will be due on this 11 / 1 /2010..
pray for me doing good right there..

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