Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Second Day..

Well, this is my second day doin my OJT (on Job Training ) on this Comp. Land here.. Tak lah rasa takut + janggal like the first day.. seem like i can make myself adapt with the situation there but it such a BOORRIINNNG there.. Dont know what to do.. Asyik duduk saja tak buat apa2.. my supervise aka senior staff said he has to teach us on doing that lah before we can handle this on ourself.. OKlah.. we accept that... maybe he dont trust us enough as he was in charge on supervise us.. if somethings happen he has to responsible asyhought it was our own fault.. But its oklah.. NAseb baik lah si aH foose to ramah.. Keep on talking.. *(mostly about his private life..)
But its okayhlah... *(too many its ok daa) .. NOt getting so bored on there.. BTW, rehat sejam cam tak cukup aja.. nak lebeh lagi...
This second day made my self feets (Out of breath).. sakit jer.. lenguh kot sebab berdiri terlalu lama.. dahla kerusi tak cukup.. ada tiga daripada 5 orang kami.. *sighs..

Hope the tomorrow will be even better then today.. And myself can get easily control the situation..

*angkat barang2 is the common things that we should do.. PArttuh yang tak tahan.. naseb bukan frequent.. just rarely.. when needeed.. BTW , hari nih balik kul 7.30.. Oklah than masa aku keja kat the store.. Elaun pon setimpal lah on what we do here..

OKlah.. feel so sick watching too many CPU there.. need some rest. Tada.. Adios... HAri nih tak letih sangat... mayb dah biasa sikit dengan keadaan.

Lebih kurang macam nih lah Service Room kiteorang... Messy sangat..

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