Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Burial..

Hm.. a very tough day ryte Shahril And Shahrul..

Wake up in the morning at 6.00 a.m.. Ridin' a motorcycle with mum to visiting the arwah house at 7.00a.m..

not much happen.. just an ordinary mourning scenes.. what i can say about it.. It was fated and written for all off creatures to death.. hmm...

Theres some people rciting a yassin surah..
al fatihah..

And also some villagers and guest chatting each other on the house area..

also got some of Shahrul friend who in rush with them from the Kelantan last night..Just arrives before the burial..

Dont wait much longer for the burial ceremony.. Dued before Jummat Pray...

Not much we can do as a little creatures in this world..
as keep on going on and pray for the late...

After that , me and cik teh family going to seriab to change the engine oil and the filters for thier MYVio.. Im just accompanying them.. After that going back to town and drop by to Juliana buy some lunch food..

Balik Rumah.. Cooked rice.. And Watchi CSI Axn channel..
Then Write this..

Oklah.. Adios.. Need to go for Friday's Prayer..
At B.Empiang MOsque..


Innalillah hi wainnailaihi Roji'oun...

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