Friday, January 22, 2010

BAby are you down..

As jay sean said .
Tdaoy mood was cool down...
like usual..
bz like crazy..
too much spoiled of computer parts need to be repair/..
apart of listening the free "tarbiyah" from si Ah fuh tuh..
Not much gonna write that about..
actually just being dissatisfied of someone..
my coalegue...
adalah somethings taht he taken from the store..
malas lah nak kata apa...
just hope yang he has to paid on somethings that he has tken it..
nama dah tulis dalam buku..
and hope the upper will figure this out..
bukannya apa...

Aku pon nak jugak...
how come that he will get that things as for free..
c'mon CPL....! do somethings..

too much poeple sent thier computer to us only for a simple things like. that..
huh!! wasting of money lah..
kalau aku buka kedai..
mesti dah kaya dah nih..
just rub your ram.. being charged.. haha..
sapa suruh hantar...
kenalah bayar for the service charged..
okaylah ..
cau cin cau...
aku nak out..
nak makan ...
and look after my CAfe World on face book..!

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