Sunday, January 31, 2010

Terkejut bila bangun pagi..

Gila dowh.. bebangun pagi tadi terekejut...!!

nak tau naper?

entah tetiber ada open wounds kat celah jari kecik kaki aku nih..

agak pedih juga lah..

siot! mecamana benda nih boleh jadi..

terus naluri jahat berkata..

"aku kena diabetes aka kencing manis kot"

terus bukak pc google about diabetes..

saftey pecaution gila..

tanya my mum..

how come this?

she said./. may be masa tidur aku terkena apa2 or terkick apa kot..


terus sedap hati..

tak pikir dapat diabetes ker..


kebelakangan nih asyik nak makan banyak..

a on

**matilah.. obes..

bila abang balik terus tanya dia..

he said..

"oh,, kaki makan air nih!!"


kaki makan air..?

did u ever heard that disease before..


maybelah kaki aku tak cukup air dalam badan therefore dia makan sendiri air tuh..

hahaha.. lawak..



tak dalah worried sangat kata kena diabetes ker tak..

dah berapa kalik taruk minyak gamat dalamnya..

tak da apa2 reaction pon..

sengal2 ubi tuh ada lah jugak..


lepas google dan wiki2..

jumpa pong..


penyakit kaki makan air..

here there copy..

Kaki makan air
Dari Wikipedia Bahasa Melayu, ensiklopedia bebas.
Lompat ke: pandu arah, gelintar
Cross green.png PENAFIAN: Untuk pengetahuan sahaja. Sila dapatkan nasihat doktor mengenai kesihatan anda.
Bahan dalam laman ini tidak bertujuan menggantikan jagaan profesional, khidmat nasihat, diagnosis atau rawatan doktor. Laman ini tidak mempunyai jawapan kepada semua masalah. Jawapan kepada masalah umum mungkin tiada kaitan kepada anda. Sekiranya anda menyedari simptom kesihatan atau jatuh sakit, anda perlu menghubungi doktor bagi rawatan lanjut.

Rencana ini adalah tentang a medical condition. Untuk the American retail shoe store, sila lihat The Athlete's Foot.

Athlete's foot or tinea pedis
Pale, flaky & split skin of athlete's foot in a toe web space
ICD-10 B35.3
ICD-9 110.4
Pangkalan data penyakit 13122
MedlinePlus 000875
eMedicine derm/470

Kaki makan air adalah sejenis penyakit yang juga dikenali sebagai Athletes Foot. Penyakit kaki makan air disebabkan kulat. Penyakit kaki makan air biasanya disebabkan kaki yang selalu berendam air atau lembab.
Isi kandungan

* 1 Simptom
* 2 Diagnosis
* 3 Rawatan
o 3.1 Rawatan biasa
+ 3.1.1 Topical medications
+ 3.1.2 Oral medications
o 3.2 Alternative treatments
+ 3.2.1 Topical oils
+ 3.2.2 Onion extract
+ 3.2.3 Garlic extract
+ 3.2.4 Rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and vinegar
o 3.3 Rawatan rumah (Home remedy)
+ 3.3.1 Asid borik
+ 3.3.2 Pengering rambut
+ 3.3.3 Baking soda
+ 3.3.4 Peluntur biasa
+ 3.3.5 Garam Epsom
* 4 Lihat juga
* 5 Nota kaki
* 6 Pautan luar
o 6.1 Maklumat perubatan umum
o 6.2 Gambar
o 6.3 Organisasi

[sunting] Simptom
Keruping antara celah jari kaki.

Kaki nakan air (bahasa Inggeris Athlete's foot) menyebabkan kulit dicelah jari kaki yang dijangkiti menjadi berkeruping, bersisik dan gatal. Lepoh dan kulit pecah juga mungkin berlaku, menyebabkan tisu dlam terdedah, kesakitan, bengkak dan radang. Jangkitan bakteria kedua juga boleh berlaku bersama jangkitan kulat yang kadang-kala memerlukan rawatan antibiotik.[1][2]

Jangkitan ini mampu merebak kepada bahagian lain badan, seperti peha, dan biasanya dikenali dengan nama lain apabila ia merebak, seperti tinea corporis pada tubuh atau anggota badan dan tinea cruris (jock itch atau gatal dhobi itch) bagi jangkitan pada celah peha. Tinea pedis kebiaaannya hadir pada celah jari kaki, biasanya pada jari kaki kempat dan kelima palingkerap.[3][4][5]
[sunting] Diagnosis

Diagnosis boleh dilakukan oleh ahli farmasis, doktor umum (general practitioner) dan pakar dermatologist atau podiatrist.


* After any physical activity shower with a soap that has both an antibacterial and anti fungal fighting agent in it.

[sunting] Rawatan

There are many conventional medications (over-the-counter and prescription) as well as alternative treatments for fungal skin infections, including athlete's foot. Important with any treatment plan is the practice of good hygiene. Several placebo controlled studies report that good foot hygiene alone can cure athlete's foot even without medication in 30-40% of the cases.[6] However, placebo-controlled trials of allylamines and azoles for athlete’s foot consistently produce much higher percentages of cure than placebo.[7]
[sunting] Rawatan biasa

Conventional treatment typically involves daily or twice daily application of a topical medication in conjunction with hygiene measures outlined in the above section on prevention. Keeping feet dry and practicing good hygiene is crucial to preventing reinfection. Severe or prolonged fungal skin infections may require treatment with oral anti-fungal medication. Apply zinc oxide based diaper rash ointment. To prevent sweaty or wet feet that are breeding grounds for athlete's foot, apply talcum powder (baby powder) to absorb moisture that kills off the infection.
[sunting] Topical medications

Rencana utama: Antifungal drug

The fungal infection is often treated with topical antifungal agents, which can take the form of a spray, powder, cream, or gel. The most common ingredients in over-the-counter products are miconazole nitrate (2% typical concentration in the United States) and tolnaftate (1% typ. in the U.S.). Terbinafine, marketed as Lamisil is another over-the-counter drug. There exists a large number of prescription antifungal drugs, from several different drug families. These include ketaconazole, itraconazole, naftifine, nystatin, caspofungin. One study showed that allylamines (terbinafine, Amorolfine, naftifine, butenafine) cure slightly more infections than azoles (Miconazole, ketaconazole, clotrimazole, itraconazole, sertaconazole, etc.).[7] Undecylenic acid (a castor oil derivative) is a known fungicide that can be used for fungal skin infections such as athlete's foot. Whitfield's Ointment (benzoic and salicylic acid) is an older treatment that still sees occasional use.

Some topical applications such as carbol fuchsin (also known in the U.S. as Castellani's paint), often used for intertrigo, work well but in small selected areas. This red dye, used in this treatment like many other vital stains, is both fungicidal and bacteriocidal; however, because of the staining it is cosmetically undesirable. For many years gentian violet was also used for bacterial and fungal infections between fingers or toes.

The time line for cure may be long, often 45 days or longer. The recommended course of treatment is to continue to use the topical treatment for four weeks after the symptoms have subsided to ensure that the fungus has been completely eliminated. However, because the itching associated with the infection subsides quickly, patients may not complete the courses of therapy prescribed.

Anti-itch creams are not recommended as they will alleviate the symptoms but will exacerbate the fungus; this is due to the fact that anti-itch creams typically enhance the moisture content of the skin and encourage fungal growth. For the same reason, some drug manufacturers are using a gel instead of a cream for application of topical drugs (for example, naftin and Lamisil). Novartis, maker of Lamisil, claims that a gel penetrates the skin more quickly than cream.

If the fungal invader is not a dermatophyte but a yeast, other medications such as fluconazole may be used. Typically fluconazole is used for candidal vaginal infections moniliasis but has been shown to be of benefit for those with cutaneous yeast infections as well. The most common of these infections occur in the web spaces (intertriginous) of the toes and at the base of the fingernail or toenail. The hall mark of these infections is a cherry red color surrounding the lesion and a yellow thick pus.
[sunting] Oral medications

Oral treatment with griseofulvin was begun early in the 1950s. Because of the tendency to cause liver problems and to provoke aplastic anemia the drugs were used cautiously and sparingly. Over time it was found that those problems were due to the size of the crystal in the manufacturing process and microsize and now ultramicrosize crystals are available with few of the original side effects.[perlu rujukan]

For severe cases, the current preferred oral agent in the UK,[8] is the more effective terbinafine.[9] Other prescription oral antifungals include itraconazole and fluconazole.[1]
[sunting] Alternative treatments
[sunting] Topical oils

Symptomatic relief from itching may be achieved after topical application of tea tree oil, probably due to its involvement in the histamine response;[10] however, the efficacy of tea tree oil in the treatment of athlete's foot (achieving mycological cure) is questionable.[11][12]
[sunting] Onion extract

A study of the effect of 3% (v/v) aqueous onion extract was shown to be very effective in laboratory conditions against Trichophyton mentagrophytes and T. rubrum.[13]
[sunting] Garlic extract

Ajoene, a compound found in garlic, is sometimes used to treat athlete's foot.[14]
[sunting] Rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and vinegar

Direct application of rubbing alcohol and/or hydrogen peroxide after bathing can aid in killing the fungus at the surface level of the skin and will help prevent a secondary (bacterial) infection from occurring.[perlu rujukan] In addition, soaking the feet in a bath of 70% rubbing alcohol will help dry the skin out, and likewise kill the invading fungus.[perlu rujukan] The alcohol is not, however, effective against spores. Vinegar in some cases has killed the fungus and is effective against spores.

[sunting] Rawatan rumah (Home remedy)
[sunting] Asid borik

Peggunaan asid Borik pada stokin sebagai melindungi kaki daripada dijangkiti berulang, tetapi tidak digunakan bagi merawatnya.
[sunting] Pengering rambut

Oleh kerana kulat tumbuh pada persekitaran lembab, iaamat penting bagi mengeringkan kaki dengan betul selepas mandi. Pengering rambut boleh digunakan bagi membantu mengeringkan kaki, atau bagi mengeringkan kaki yang menjadi lembab dalam tempon antara mandi.
[sunting] Baking soda

Melumur kaki dengan pes baking soda dan/atau menabur baking soda dalam kasut dipercayai membantu dengan menukar kadar pH.[15]
[sunting] Peluntur biasa

Menggunakan peluntur pada kulit idak digalakkan, kerana ia terbukti sebagi perengsa (jelas dilabel di United Kingdom sebagai "Merbahaya (Harmful)" oleh COSHH). Bagaimanapun ia dilaukan bagi kegunaan pembasmi kulat persekitaran bagi menghalang penyebaran dermatophytes antara haiwan, dan dari haiwan kepada manusia. Ia juga digunakan bagi menghapus kulat di lantai laluan kaki (kolam renang), dan pada pakaian (stokin).
[sunting] Garam Epsom

Merendam kaki dalam larutan gram Epsom dalam air suam. Air masin/garam akan merencat/membunuh kulat.
[sunting] Lihat juga

* Dadah anti kulat
* Asid borik - sebagai rawatan
* Ringworm
* Tinea


kopy jer keja..

okayh.. selesai satu masalah..

tapi dalam wiki tuh mentioned yang kata bekerja di persekitaran lembab...

padahal aku kerja di poersekitaran air cond,..

kasut bertutup litup bagai..

macam nmalah boleh jadik..

nama penyakit tuh dalam bahasa inggeris Athletes..

oakyh.. lupakan pasal disease tuh..

hari nih best..

bukan apa..
dapat rehat banyak lah..

tak payah pergi kerja..


hari nih.. buat sejenis kueh yang pakai kulit poiah tuh..

then we fried..

and lumurkan dengan instant nestum,..

its kinda delicious lah..


aku bangun pagi pukul 11.30.. hahah..


**(sleeping queen katanya,..


duduk depan pc..

main Crazy taxi..

Main cafe world..

then.. aku tidu ayam kul 4..

bangun kul 5..

hahah.. tidur lagi..

marathon katanya..

okayh.. petang + malamnya..

going to Amer house..

he was my neighbour..

entah panggil aku..

about computing problem lahg katanya..

cannot install game..


tolong2 dia..

bnalik rumah jap..

then dalam kul 9 mlm tuh gfi umah dia..

sedekahkan cerita2 aku8 yang da dalam external aku nih...

tak banyak sangat lah dia amik..

KUl 11.30 mlm baru balik..


lama betul yer aku doik umah orang..

then balik..

buka laptop aspire 4530 aku..

main klik sana klik sini..

pastuh shut down..

kul 12.00 malam akum aku bukak blog nih...

taip this entry..

macam na?

full of meaning tak hiodup aku..

hahaha penuh dengan ketiduran jer..

okayhlah.. aku nak pergi tidur lak..

dah lewat malam nih.. nak dekat kul 1 pagi! dah..

hahaha.. matilah tidur lagi.....

ok.. choiw...


Gud Nyte!!

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