Friday, April 30, 2010


we'll meet again..

what a bad luck today.

ya.. as usaual and told my shop made it stock take today..


hahah.. busy lah yaamat..

oh ya.. wake up in the morning at 9.00 a.m

going to wokr after having my b'fast of round lekor..

aftere punch card, wait for othe korum to be copleted..

since everyone were too worried and antie give a solution..

call them. till when do gonna wait?

so, after called..

at 10.15 a.m/.. they reached here and got a SCOLDED by BIG BOSS..

OMG! pity.. saw boss angry for the first time..

yah.. they were told to b there at 9.30 a.m.

so, they were late and made evryone wait for them to start counting the stock take..

then, after that, were strting the stock takes after briefing.

im with Battery GP section and Notebook cooler..

then at 12.30 pm

im back.. to friday prayer.

so, bacdk at home..

stsrt my desktop first.. then, unfortunately,. the modem keep wrongly blinking..

OMG!.. no internet connection..

suspected the faulty of CHEAPS MODEM BROUGHT BY TM called RIGER DB102..

ah... damn.. try everthing but no success.

then going to Jumaat prayer by riding with amer motorcycle.

since my motor are being drying the seat from the absorb water.. ( the cushion cover scracth by CATS)

then proceedding to mosque..

after we'll dicussing.. im going to giving amer my bikes since i had a problem with itsd SPoket and cycle chain..

then im back.. as deal, amer will pickup my bikes at this noon..

then 2.30 going to AGRO bank atm..

withdraw my money ammounted rm 50 for that motorcycle repair purposed.

then going to shop back..

saw all we're eating pizza hut. ( treats and ordering by BOOS as for lunch)

then they giving my shares and brought upstairs..

and then got calls from downstairs.. need to double check my counting since there was an error.

oh shit! nothings wrong only just a missed counting stock who kept hiding and not told..

then upstairs again.. have a chat with ah fu.

an hour later, ayu called..\

she was witing me downstair.. ( behind the shop)

SHE ASKING FOR MY FAVOUR FOR FORMATTING HER LAPPy windows 7 with adding 1 gb ram.

then she left money ammounted rm 150 for all of that purposed.

yeah.. take it and brought all of the item upstair and have kept it on my bag.

then 2 hours later, got calles from amer.. he's also downstiar.. waiting for pickup my bikes to be service and fixed.

gave him a rm 50 to that purposed and have that trust to amer then they passed by..

WAn rides my bike to thier friend workshop.

then,, see boss..
asking for his favour..

" i want to borrow our Modem, to figured out of my internet connectivity at home and promised him to buy if the problem was comes out from THAT BUNDLED CHEAPEST TM MODEM.\ or link problem.
so he said, oklah.. but open it carefully.

here are the borrowing modem.

** luckily im staff.. so i can Borrowing and test without asking the TM technicians to come to my house.

then, brought the new modem upstairs and kept in my bag too.

then me with upstairs crew having our pizza moment..

ah.. not warm and were eats roughly..

then, downstairs called and asking me to downstairs.

so, proceed and antie called.

"here are ur salary for this months?"

so im surprised and dissapointed after being told.

"ur moths salry rm 450 plus the PC Fair part time rm 50." overall rm 500.. so please sign here..

yah.. sadness but im ahh.. nobody cares the works that i've done including OT.



Stop grumbling.

palnned to quit next month.

so , going upsatir then proceed with my works.

make some bugdte calculation for the needed of this months.

and i only get rm18 a days.

oh no.

so, at 8.00 p.m.

im back home..

being told that tomoorow we're closed..


oh.. happy.. at least got some two day rest..

so, after punch out my card.

calls amer. to pick up me since im back.

so, while waiting they..

got calls from Shafiq..

asking blu ray.. modem.. garphics.. and bla bal..

as amer reached were not done the conversation on phone.

wait till 3 minutes later.

pity them waiting for me.

then ended up my called prematurely.

so, talking bto them..

"how much the cost?"

they said. Rm 35 with the new spocket and cycle chain.

o, as rewards for them im treating them a dinner.

we'll drop by at Repoh restaurants infront o9f the Putra Putri Lodge.

so, after ordering our meals somebody..

the unkonons passed by our side roads and wan shoutued at him..

he' turn back..

Oh it was his friend ..

after shaking my hand with him and them too..

wan invites him to join us..

so, after he 'll join hell ordirng only a teh ais and they starts chats.

some certain moments i was joined them .. but not much lah i was new to get know with him..

apart from that converstioan he was holidays from PLKN.. dunnow lah what kind of holiday and he has to going back to PLKN camps tomorrw.

and 1 more things, he didnt know my real ages..

he'ss thought that i was 18 y old.

like them

after being told he cant believeable..

(yeah i know u wanna sait that im AWET MUDA. thanks..)

hiding my real face through a suci faces.


then, im going to payment counter and paid for all of that.

total only cost me rm 16.90.

they were thats to me and i said. its okayh..

my treats and welcomed them..

at 9.30 p.m.. we're back home. and wan asking mme To copy the "tokan" things to his house pc.

so i said.. hm okayhlah..
went to wan house and they (wand and his mom)

were talking about further place to continued study.

then after the copy done made my way home..

then at home start cleaning the messed that made..

to lacate the warranty card from the cheaepst bundled modem..

unforntunately , the anai-anai were too fast to eats all of the paper product under my beds.

then it messed too..

so, start cleaning and have a dine..

after that, called shafiq back for the paused ccnversation just now.

we're were talks nothing and mostly about computer..

then called amer mums to apologise and thanks for letting amer helps me on my bikes problem....

so , after all that solved..

unboxing the borrowing modem from the shop and open too ayu lappy for the new configuration on the modem..

SUCCESSFUL! so, the problem were caused by that STUPID BUNDLED TM MODEM.

then browsing FB and manage my cafe then read the h.mtro paper today.

so, after all have been done.

there im ihere to wrote this entry..

ok.. nyte..

nye. already 2.00 a.m


** yahoo.. tomoorow holiday so planning on ALor star surveying the Guitar Electric for amerr by my fixed bikes..
oh no.. hope it will be fun of convoying there.

*** not enuff salary lah.. that keep worrying me.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


helo2.. Kpi ka milo.

kay.. we'll meet again ya..

so, where do i gonna start..

not much special today..

as going work like usual and back at 8.00 p.m/

oh ya.. before back , i buy Antie India behind my Kedai. ordering one piece of Capati wiht Sardine Gravy..

and back. have myself a refreshment moment in the bathroom and have my dine.,.

firdtly starts with Capati ,

then mums cooks.

and SATA bakar.. the left yesterday..

oh.. so full..

while watching Bila Musang Berjanggut.. (oh Fizzow)

the last episode i'd think..

not following the series..

just have fun spend my time with family..

suddenly amer call me..

he ask me to bring the "tokan" things..

hahah.. small laughing.

then proceed to his house and open his Vaio ..

then starting copying that "tokan" things.

hahah.. jahat kan aku..

then, we'll discuss about his dream of having an electric guitar but forbid by his mom..

so, ok lah.. he ask me to go survey with him atLAor star on this Sat but yaeh..

work commitment..


the hepling him to install COD game with cracks..

then back home..

have this entry while surf my FB..

k lah.

not much gonna talks..



** oh no.. although our shop closed tomorrow, we'll still have to there and start counting the STOCK TAKE>.
ah.. malasnya buat stock take.
id must be too tiring ryte?
hope so the salary will be out tomorrow..
if dat so,
how much a do i get? i was wondering....

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


hello baby you called back can't hear a thing.
i ain't got no service in the club they say eh..
what2? r u saying u breaking up on me.
sorry i cannot hear u im kinda busy..
kk kk kinda busy..

.. .. .. ... .. .. .. .. .. .

hello, we'll meet again..

what did im merapu about ha .?

no lah..

okayh, so after going home then i had a dinner.

oh ya. since today was the pasar malam day.

mums already buy me 2 pack of nasi lemak from Pasar malam.

then i had it all contnued with SATA BAKAR.

humh yummy..

since i was feeling uneasy if did'nt going to PAsar malam.

i was wondering if i had Pateh , nazrin and amer with me.

then , rushing going to thier house asking them whether they wanna join me or not.

after waiting then aboout 1 hour.,

then we'll decide not to PAsar MAlam but

we're haeding to Tok Wi Char Koey Teow batu 2.

since my cousins hubby working there i said why not?

been long time no eat at there.

then we're speeding up our bikes and reached thera.

looking around,. not found my cousin hubby..

ah.. Nvmd lah!

so, we're ordering the Cahr Koey Teow and our own throats drink.

the we'll talking about "rubbish" or in other word an emty talks.

then amer and awari came by.

at that time , we're done with our meals. then they ordering themself only a drinks.

we'll chat there till 10.45 pm then back.

continues chatting infront of Nazrin house till

then im back home and cleanup myself and have a left of Cucur Udang on the table .

and charging my lappy after running my Cafe World. ( too slow when running on this Desktop PC)

then i wrote this kind of entry.

k la..


tired lorh nyte~~!

** not in good situation at the service center. No cpu at all untill a less typical time there the new problem cpu wnat to pop up. oh god!

*** got a cough rapidly today.. don know lahy why?

**** he is SHIT!acting like a monkey and the drama queen of the yaer.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Aku terlanggar kucing malam semalam.

hi.. Betemu kembali di subuh hari.

kekdah menaip entry di pagi2 hari ni lak.

ntahlah.. i got unstable emotion nowadays.

since ada saja people who kept annoying me , who trying to play along with my emotion.

aku tak tahu kenapa jadik macam ni>

nak kata datang bulan pon tidak sebab aku ni lelaki.

so, from where do i gonna start?

ya.. lets me start from last night.. Alkisahnyer , masa balik kerja..

u noe , when people get back from work usually they were speeding thier transport..

nak balik awal.. same goes to me..

Unfortunately , OTW back to my home..

about 8.15 pm , when im speeding up my bikes. (like usual)

suddenly a kitten come acroos on my way.

so? what happen?

yaeh. not done on braking yet and i've hitted that pity kitten..

"im sory. its not my intetion to hit you"

when hitted i just feel like a bumpy means i was overlayed on his body..

turns back and saw the kitten suffering from death and saw alittle moving of his shaking his head and hands.

and saw there too. his "poo poo" outs from his anus.

but no bleed.

i didnt mean it to do so.

memang kesian sangat..

dan disitu juga ku lihat keakraban kucing-kucing lain yang mengerumuni tubuh mangsa.. memang sangat2 akrab. tersentuh hati ku melihat mereka. ada yang menjilat2 badan si mangsa itu..

bukan aku sengaja nak tertindih dia..

dah tak sempat sangat. and keadaaan malam yang samar2 macam tuh menyukarkan lagi.

then. i moves he to aa side of road..

aku lihat ada gerakan kecil like mengeletar from his body..

then atak nak tanam lagi lah..

back home and tells moms.

BUt? hopeless.. not rather to tell her. lagi kena marah lagi adalah.. baik tak yah bagitau..

aku cuama nak nasihat ja. or even a little support.


then back at the targedy area.

and found the kitten gone.

dont know where he goes..

im confused.?

so.. back home with a simphatic and perasaan bersalah.

then. have a dinner.

after that, i was so sleepy and tired..

just going bed dan dengan jiwa aku yang serabut nih lagi menyebabkan aku nak tidur..

sebab tu lah aku menulis entry di pagi2 hari ni..

and pagi2 nih juga aku dah tinggikan suara dekat ayah aku..

yalah. aku tengah dok sebuk main facebook dekat alppy boleh dia tutup suis lampu dengan kipas ( like he sually do in the morning)

aku pon teruslah mulut yang cibai ni berkata "bodo ka apa tak nampak orang buat apa?"

tak sangka kan aku boleh kata macam tuh ..

ni sebab jiwa kacau , minda meroyan tambah tekanan .

aku tau dia memang selalu buat macam tu sebab nak jimat elektrik dan juga memang aku tiap2 pagi lepas subuh sambung tidur. cuma pagi ni aku tak sambung tidur.. tu ja.

LAgipula aku dok dendam pasal kes dia tak bagi pinjam motor dia hari tuh.. ( the prev entry.) dah berbulan2-rasanya..


siyal sangat..

oh ya.. kat tempat kerja macam biasa dan aku benci hadapi situasi yang sama..

tambahan si broken hearted tuh dok sebuk marah aku walahal aku buat benda yang betul..


k lah..

aku dah malas nak tambah dosa lagi..


nak mandi2 nak gi krje.. CHow~

*** i just cant stand this anymore. aku tension sangat..

**** statring from today aku malas nak elaborate pasal haraian kerja aku.. malas sangat.. sama saja.. kalau da yang lain baru aku akan tulis.

Monday, April 26, 2010

the best way to implant a bomb and blowing up my mind..

Hello, met again,,.

not in mood today as i dont know why..
im not going into any relationship..


aku memang macam tu..

mudah saja tertawa.

no comments.

.... ... ..

ya. what would i be ?

dunnow whter im just a crap on this world.

i can see the dark of my future.

yeah. im useless.

SPM pon tak pandai..

therefore tak dak instituisi yang nak tawarkan kat aku any offer.

yah. i understand and deserve this.


i don have any plan since i was the failure person and meant to be.

terserah sjala..

okayh. today was a lonely day.

hafiz did'nt come due to his injury on Rugby games,.

so, just me and ah fu to tak over.

as usual, wake up in the morning and made myself a cup of mug and 3 pieces of Ayamas Nugget and then going towork.

as so dull scenario on working rather i dont write here since it was the same like everyday..

and at 8 going home.

and have my self a BULKS of rice on my dinner plate...

yeah.. too hungry today as no lunch for myself..

no mood to buy any food for lunch.

then, watch myself with nuna the tv program.

while my parents going to supermarket somwhere in kangar.

and that all..

going bedroom and have this entry.

** my english worst and sucks!

oh SHIT. cant erased my mind.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ku Menangis... Membayangkan.

betapa kejamnya dirimu atas diriku..
harus selalu kau tahu.. akulah hati yang telah kau sakiti..



SO, hello,,

meet again..

as we know today is SUNDAY..

And usually SUNDAY doe'snt have much time as to be spend on it..

BTW, how bout my rest today??

not as much as fun.

but, at least im giving my ability to impersonate other people and solve thier probs..

then. So, wake up in the Morning at 10.00am.]

then prepared my self for hygiene and took Shafiq g.card then rides FX to his house.

yah. as told he does.nt at home. Still in SArawak..

but its okayh. as i reached his house welcomed by his mom and Granpa.

then im doing my works..

yeah.. dats rite..

as i gueesed the actual problem that his cpu was a Windows problem..

after repair it then it okayh and have a display..

Not the NEW lcd monitor that he bought probs..

so, while repairing his OS take a look around of his bedroom..

yah. like other bachelor men bed out there..

then , make a self judgement about his personality./.

as look in his study picture.

he was SO LUCKY get a chance to be further study with health Ministry as he was offoered by SPA on radiografi fields.

at ages 19..

Too lucky to have all this at young ages..

then after done with his computer. have a chat with his mom.

yaeh.. simple question..

Works there?

how many sibblings that shafiq has?

where is his dad and occupation?

then . yah..

that was enuff to me know all of that..

refuse to take any granted then back home..

hope to see him againg and have an eye discussion.

oh no!

the Melodi has started.

then watch af the whole programs. then Cik Mek.

the neighboir sending us the lunch dishes.

It WAS nasi KERABu..

emm.. yummy.. hand made of kelantanese.

then. ate my lunch with mum..

after that..

managing Cafe World on Fb.

suddenly amer approach me at my house..

asking for my favour ( as promised ) to take a look on his VAIO lappy..

probs. : Bluescreean after being used 2 hour,..

then. try with format..

not starting yet as we waiting for the Driver of vaio to be completed on download.

as waiting we watch some of the3 new movies..

Ninja Assasing..

when 6 pm..

im leave.

planning took Anisa out.. like usual.

then amer was impressed to accompany me..

then , we enjoying a fresh air at TAman bukit kayangan..

and heading to TAMAN baru playgrounds.

anisa was so excited to play there..

we're parks our bikes there and have a chet there at the miniature chair.

while watching anisa from there..

Talking about WAN LC who wont dfeated by others bikes lah..

About the "LANSI" of taht wan lah..

more2 lah..

not talks bout that only, many topic we're chat.

then at 7.10 pm

magribs call and we're going home..

send anisa back and me too.

then. im feel asleep infront of my desktop near my lappy..

bout 30 minutes lah due too tired today.

then , at 9.00 p.m.

going to Amer house then we're statring our format win seven.


while formatting amer entertain myself with his skill of guitar..

yah.. he was so good on that things and it was his ability added..

im not ggod at guitar just okayh to listening the melody out ja..

so, after the whole process completed at 12.00 a.m

im back home and wrote this entry..

k lah..


im going to bed as bored works waiting for me tomoorrow..

b strong ya to me..

imagine of the salary..

** kerinduan melanda

*** syamir ask me out for rolling out the BOLING pin at The Store KAngar. Due too busy. im refused.. Pity him.. Next time ya..

**** arif also ask me out. but? was promised to amer on reformatting his vaio. So sorry.. refused too.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kaya dengan duit, Miskin dengan cinta , musnah dengan kerjaya..


what di im babbling about.. it was a ridiculous lah..

so, what plan tomorrow, yea,, since he go to SArawak, then tomoorow ill gonna to his house..

to fix his computer.. he's giving me green light..

said his mom waits for me..

dunnow.. Im speechleess.


what didi i do today?

hm.. like usual .. just a Saturday with a stressfull case did i handle today..
It was the Acer CPU who in front panel did not detect any USB..

im confius..

take much hour to solve the problem untill it was fixed fullyl..

oh yah..

today going home early.

about 5.41 pm..

yah.. since in not going to rest today.. i just shifting the time.. minus with my reccess time..

hope bos dont get mad im doing this like my own company..

suka suki jer nak pandai ubah waktu kerja sendirik.. Keji kan..?

so, as usual, woke up in the morning.. At 9.00 a.m..

have my bath and b'fast ( the balance food of last nyte.. Bihun Kuah.

then , going to work..

As usual, starting with handling case 1 by 1..

as it done proceed with the next one..

Then solve the acer copmlicated problem as stated just now..

Buat2 punya buat..

It was the JUMPER.

Shit,, seeting on the m'board failed .. Yah ECS brand,


then at 5.41 p.m back home..

then , ate my lunch while watching FUHH! on tv3..

then out and Saw amer and called him.. And we're have an out..

taking some air outside before MAghrib and we're stopped at the Backway bridge On TAMAn Bukit Kayangan..

We have a talks there while enjoying our ponaramic vision of nature..

the, when maghrib , we;re back home..

i'm just doing nothing and suddenly when eat my dinner, amer called.. He got a problem with his Printer.

CAnnot use due to Catridge low warning have to press the RESET button 30 seconds then it okayh to be functional like normal.

(common problem when using MISS tank outside the printer.)

then watch CEREKARAMA TV3 entitiled BERLARI KE BELAKANG while washing my clothes outside with THE OLDIES washing MAchines..

then managing my Cafe world and write this entry.. klah..
aLmost 1.30 a.m..

need to sleep.

so, Tomorrow SUNDAY..

time for happiness and rest..

k lah....


** im speechless. dunnow why do i too much consider of him..
im weird!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Derita MErindu.

oh ya.. what was thet tittle..

SHH!! it shouldn't b that..




meet again..

not much im gonna write today..


today woke up at thge same time like yesterday..

But not overlayed on my phone but IM stop the alarm..


what am i doing yah nowadays..

always late.

never oversleep again.

so, as today was late im rushing again to works..

brush my teeth..

have a piece of Cucur Jagung ( too oily lah mum)

then have a glass of clear water. then rushing to work..

so, as today as usual..

proceed with the cpu..

hahah.. bosan dowh..

then, saw the boys who was messy with hair doing the unfinished work.

afta that, at 12.30 noon..

back to Jumaat Prayer and have a lunch.

this time invites Amer to go with me..

have a chat with her mom and "gabriel Mutti"..

hahah.. matilah akronim..

then , going to Masjid Behor Empiang but this time the prayer gonna start pray as we reached there with a little sensitive time..

then after that, back and have a bulk of rice on my plates..

okayh.. at 2.35 pm.. back to work again..

and continued with the works..

at 8.00 pm back to home.

and met Abang who suddenly approaches home (from IPGM PERLIS)

have a dinner.. mum cooks MEE Kuah and Nasi Goreng Cina..

then he told us that he going off to PERak..

dunnow what purposed for..

then, Safwan come to my house with his brother NABil..

take it the lappy that i format yesterday..

then he'll giving me rm 20 for the wages of helping his Friend laptop who Practical In BAyview HOtel with him.

then they back..

and suddenly too, anisa..

the cute and chubby girls next door approaches at our house.

and then feed her a cut of Mangoes.

then , take her out at the night as Perlis now having a extreme heat..

dunnow why. even in night also have hot winds surrounds.

then, saw amer, the boy next to anisa door house.

sitting outside then pluck his guitar with the unrecognise song..

then we have a sensitive , heavy chat there..

we'll chat till 11.15 pm.

then back home and prepares facebook and cafe world..

Then.. yeah..
that all for today..



**OMG! Miss H**....

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Broken down in AGONY just to cure my illness.


oh no .. Not again..

Dont put much in expectation cause it will hurt u one day.


Salam, okayh bertemu kembali..

Napa yerk tetiber jer tajuk entry aku macam ni..


im now in a stressfull and unstable mood.

Donnow why..

might be because of my works?

my social life ?

or.. Maybe someone else..

donnow lah.. i just cant understand with my self.

i need to tears.. :(..


lupakan ttg tadi.

apa yang aku buat hari nih ya??


lets started by morning..

OH SHIT,, late on works.

Woke up in 9.45 am.

just too late..

This is because of the ALARMS who shut itself from ringging due to my body overlayed it on the bed.

how come did i hear the alarms sound since my body overlayed on it.

never do this again..

so, ask Hafiz to help me punch my card.

then going to work rushingly at 10.10 am just reached.


the situation in my service center is just like usual. but today not too burden since there's no complicated case to handle..

then have my b'fast from the Myza who brought us food every morning.. but this tyme the BIHUn was too little..

not valueable for the price.


never order bihun anymore..

just going with NAsi Lemak ja like usual..

so.. at 3.30 p.m. back to lunch and and have a lite sleep..

then going work like usual.

at 6.30 pm.

Safwan with his aunts come to shop. they we're sending thier montsh printer to be checked and repair.

Unfortunately, it was the colour catridge spolied due too dry on it.

oh. pity them, and safwan brought his frinds laptop to be fixed by mine.. (format)

then. decided to do it at home.

at 8.10 p.m

im back..

then proceedn with the lappy.. and format..

let it there and bathing myself..

then have a dinner.

so, back at lappy.. had a trouble with adapter..


sekejap leh cas.. sekejap tak..

complicated lah..

simpan then besoklah sambung kat kedai pinjam adapter kedai..

okayh,, mum asking for my favour.. to fuel the KANCIl..

then okayhlah. we're moving to the petrol pump and the bank too..

after that back home and facebook myself..

and write this entry..

k lah..



** Myza bihun was too little.. not valueable for RM2 that i spent.

*** Called SHAFIQ, the guy last night. telling him about his G.card.. then , we're fixed our relationship to be more easier..

No more im calling him encik . and he calling me awak..

we're just HANG DAN AKU..

simple but friendly>:)

ON that Calls he just said that he just came back since his mom involved with accident..

oh. Pity on them.. But the insurans will cover it up.. No worry ya..

he also, had to flight himself to sarawak early tomoorow morning.. and will be home at MOnday. Works matter..

OMG, we're being a member in just two day. unexpected..

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Selaju F1.

i dont know what happen to me nowadays..


k lah.. back to the entry title just now,

what is it actually was?

haha.. at the end of the entry il story yer..


so, as today.. started by ignition of body at 9.13 a.m..

too late lah for me..

so,, hurry to bath and b'fast..

and then rushing to workplace as usual..

brings along NAdiah lappy.

so, at work.. yah.. i have to handle the case of Kim Heng electrical, and Kilang Gula..

omg! what a stress of work..

so, im kinda busy today at workplace.

neither of repairing the cpu, handle the other case..


im taking it as a learning expereinced..


so, as promised at 1.00 pm..

im dates with NAdiah..

as a reward of helping her she'll treats me KFC for lunch..

reach there , she waiting on me infront of the kfc kangar..

after taking the order we eats upstairs..

seeing of such a noisy eyes strring at us..

WHY! do u think we're HOT ha..

ah,, nonsences lah..

we're just friend.. not couple..

while eats, we're have a heavy chat on that table..

yah, about old schoool lah..

about her study and mine , about a friend of mine and her ,

about many thingslah..

so much to talked..

as we managed to sitted ther till 2.30 pm..

we'll ended up there..

so, after she sattisfied with my works then we're going back to our own workplace.

ah.. what a moment..!

sweet lah.. haha..

so going back to work.. then saw this cpu..

stated problem was Cannot Load Windows.. but the actuall was the problem with G. card..

so, after we're install and unsitalled the driver it was ok..

no problem..

then ,called the customer..


then, at 5.00 o clock.. he take away home..

then at 7.45 p.m. he called the centre ( my service)

im kinda suprised to now?

What does on earth it really happen now?

cannot load window too..

so i guided him on what to do?

Useless.. not working..

KKinda pity at him called me for many times..

but still not work..

then , imanaged to ask him , Where do u live?

then he said..

near the MRSM. a bit far away from that..

so, thinking twice with the little emphatics of my heart.

so , i'm telling him that im going to his house.

then . 8.00 pm.

started my FX110.

Rushing to there ..

yah.. dont guess ..

im speeding up my bikes 110 km/j to his house..

unexpected. that far places only 15minutes jer.

wah.. so fast ar..


then reached to his house..

then il try my best + instinct..

took oit his G.card and use the On board display..

as his G.card i took home to test it..


no problem..

since i was writning this entry using his g.card installed on my cpu..

thinking that,, i possible problem lah..

the cpu need to formatted..

yah.. i found it was too many error onb his windows lah..

later i'll talked him as he , SHAFIQ, work as X-Ray in HTF..

yah.. kinda charm one and yah... he consider me as his friend..

then. at 9.00 pm..

i need to rushing home.. as promised i wanna took my brother to The PAsar MAlam..

Dont u know today was wednesday.!


then, undo myself.. and rushing back to home..(kangar)

greets his family and and shaking hand with him as he's hide some oney on his hand while shaking hand with me..

so i'll garab that money lah..

notb what..

as i mentioned. had a money crisis..

and as we deal before i reachyed at his house..

"Takpalah. ,awak cuma bayar duit minyak say ajalah dan saya cuma naik motor ja"

what i said..

Then deal lah..

unexpected his giving too much lah..

RM 20 ringgit while the fuel only cost me only 2 ringgit.

Dah amik dah pon.. Takpalah dah dia bagi maca tu..

then he spokea s . atk payahlah berencik2.. just called me shafiq la.

so,, okay..

then rushing to kangar..

and took back his g.card for test..

then. after reached home,, at 9.15 gitu..

quicky called for my brother.

" weih. cepatlah.. jom pi pasar malam."

so, as arrives PAsar malam, we're just buying Nasi Goreng , Soy bean , And roti Goreng.

that's all..

** sambil2 shopping tuh sempatlah memandang sekeliling.. saja cuti mata.. release tension..

balik rumah, makan and main facebook jap..

then .. wrote this entry ..

hahah.. * same simple ending..

k lah..

nyte and bye..

** a Facts!
i'm speeding up only 15 minutes from Kangar to Upper Side of MRSM.
as quite at 30km i'd think?

so, thanks to FX for not giving me any problem while journey..

*** Thanks also to Shafiq coz giving me a trust on his computer and siap bagi upah and minyak ammounted rm 20.. thansk a lot..

Touche2.. stated this second we're declared as friend.

although he was 1984 and me 1990..

not an obstacles ryte.?


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

When it's good, then it's good, it's so good till it goes bad..

salam.. jhola.. meet again..

yeah im now having a money crisis..

yerlah, spending too much or over the budget on the Pc Fair there..

so, now, im telling you that im broken up my Piggy Bank..

yah.. all was coin.. a collected amount is rm6.00 only..

oh, how GOD!

Does it enuff till my salary day ha means at the end of this months..

Perhaps so, Hope a miracles lah..



so, what am i supposed to write here yah?

Yah, tomoorow gotta dates NAdiah lah.

yah, as deal. she will treats my lunch tomoorow at KFC kangar lah as a reward of helping her on that lappy.

oh. cant wait lah.. haha..



as stater to9day wake up in the mornjing like usual then goig works..

so, not having much problem today as a less on new service Cpu..

yeah.. sukanye..!

not whats. sometimes its good lah for this situation ..

so, back like usual at

then copying all over the backup data of Nadiah to her lappy. then , testing her maxis broadband..


its good when the Blu LEd LIght on the Broadband.. But when it comes to green light.. oh no!

SUCKS! slow connection..

then , watching senja permai.. Oh no.. THis drama Becomes more DRAMA lah..

unexpedted, , then , have a dinner mom cooks Fried Rice..

then , going back and hit this entry..

k lah..

no more to write down her..

k.. bye.

** The Maktab KPLSPM Online Checking has been postponed from 20/4 to 25/4..
oh no< wuts happen.. ^^still hoping while noe thet im not in this qualified..

*** shocked of hearing that 16 from 18 courses in UNIMAP are not APPROVED by the authorities.. what did i gonna do? nevertheless of entering there would be such trouble as i dont noe the status of my applicants..
Harap2 dapatlah masuk ke sana walaupon dapat tahu pasal news nih..

bukan apa, at least im continuing my studis.. isnt it?

Mtailah carots di ini tak PANdai!

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Stingy girl..

Salam.. hola..

entahlah.. mood aku serabut sangat sekarang nih tau tak..

napa ya..

pasal ada Stingy girl nih.. ask for my favour..

pastuh bila cas duit terus melenting padahal dia kata dia nak bayar.

bodohnyer sundal..

Dah mintak toloh aku pastuh dok berkira2 ja nak bagi duit kat aku.. siyal nyer pompuan..

oh ya.. masa dulu pon kau memang terkenal dengan sikap kedekut dan alien kau tuh..

lupo lak..

dahlah.. YOU slutty bitch..

oakyh.. malsa nak tulis pasal kau..

so. ap cerita terbarui aku hari nih..

oh ya.. Monday.. Back with work..

agak letih sikit.. aku pon tak tau kenapa aku letih sangat..

so,, kerja hari nih boleh lah tahan ..

tapi surely besok lagik pressure nya..

pasalk barang pon sampai..

so, macam biasa .. bangunl pagi.. then mek a cup of Milo then

teruslah pergi kerja..

pukul 8.00 malam balik kerja as usual..

cuma ada sekor pak cik tuh yang boleyh buat statement ginih..

"orang nak beli yang ni pon dok kisah" ..

hoi! orang tua bodoh.. use ur manner..
im just suggesting the best since your doughter my friend..

Bodoh punya orang tua tuh...

okayh.. balik2 terus bukak lappy hp Compaq Presario c700 Nadiah..

yah.. she meet me at the morning and i suggeted to leave it with me..

she's having a problem with maxis broadband.. unable to use since the virus has ruined her systerm..

luckily that she has a recovery partition.. mudahlah kerja aku..

just installed software and copy balik ja data2 dia..

tu ja..

ttg upah later lah.. aku kata bagi ja ikut berapa yang dia nak bagi..

malas nak demand banyak2..

Kisah pissed of aku statement kat atas tak de kena mengena dengan nadiah nih pasal dia paham apa yang aku nak..

so, bhelek2 lappy dia..and teruslah buat kerja..

so ,, sekarang kul 1.40 a.m..

and her lappy siap sepenuhya..

lusa leh lah bagi kat dia..

k lah..

aku tak tau nak tulis apa dah nih..

k.. nyte..

nak tidur..


** my dad demam.. apa mimpi lah dia demam tetiber..

tengok aku semcam ja..Blah lah .. aku masih marah lagik pasal insiden kau tak pinjamkan aku motor tuh..

ahh.. blah.. !..

** OPS terlebeyh sudah.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday.. Party Over.

oh God.. so short of time passing by..

so< it ended up My Precious Sunday just like away..

What did i do today as spending my precious sunday?

yah.. sleep all the pageon on till 12.05 noon...

hahah.. merasa bangun tidur selewat begini..


but its okayh... sattisfied with myu sleep quality..

yah.. afta woke up heading ti living fame and watching Jalan2 cari makan..

then take a bath followed up with MElodi..

haha.. lots of controversial issue and a shock bad news..

A famuous singer Achik Spin has passed away on a tragic accident.

A condolescense to the family..

Al FAtihah..

on Melodi too.. adalah sorang artis tu jugak kecoh2 pasal dan.. entahlah..

What.. Melodi said ah.. whatever..

That was the price that artist should pay for being a artis.

then aftar melodi ended. going to room then switch on my lappy..

A veri dissatisfied on my lappry nowadays..

donnow why..

it was a graphics problem as exmple. when watch a movies the movis did not running smoothly..

dont know why.. maight be of the microsoft update lah kot..

thinking of formatting again..

laterah. as i don use it for my official use..

dulu laptop tuh tak macam nih.. musykil2 lak..

then going to the Wedding Kenduri..

accopanying my parents..

going to kenduri at Bukit Jernih territory.

yah.. unexpected.. it was my ex school clerks sons weedingg and supposed to meet my old teacher at Teknik KAngar dulu..

but, thinking of they don even remeber me so..

what a sad., due too many guest coming up. the dishes left only a little..

tu pon tulang ja..

oh what.. so , apalagi just taje a rice and swap the gravy and that little lauk lah.

then after that , back therefore drop by at Pasaraya Seri Utama to buy Syazril (my the SBP) cookies and mum things to make her Bihun Sup.

back then mum prepared her Bihun Sup as promised last night the

Bihun sup alredy lah.. but no Sayur or taugeh as mum didnt go to PAsar Tani this mornink.

then, mengaruts2 then watching TOOTH FAIRY at my lappy and oh. it was 6.10 p.m

Time to dates Anisa ( the neighbours ) like last week.0

haha.. what a perfect time.

Anisa waited for me already lah.. she was so excited of seeing me..

I know darling.. Lets go the playgrounds.


wears her Shoes and shirt. then start my bikes and heading up to Taman Bukit Kayangan the new ones has Child play on it.

then , taking care of her as she excited on playground..

Believed what, taking care of child make us happier as they dont have any sin.

then 7.15 p.m back again. and sent anisa to her mom and she's bye me.

then going inside. test my lappy againg sambil check Maktab interview result.. Oh no .. wrong date.. 20/4 then it will show the list lah.

then , abang balik then eats mums bihun sup then back to Maktab again..

then i took a bath and going outside * as ran away from watching HAlaqah. hahah... luckily mum did'nt know.

then knocked up nazrin and pak teh house.. No answer, might out lah kot..

proceed with ameer house..

haha.. merasa ganggu rumah orang..

have a light and meaningless chat..

till 11.00 p.m then back..

eats again mum bihun sup.. doubled up.. hahah..

then.. tidy up a little my messy room.

beofre the anai2 gets my books again.

okayh.. then managing cafe world..

then wrote on this blog..

k lah..

almost 1.27a.m lah..

need to sleep ..

what a short journey day kan??

huh.. what ever..

oh no.. Bored to go working tomorrow.



** oh ya.. kat taman aku nih ada dua kes curik Motosikal..
oh no.. beware my KCL 4239.. hahah.. If burglers wants that..

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hari Sabtu...


hari nih hari sabtu..

tapi tetap kena kerja..

jealous tengok orang lain do9k cuti ja...

Apakan nasib lah.. Money is the best remedy in this world lah katakan..

and everyone neeed a money and need work.

Btw,, k lah.. tu ja yang aku merepek about,..

Today wake up so late lah.. hahah.. last night sebuk mengcopy data jer kerjo..


so, this morning woke up[ at 9.30 a.m..

too late huh..

What to do? shuld i blame mum for this metter.. yah.. Mum told already she woke up me 3 times..

nak buat macam mana dah setan berkepuk dalam badan nih.. tetaplah jugak tanak bangun..

rushing to bath and speeding up my motor..

not having a breakfast yet due too late to go work..

so.. had toi go with an empty stomach..

so,, as usual.. <

My works?

nthings different like others..

But , i wonder , why arr Boss giving me to do a litlle sensitive tyme to build up a new cpu set like 3 hours so that..

not what..

id think this shuld'nt b as like months ago not rushed up like that..

no wonder how the boss wanna test my endurancy and skill lah.. Or might be this was a Bullying?

not what.. I hope not>>

so as usual.. kerja amcam biasa lah..

kira kalau nak kata tuh memang turun dan naik tangga nih memang dah sebati dengan kerja kau hari2..

yerlaha.. since my service center area works in upstairs at level 2..


so, had a bulk of lunch hence did not eat from morning then back to work again and fibshed up my works till 8.00 pm.

then going to buy burger outside .. athought it was raining tetaplah gegeh nak redah jugak hujan tuh naik motor..

naseb ajak adik temankan dia ,.. as rewards belanja lah dia teman aku pi beli..

haha.. balik tuh aku mandi dan makan burger tersebut..

then basuh baju aku yang terkumpul tuh..

*maklumlah.. tak da duit nak hantar dobi..

then tengok Hantu KEk dekat TV3..

oklah ceritanya... cuma the cake looks so delicious ..

teringinlah nak makan hahahrk..

then afta that.. aku masuk bilik layan facebook jap and cafe world then aku tulis blog malam ni..

k lah..

bye.. nyte..

Wah , bestnyer besok ahad dan aku cuti..

Mums told that she gonna cook Bihun Sup tomorrow..



so,, have a good rest tomorrow..

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Friday..


we'll meet again..

huh.. some people said dats this blog punya content dah basi..

asyik2 benda yang sama ja...


yalah.. it was adaily journey of my life and having to had a same scene day everyday..

yah.. sometimes im getting bored of this..

Wake up in the morning..

Going to work..

Back to home.. and online..
yah.. that was my routine..

and i cant changed it unless i was far awy from here.. may b for continued my studies..

so.. what did i am babbling about ha...


tu apa yang aku rasa masa memula tulis entry nih..

so,, as like on other mornink..

Yah.. getting to work and doing my repair and service at kedai..

at lunch balik jap..

yalah makan and respecting of the Friday prayer.. *rest 2 hour.

then get back to work..

then balik kerja macam biasa.. kul lapan..

ang my wallet getting "thisrty"

running out of my money ha...\

ishk2... when ar the salary ..

too long waited for it..

kekdahnyer nak kenalah nunggu sampai hujung bulan nih and i was kinda surprise to get my Fisrt Salary as a Staff.. not a practical anymore..


hope that it was Rm 600 and above lah..\

if it just below the Rm400..

i'd rather to quit lah..

not valueable lah..

so.. k lah.. ..

donnow what to write about anymore..
k.. daa


Thursday, April 15, 2010

losing my spirit..

currently im losing my mood now..

why a?


not what..

im just feeling bored and entahlah when going to work nowadays..

may be it ws too bored for me as had to face the same situation on there everyday instead of wake up as early 8.00 am.. (out my acts) just to go to work..

for the sake of my pocket money.. nor shall i do it yah..

k.. finished talking bout that..

so.. let me shortly my schedule lah..

so, wake up in teh morning and brush my tettht and take bath..

as lately as 9.00am..

but , sempat lagik mencedok Keey Teow goreng untuk dicekik di pagi hari..

afta that,, going to work.. proceed wif the repair and lunch back..

surprised seeing mom at home.

she's on leave for accompanying my 3rd brother to clinic..

entah mimpi apa lah budak tuh nak ker klinik.. kekdahnyer nak pakai bracelets lah kot.. yang gigi punya lah..

so. makan2 .. sambil tuh im doing ghost to recover MAk Siti laptop..


easiest way.. using my ghost backup recover to her lappy..

(luckily using the same laptop as me Aspire 4530) senang kerja..

so.. balik kerja macam biasa..
sampai kul 8.00 malam..

balik umah then mandi dan makan..

teruslah bukak website sekolah sy hassan..

mum ask for my favour to check the academic record on that website..

** haiyoh.,. canggih dah no sekarang..

tak main daH report2 kad macam masa zaman aku dulu2..

sekarang siap ada pointer lagik kau..

so,, prited out. then received sms from masari..

asking for my favour on installing Adobe Flash Player on her Mozzilla Broser,,

so,, asn we talks on Ym sambil2 tuh suruh bukak teram viewer..

yalah.. i lend my hand from far away..

actully team viewer was a good software to helps my her from far distance to remote her lappy..

last2 godek sana--sini..

i manage to install it..

hahah... sampai kul 12.30 gaklah we all conference sambil aku tolong dia install dia..

bukan apa.

dia nak tengok Video yang diupload si ishak and bunkfiez yang diupload about my class coures..

akhirnya boleh gak dia tengok..

thanks to Team VIewer..

so.. after that aku terus bukak blogger then tulis entry kali nih..

k lah..

Toilet call..



**teringinlah nak copy hard disk kastemer tersebut. banyak guide + brushes + Adobe software.. harap2 sempatlah nak copy.. *matilah tak amanah dan punggah hard disk orang..

***dats word was TERINGIN.. not done yet.. Dont judge me wrong kay>! hahah..

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


hadoiyai. betemu kembali..

oh ya?

hari nih hari RAbu.. its the PAsar MAlam day..


alkisahnyer.. hari nih kat tempat kerja aku sebuk sangat yang terlampau..

bahagian aku lah.. org lain tak taulak macam na..

so.. hari nih bangun2 pagi then makan cucur jagung yang ditinggalkan atas meja..

afta that.. teruslah start motor dan pergi kerja..

OTW masa nak pergi kerja tuh.. dekat traffic light.. si HAfiz Colig..

suruh pick up him sebab dia tak der transport nak gi kerja..

so aku kata.. klah.. tungguh aku.. nak p kefai dulu punch card.. *motip tamau merah2 dekat p/card tuh..

then afta punch tuhn teruslah aku gi pick up him dekat umah dia..

then terus pergi ke kedai..

aku pon buatlah kerja macam biasa..

start ngan repair and format dulu..

then kul 12 turun bawah amik cpu baru nak pasang..

tapi boss bagi masa 2 jam ja nak complete sekali ngan install..

aku pon apa lagi.. kalut semacam lah..


last2 manage gak buat benda tuh pasang new set dan siap..

then teruslah aku buat kerja aku (merepair) sampai kul 3.30 aku nak balik lunch..

drop by hafiz kat umah dia dan aku terus pecut balik umah..

then balik lak.. boss bagi aku lagi new set cpu... yang baru gak macam tadik..

target nak siap hari nih..

akupon cuba lah,...

tapi 2nd time pickup aku slow sikit lah..

otak dah ngok..

lambat sikit..

dah siap..
tinggal 98% ja nak bungkus and letak warranty..

sok pagi lah aku setel..

then kul 8.00 malam cabut aku cow balik rumah..

sekit perut gila.. nak terberak.. hahah..

then afta that makan bihun sup yang mak aku beli then aku teteplah hati ni nak pergi pasar malam..

pergilah aku seorang diri ke pasar malam..

tapi tak beli apa pun..

just cuci mata ja tengok orang2, pemandangan..

tapi aku rasa tak bestlah malam nih pasar malam..

napa ya..

strange feeling coming across..

aku tau malam ni bukan pasar malam yang biasa pasal malam ni pasar malam dia besar dan gerai2 banyak tak macam yang selalu..

and digi also come to buat promotion..

pelik gak..

just round2 there dan tak beli apa..

terus aku chow..

adalah jumpak some certain stupid kid..

tengok semacam ja kat aku. pastu dok gelak2,,

shit! siyal sangat..

dok kutuk aku lah tu..

entahlah pa yang dikutuknye..

pasal bentuk badan aku lah kot yang macam belon and papaya nih..

sebelum balik dari pasar malam.. singgah dulu rumah arif..

then thier family open Yong Tau Foo..

sambil2 tuh tengok GLEE>..

kul 10.45mlm aku pon chow,..

masa masuk lorong tuh sebelum sampai umah aku. saw nazrin and pak teh..

doing some certain thigs kat pagar umah diorang..

check it out..

lar uponya dok pasang jaring besi tak nak bagi kucing masuk since kucing like tuh cakar2 diorang punya motor cushion and body car..

sembang2 ngan depa jap sebeleum masuk umah sampai kul 12.30 a.m.

then masuk umah..

then aku tulis entry hari nih..

k lah... need to figure out smethings on Cafe World..



Tuesday, April 13, 2010

im back..

Sorry readers for the unpublished Entry tomorrow.. HAhah..


kenapa.. not that i was so sengaja tanak update enrtry last night.. but, my body feel so tired lah..

even my eyes keep closing mechanicvally.. terlelap lah kaedahnya..

okayh.. im back for the today story..

i was so confused about my work time or scheduled..

yalah.. since i was a fixed staff here.. not in practical anymore.. im just going to work from 9.30 a.m till 8.00pm..

but others was 9.30-6.30 or 11.00-8.00..

so, segan lak nak tanya boss pasal kerja aku..

tapi tak larat lah kalau aku nyer kerja jadik macam ot..

tak adillah..

but, kalau gaji tiptop.. sangguplah aku..

ishk.. buntu aku..

tengok2 dapat rm 500 ja.. manalah tau..

trouble if dats so..

need to resign lah if dat so going on..

okayh. today im just work a lite2 gituh.

yesterday workaholic sangat..

kira non stop.. but today adalah rehat2 kejap.

bangun macam biasa.. dah kul 9.0/.. cepat2 grab towel take a bath and fry the mixtures of cucur jagung that mums left in the freeze..

tak sempat aku tapau bawak gi kerja..

makan kat sana.

then aku tukarkan mouse PIXON aku.. (prev entry)

tak syok guna.. tak smooth..

aku gi tukar macam tuh ja..

tak inform sapa..

tukar mouse yang mahal sikit dari yang aku beli tuh..

*tapi kalau kat PC fair sama ja hargonya..

so.. oklah guna ouse baru nih..

pixon gak but more user friendly and smooth..

so.. smabung kerja macam biasa..

kul 8 aku punch out..

seat motor aku habis basah dek kerna hujan petang tadik.. lagipon berlubang seat dia..

lapik baju hujan then terus balik rumah..

balik rumah aku mandi.. dan makan..

merpau sat kat FB then nengok senja permai..

afta that aku pon masuk bilik.., then wrote this entry..


k lah.


tangan aku nih cramp lak pasal tertinggal sehari tulis blog.. asyik typing error ja..

k lah.. nnt tungguh lak.. kot2 lepas hari nih when my fingers fixed then aku tulis entry yang kencang2~~~!

k.. daa~~

Monday, April 12, 2010

No EN3..


my body feel so tired and sleepy..

dont know why..

been fall asleep 2 3 times.

oh no..

need to sleep back..



Sunday, April 11, 2010

Antry tertangguh.. Pc fair Stuff did i buy..

location dewan wawasan kangar..

okayh.. ni dai entry tertangguh barang2 yang dibeli d pc fiar baru2 nih di kangar..

laptop bag worth rm19 ringgit only..

AVF EP 211 headset stereo with ext bass..
worth rm 20 afta nego.

Sonic Gear Tatoo 320e speaker woofer system.. best2.. yang atas tuh free gift dio bagi.. headset yang bagus juga.. worth rm83 afta nego..

LCD cleaning kit worth Rm3 only.

USB hub 2.0 worth rm 7.00

USB bluetooth dongle worth rm 8.00

Tiny tech card reader worths rm 5.00

A4 tech G3100 wireless mouse and keyboard.. Combo..
worth rm 69.00 with i yr wrranty.. murah jer..

Pixon Cute quality usb mouse worth rm 10 hengget..

yang ni lak free gift masa beli laptop bag tuh..

merasa borong sakan masa pc fair tuh..

habis duit gaji aku..

k lah.. sekian...

i need my own personal good quality tyme,.

hadoih.,.. * mengeluh panjang..

Napa erk? today shuld b my own tyme to be spending.. but?

why? still dissapointed and dissatisfied..

oh GOD..

may b im tired of Working situatiuon now..

yah.. my heart to CPL has bitter..

has losing my interst there..

but? if did'nt work.?

what do i gonna do?



maybe because i dont have a good tyme to be spending for myself..


what did i do taoday..

Sleep.. woke up by mum at 10.40 to accopany her to the "NAT" behor lateh..while she doesnt noe how to rides and lazy to drive then she asked me for my favour..

then.. i pon bangunlah dengan hati yang lara.. owh..

malasnaya nak bangun hari ni..

so.. afta mandi and cleaning my faces so, apa lagi we going there lah..

haoliaow.! what a HOT weather daa..

it keep me sweating lah..

so.. beli yang tuh.. ikan lah.. kailan lah..

ayam lah..

then balik lah ke rumah..

lencun badan aku dengan peluh..

afta that.. watching melodi at tv3 wif mum..

then afta that.. aku rushing masuk bilik.. buka laptop.. then nonton movies Transporter 2.. bestlah..

packed and full with action..

then lepas nonton movies..

aku mengarut2...

main facebookj segala bagai..

tup tap dah pon pukul 6.10 ptg..

oh no! bosannya dlam rumah..

then keluarlah..
hajat di hati nun kot2 lah amer ada kat umah..

bolehlah jadik teman menyembang..

non hadonya..

keluar kemana ntah..

then .. the LOvely baby Anisa keuar dari rumah..

aku pon tyeruslah kidnapped si budak tuh..

she is da lovely Anisa Tasnim..


then aku bawak budak montel ni jejalan dekat lorong taman aku nih..

then .. bored?

start my bikes then ride her up to go to Taman Bukit Kayangan yang baru..

alkisahnyer.. yang hado taman2tuh.. for the childs..

she getting excited when gettin' there..

wah.. teruslah.. bawak dia main-main buaian.

jongkang jogket..

soronoknya taking care of her..

athough dats she didn words anythings..

what a shy child. hahah.. but aggresive..

suka sanagt sebab dia montel macam aku..

then afta that..

kul 7 lebeyh aku balik lah..

dah pon maghrib sent her to her mom and aku masuk rumah..

mandi segala bagai..

then makan..

* mum cooks a lots today..

then.. aku keluar..

k.cik ila just inform me.. not just lah.. almost week hahah...

thier computer cannot on..\\last2 bila dah sampai diorang inform dah boleh buka dah..


lembab gila.. last2 dapat detect kata virus sebab task manager dah disable.


dahlah baru ja aku format computer tuh..

letih2.. still leh guna..

takpalah nnt bila dah serious aku kata just called me..

sambil2 tuh kak cik treats me with laksa.

uhmm.. with warm coffee..

k lah.. sambil2 lak menonton cerita malaikat maut..


best2... dah penah tengok ceriat tuh dulu..

then.. oklah.. esp part2 last tuh yang masa que haidar part tuh..

naik seram dan sebak lak bila talkin dibacakan..


i admit that i was turns wrongly..

so.. afta thjat kul; 10.30. haku pon teruslah minta diri.. nak balik..

balik2 rumah.. terus lipat baju..

then i did notice that has an oil stain on my yellow ilp shirt,..

oh no..

teruslah ask mum for her tip.,

she said use the margerine..

try it and it was awsome..

the stains gone..


senang ja upanya..

then.. masuk bilik..

then tulis entry nih..

b4 dats bca dulu blog kengkawan aku dulu..

and managing cafe world on facebook..


sat ja masa yer berlalu.

dan cuti aku nih tetap tak puas..

macam tak da masa ntok diri sendirik..



hati nih malas sangat nak pergi kerja sok..

apa la...

teruknya aku ni..

k lah..



** ada lah orang tuh dok sebuk propa pasal rumah baru dia la.. pasal anak dia lah yang study sini sana.. ishk! tak sangak kuat juga ya propahan orang tua ni..
hahah.. sapa dia??

adalah jiran aku yang sorang nih..

k lah.. bye..

love yu anisa,..

Saturday, April 10, 2010

im checking this so hot..

Why a?? lately this was so hot a.. what i mean the night also like a noon.. * tak paham ker..

aku hairan yer, napa baru-baru nih panas sangat cuaca.. malam pon panas lagik.. sampai berkuap dan berbahang lah dalam rumah aku.. and aku yang "sehat" ni pon tak berhenti-henti berpeluh..\


okayhlah.. letlet finished this now.

now im gonna talk bout today.

wah! now i just being a entah!

i dont noe what didi i babling about.

but, today just an ordinary days like usual.

yang lainnya adalah hari nih i lunch kat kenduri si aishah tuh..

ya.. her sister kahwin.. a foster sister isn'nt it?

yah.. im not having a good tyme instead of arief and ina dated each other. hahah..

nor what.. just don wanna disturb thier own personal moment..

bout me>?

yah.. still alone without yang tercinta.

yah.. adie? now has her mr lova2..

not that i dont want to make love but i just cant stand with couple.. yah.. im just an easily person who get bored with person..

what i called a LOVE GAME.


let Gods made HIS jobs..

entahlah.. who can stand with me and my behave...

oklayh.. no more talks love..

Aftar mencekik at the kenduri.. turning back to works..

Got an ole2 from the kenduri..

a pocket yassin.. Nice..

so.. then at 8 pm.. going back drop bya at Garden while for buying the Chicken floss bun..

tetiber lak mengidam nak makan segala benda2 tuh..



so.. balik then have my dine and bath..

dad watching the football program. hentah ke hapa Negeri 9 main malam nih..

then, mum , me and una wathiching The Awan Dania via online..

alkisahnyer nonton episod yang we all just missed due to the Astro problem *previous entry.


lepas tuh aku main face book then wrote this entry..

k lah.. nak tidur and enjoy...

tomorrow is holiday..

daa~ wanna have own good time for myself..


Friday, April 9, 2010


huh.. napa erk tajuk entry aku kali nih unknown..??


aku sendirik pon tak tahu persoalan itu??

oh.. apa dia nih ya aku menagrut.. ?

so,, hari nih hari jumaat.. Kerja aku macam biasalah..

just aku cuma rasa macam tak bestlak kerja kat situ..

entahlah.. maybe my spirit and interested was fade away lah.. dunnow why?

rasa malas sangat nak kerja kat situ..

kenapa yah>???

mungkin that i was too overthinking bout that..??

about everybody perception towards me..

Yalah.. Bout Boss perception lah.. bout masalah kerja lah..

mungkin juga sebab aku bersedih kots sebab kawan2 aku.. yalah.. we had to do the perpisahan by the fast way..

not good as we not gathered together..

less acivity due to the lack of time and management...


tu ja nak mengomong hari nih..

ttg kerja lak aku macxam bisalaha.. cuma susuahlah....
yalah.. nowadays , i just feel like hard to get woke up.. may be because of no courages to go to work anymore..

i don know why this happen.. everimes i woke up then i feel like want to continued in just 5 minutes more.. then and more..

until late..

* just too worry bout my punchcard..

red highlight jer memanjang..

so,, bangun pagi tadik aku.. teruslah tak sempat srapan.. still kategori tak lewat.. yelah..

lepas2 tuh terus gi kerja membawa printer yang diamanahkan oleh cik ros untuk ditambah ink tank.. hoho.. susah jugaklah aku nak kena bwak yalah naik bikes..

denda tuh dahlah gedabak..

bawak jugalah..

then sampai tempat kerja.. merapu jap.. then kul 12.40.. aku check out.. yerlah.. nak kena pergi ke jumaat.. Kononyea lah..

then balik2.. teruslah mebuka website 8tv.. contnued watching blogger boy..

but sucks due of having a slow connection..

then .. after jumaat prayer.. mencekik nasik..

then perggi balik ke tempat kerja..
oh.. terasa malas sangat diri nak ke kerja..

then.. sambung buat kerja2..

spamai kul 7.45 malam.. aku turun.. nak melihat printer yang diamanahkan tuh.. sama ada telah siap dibuat oleh technician printer..

unfortunately.. not done yet.. but its graet..

i can learn and see how did they do it..

yaeh installing the CISS system..

oh.. so easy lah.. just need a tool like drill lah..

then afta negotiate the price with Boss..

** sorry.. The price is secret.. that was my boss said to me.. never let other know it.

aku pon teruslah mengusung printer yang nalla tuh naik ke motor.. but this tyme more stable since i noe how to ride a bike with carrrying that priter..

teruslag balik.. mandi dan makan malam.. terus menerpa ke rumah ci ros.. Before going there.. tell mum bout the actual price.. then i said im not taking the granted as upah.. but.. mum seems has a bussines brain.. its not wrong to take the little bit of money as for my job af carrying and handle this case for them..

oh no!


teruslah otak aku ditune secara automatik..

bukan menipu but its bussiness..

at least ambik sikitr upah lah..

yalah.. harga yang aku negotiate tuh harga staff..

if ill take a lil bit of that.. i'ts still the loewest aka the cheperst price on merket of installing the ink tank..

so,, yalah..

pergi ke rumah dirang ang bagi briefing and peneragang sedikit sebanyak. then terus balik..

-carik-carik cerita.. tersulah terjumpa filem Gaduh..

yalah.. malaysian film..

overall.. im kinda surprised and touching of that thoughntess and a deep meaning based on that story..

kena batang hidung sendirik..

memang betslah esp part akhir tuh when the Ministry malu diperlekehkan oleh budak2 tuh..

Its a fact lah..

janaglah malu.. beranilah terima kenyataan.

so. afta wathcing that movies..

teruslah aku mengarang kat sini..

so.. klah..


nak tidur.

** sok kenduri si kakah aishah.. aku lak kerja.. haruslah pandai nak keluar besok lunch pergi kennduri tapi hajat di hati nak lepak lelama lah..
macam mana ya nak selesaikan..??

*** dah pon seminggu berlalu PC fair.. lega sangat.. tapi still rasa macam baru lagik pc fair habis pasal letih masa pc fair tak habes2 lagik..

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sesi bertemu di ILP kangar.

okayh.. today story, we all planned on going to ilp to sent our Log Report BNook..

So , we as Teknologi Komputer Rangkaian proceed to gather at there..

wah! what an inspirous moment daa... a loveleble and missed moment..

But tyme was too jealous at us..

not much we can talked and laugh. oh no! Shit! raeally dont like it..

so,, what didi i do today.??

so as approved for today holiday..

kekdahnyer, woke up 10.30 lah..

oh no! cant leave that sleep habits..

so, bangun2 pagi with the smellest of my saliva (not even brush my teetht yet)



so, im testing My Sonic Gear Boom sound..

wah.. very impreesd of having the first tyme woofer speaker,.


so, mjust repeated the Owl City song named Fireflies..

hahah... thinking of addicted dats song..

so.. sambil2 tuh.. im just putting y clother to be laundry.. self laundry meh..

hahah... while testinmg that sonic gear boom speker set...

wah.. im totally satisfied with that lah.. only a little heat at the back panel lah..

but its okayh as it wont made aproblem to me..

so,, aftar that.. went to arif house..

eat lunch there and updating my log book there..

so, at couple hour.. Mama and Mak long just came back.. and mak long gave me an invitation card of her son weddings..

afta that. me and arief went to ILP.

at there.. were check in at the Post Guard..

fill that trouble form then entered there..

wah.. we gather all the TM student at infront of Pusat Sumber and im just too speecless to talk..

yalah.. was being too excited of meet them..

been passed 3 months last time saw them..

then this day would be our last day to see after this no more lah..

since everybody with thier own comitment and career..

haha.. at first we'll meet cik faz as our KJ and then sign everything that proper..

then, meet all the lectures there..

what a waste.. My lovely Cik Khai wont there.. going to Meeting of SQL server katanya..

oh no,.. but its okayh.. still got other lecturer as a remedy..

so, getiing into library.. met cik faz again.. to pick my CGPA pointer for semester 3 nih..

oh.. as like guess!

Atin , Fizah and Arif got the top amongst btm..

poor me..

mine only got this.. for my pointer.

:( Ilp.. but still cannot handle.

but i dont care lah..

as ah foo said.. does your future works really need all of those crap things ha??

entahlah.. dont take part lah..

okayh.. then the last procedure.. meet the STUPIDESt last cik to grab my SKM level 3.

why did i called him so?

yalah.. Kau hengat kau diva nak we all masuk kekdahnyer tak nak ramai2.. then leh sengaja maki aku pasal a little crap common mistakes..

yal;ah.. i admit that i was too clumsy too get my SKM.. but doesnt need to ashamed me infront of yor Cikki coalegues lah!.

moronn.. not mentioned his name but paham sendiriklah.. ! you messed with me.

forget about that crap cik.. them at last procedure..

**begitu hazab sekali nak mengambil benda nih,,

check out at post guard and heading to sungai bharu kuala perlis..

the girls group planned too having a Lok Chin bakar ther..

so,, meet there.. had to wait our turn before buying that stuff.

okayh.. so,, were having abeutiful scenario when braeks there.. ther was a sunset.. Not so lah..

TOO kinda hot lah..

my corse mate including DADA from Electronics courese.. He's date with Fatin.. my claasmates..

everybody gethern at the seaside and having Lok Ching Bakar..

so, afta that were haeding to Kula Perlis Jetty..

planned to have a dinner there..

lepak there 45 minures.. saw a black cloud coming to us..

" oh no! Its gotta rain!" we bet to hurry..

so.. after taking a picture at the Uncoplete Dataran near the concstruction mosque.. we're rushingt to going back to ilp..

planned to dine at embum..

the ... restaurant infront ILP..


on the way of going back to ILP..

that rain come to us..

so,, apalagi.. we all just..


no worry... no offence..

sesudah sampai di EWmbun Dingin corner..

they not planning to dine ther.. only Bunkus jer the air..

instead they were too full of having that previous lok chin bakar..

so, just having a little chat there..

and there just suddenly fade away from my eyers..

too littlee too fast of meet they..

what a crap!!

i hate perpisahan.. but that was only the option for us..

nevertheless, we're still have too separated..

oh no.. I really missed that moment..

so,, afta that.. me and arif going to town to topup thier mobile.. and im just get back home..

so,, im goint to Cik Ros house to take the printer and money..

then im sitiing alone in this rome..

saddnes of my soul..

skejeap saja dapat gather dengan korang..

k lah..

need to sleep..

it wss 1.25...


bye daa~

* After getting raeched to ILP.. Kak ti motorcycle back tyre just punctured..

oh no.. pity her..

but no woories..

all girls gropu planned to staying at hostel. they were planning to going to jalan2 around perlis..

mandi manda and padang besar kata mereka..

but?? thye boys group.. haha.. dah pecah awal lagi..
they having thier own way to fun by karaoke..


** besok aku tak tau;ah..nak join lah diorang., but,, got to work.. 2morrow i'll figured out.. still not having a good quality tyme with them..need to talked them untill puas..

*** Anip, ishak , Hafiz nad mat shuffle spend thier nyte also ta hostel.. nak balik jauh lagik.. dunnow wheter they joined the girls group tomoorow..

**** tak sempat nak jumpa si ayauqi dalam hostel.. i noe he was sufffered of living with taht bad boys rather then uss in our old day as roomates..
he sti8ll need me.. miseed him.. hope he doing well there..

***** some certain people planned of continuing studies at Adtec BAtu PAhat,.

but ,, dengar aja peraturann mereka yang creepy tuh.. alamka.. oh no>>
tak nak lah pergi sana././ siap ada kandang untuk kurung segala bagai then dahlah kena pergi surau wajib.. oh no! thats not me..
instead ada lagi denda2 diorang yang ganas2..

apa aku patutb buat ya..

okayh.. serabut.. nak tidurr.. bye..

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Merasa stya up late. now 2.00a.m

okayh.. not more to talk bout..

but, today i got the same problem meh..

waking up late this morning.. alkisahnyer, punch out my card at 12.00 noon..


that stupid crap csl wont woke up me this morning..

Malangyer nasib dapat phone macam tuh..

BTW, 2morrow is cuti..

im applying tomorrow because we're The TM ILP would supposed to gather and meet there tomorrow..

to send our Log Book.

so,, horray..


cant wait to see them at ilp tomoorow.. and plus no more stressfull job (*for tomorrow only)


so,, whats up?

what do i need to wrote here..

oh yer..

just got back from "ronda" perlis..

yalah.. With my neighbours friend..

yah.. at first we're dropped by at the Pasar Malam At stadium..

treat myself a bowl on Bihun Sup there while waiting for amer and other.

haha.. then following Pa" Teh to buy his "special BEdak Sejuk"

hahah.. mad me laugh while..

yah.. that was a special potion for curing the Resdung..

that was was his said..

then we're heading to Seriab lah..

Planned to lepak there at Burger Kafe..

Unfortunately. it was damnly closed..

wasting my Bike fuel lah!/../

then we're haeding to Rosli Char Koey Teow..

im just sipppin a Teh Ais only..

not planned to eat still have that Bihun Sup hidin' on my stomach.. wanting to be processed being a shit.. Hahah.. Ugly word..

so, what didi i do now..??

yah.. okayh.. i need to sleep lah..

dunnow what to wrote about daa~.

so,, its pillow called..

Bye.. And goodnyte..

* cant wait for tommorrow..

** got some strange noisy from my bikes larh.. it was from it chain lah.. Too tight.. that was my PA told me lah.. Advise to change the Spoket lah.. Oh no! Money again...

*** later lah i will updaTING about my stuff that i bought at PC fair.. Costing me around RM250.. hahah..

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Letih Bergossip..

hahahha.. alkisahnyer aku kat kompuland..!

sebuk aja dok bergosip skan tak hengat dengan si Siti and Myza..

Wutt!! dey called me Chef Ismail..

OMG! wat a name lah..

Give me same fabs name lah.. mak iti ang ck tam oiiii...

okayh.. hari nih aku tak balik lunch pon kat rumah..

we're three continuing gossipping at the Fatin Corner..

wah.. wat a slandering moment daa..~

havoc sangat dengar suara kok kik kok kik gelak tawa kami..

hari nih. kerja aku adalah sambung balik kerja yang kelmarin daa..

stock take lah..

luckily dah hebs dah pon buat stock take..

cuma sekarang membuat kerja- menyimpan dan mengemas barang lah..

yang paling hansuar adalah mengangkat barang..

yerlah mengankat barang ke tingkat tiga lah yang paling hazab sekali..

rasa2 sok mesti ada lagik..

btw, aku dah apply cuti dekat cik ong tadik for lusa..means thursday..

sambil2 menghantar buku log..

yerlah.. we all kan dah planned satu kelas nak pergi berjumpa kat sana..

tak sabarnyer nanti.

harap2 masing dapat beri komitmen lah yer agar dapat berjumpa kat sana buat kali yang last..

nnt2 memang payah lah nak jumpo dah..

okyah.. dat was the matter lah..

cerita pasal hari nih tak sudah lagik..

so . wut did i do today?

mengamas barang2..

menyambung kira semula stock take..

menyimpa barang2..

mengankat barang2 yang gedabaknyer ke tingkat 3..

dan last ly sebelum balik aku ikut ozy pergi hantar cpu emchines kat umah kastemer di jejawi..

tu jah..


hari nih entahlah..

tak rasa serubut sangtalah macam semlam..\

but , still lagik rasa serabut pasal tak habes lagik menyimpan dan mengemas di tingkat bawah..

so,, k lah..

tak da apa nak cerita dah harini..

**ps! aku dah gi amik dah sepaker yang aku beli tuh kat umah si arif..
cuma tak sempat nak memunggah lagik lerr.. nnti lapang aku baru nak bukak la..

so.. letih lagik la kerja..


nak tidurlah..



line shiyal..

alkisahnyer aku wat draf jer dfalam notepad sekrang nih..

line cam ciput! apsal hAA??

tadik ok ja aku guna.. tetiba lak leh ada prob;lem..


takpalah.. aku just letak dalam notepad jer.. nnt aku upload..

ok.. cerita selepas pc fair nih!!

memang lah hazaab sangat..

aku memang lah tak tahan.. sebuk lah sangat..\

yerlah kau..

baru abes pc fair..

kan ker bwak balik barang yang tak hebes dijual..

parah lah..

order banyak..

banyak juga yang bawak balik..

terimalah hazabnye bila kerja kat sana..

esp .. when this Fair occur..


apa kerja aku hari nih..

so.. alkisahnyer aku bangun selewat 11.45pagi./..

hazab sangat kemas barang semalam sampai boleh terlewat datang ker tempat kerja..


harapkan si CSL M30 i aku tuh yang cikai tuh..

memanglah hamponn sangat!//

tetiber lak battery leh habes..

No more Lady Gaga Alarm to woke up me lah this mornming..

babis tul..

tyme2 nih lak boleh selamba habes battery..

last2.. aku mandi dan terus ke tempat kerja..


cant keep hiding on those evil eyes who's staring at me..

i noe lah..

but , nobody talks..

works like crazy now the situation is..

so , no more insulting moment..

lega aku..

just.. aku teruslah tanya..

What up?

Where do i need to start?

they told me to help them conting on the balanced stock last nyte..


hazab tull..

lecehlah bab kira stok ni..

had the same situation like working on the store b4 .!


aku pon teruslah start mengira..

kau tau.. aku tak rehat.. yerlah .. nak kaver2 bab aku mai lewat nih..

kang ada molots longkang yang dok mengata aku lak kerja tak cukup tyme..

kau tau hazabnyer mengira stock hari ni??

tak habes lagi tau walaupon jam dah menunjukkan 8 mlam..

sharian aku dok memnbuat pengiraan..


dan penyimpanan..


dah tak larat.

aku pon chow balik ler sebab jam dah menunjukkan kul 8.15..

sekali sekala aku naik jugak tingkat atas nengok servise station akuh..

memang serabut/..

Cpu bersusun dan berderet//

lagi menambah kesrabutan aku..

hope that ah foo can handle it alone..

yerlah.. si hafiz pon tak datang hari nih..


dalam hal nih..

kerja kena setel gak satu perstu..


tak da mood lah no on9 mood..

need to sleep..

aready 1.06 a.m.


*no more updating cafe world tonight..! oh no had to face the spoil food! tmnet.. pay me bacK!

* kat sni situation tegang.. Saling bunuh-membunuh.. Tak paham! biasalh.. kat semua tempat kerja memang macam tuh..

Dah lumrah orang kata..

** terkantoi dengan boss ler masa we all sedang asyik dok bergossipping about poeple.. dahlah tuh.. aku rasa bosss terasa lah pasal kata2 aku.. yerlah.,. sapa tak suka bila kutuk belakang..
i noe that he noe me tlking bout him.. But not the bad things lah.. Takut dia tersalh tafsir lah.. Hope that he understand la..nyaris merasa u fired keluar dari mulots dia..
but, trust is like a mirror.. cant fixed it if its broken.. aku just sembang pasal malam semalam yang part m,asa dia belanja tuh.. tu ja..
Jangan salah paham yer boss! ahh.. it make me blush and serba salah lah..

***aku harap aku dapat lagi bertahan dengan keadaan sekarng nih..Minda serabut dekat tempat kerja then affected to the jiwa kacau..
sangat2 serabut..

****tambah lak malam nih internet tetiberlak leh down ar..lagi bertambah serabut..
aku takkan serabut melainkan habis semua kerja2 or t*ik yang ditinggalakn selepas habes fair nih..