Thursday, April 29, 2010


helo2.. Kpi ka milo.

kay.. we'll meet again ya..

so, where do i gonna start..

not much special today..

as going work like usual and back at 8.00 p.m/

oh ya.. before back , i buy Antie India behind my Kedai. ordering one piece of Capati wiht Sardine Gravy..

and back. have myself a refreshment moment in the bathroom and have my dine.,.

firdtly starts with Capati ,

then mums cooks.

and SATA bakar.. the left yesterday..

oh.. so full..

while watching Bila Musang Berjanggut.. (oh Fizzow)

the last episode i'd think..

not following the series..

just have fun spend my time with family..

suddenly amer call me..

he ask me to bring the "tokan" things..

hahah.. small laughing.

then proceed to his house and open his Vaio ..

then starting copying that "tokan" things.

hahah.. jahat kan aku..

then, we'll discuss about his dream of having an electric guitar but forbid by his mom..

so, ok lah.. he ask me to go survey with him atLAor star on this Sat but yaeh..

work commitment..


the hepling him to install COD game with cracks..

then back home..

have this entry while surf my FB..

k lah.

not much gonna talks..



** oh no.. although our shop closed tomorrow, we'll still have to there and start counting the STOCK TAKE>.
ah.. malasnya buat stock take.
id must be too tiring ryte?
hope so the salary will be out tomorrow..
if dat so,
how much a do i get? i was wondering....

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