Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Selaju F1.

i dont know what happen to me nowadays..


k lah.. back to the entry title just now,

what is it actually was?

haha.. at the end of the entry il story yer..


so, as today.. started by ignition of body at 9.13 a.m..

too late lah for me..

so,, hurry to bath and b'fast..

and then rushing to workplace as usual..

brings along NAdiah lappy.

so, at work.. yah.. i have to handle the case of Kim Heng electrical, and Kilang Gula..

omg! what a stress of work..

so, im kinda busy today at workplace.

neither of repairing the cpu, handle the other case..


im taking it as a learning expereinced..


so, as promised at 1.00 pm..

im dates with NAdiah..

as a reward of helping her she'll treats me KFC for lunch..

reach there , she waiting on me infront of the kfc kangar..

after taking the order we eats upstairs..

seeing of such a noisy eyes strring at us..

WHY! do u think we're HOT ha..

ah,, nonsences lah..

we're just friend.. not couple..

while eats, we're have a heavy chat on that table..

yah, about old schoool lah..

about her study and mine , about a friend of mine and her ,

about many thingslah..

so much to talked..

as we managed to sitted ther till 2.30 pm..

we'll ended up there..

so, after she sattisfied with my works then we're going back to our own workplace.

ah.. what a moment..!

sweet lah.. haha..

so going back to work.. then saw this cpu..

stated problem was Cannot Load Windows.. but the actuall was the problem with G. card..

so, after we're install and unsitalled the driver it was ok..

no problem..

then ,called the customer..


then, at 5.00 o clock.. he take away home..

then at 7.45 p.m. he called the centre ( my service)

im kinda suprised to now?

What does on earth it really happen now?

cannot load window too..

so i guided him on what to do?

Useless.. not working..

KKinda pity at him called me for many times..

but still not work..

then , imanaged to ask him , Where do u live?

then he said..

near the MRSM. a bit far away from that..

so, thinking twice with the little emphatics of my heart.

so , i'm telling him that im going to his house.

then . 8.00 pm.

started my FX110.

Rushing to there ..

yah.. dont guess ..

im speeding up my bikes 110 km/j to his house..

unexpected. that far places only 15minutes jer.

wah.. so fast ar..


then reached to his house..

then il try my best + instinct..

took oit his G.card and use the On board display..

as his G.card i took home to test it..


no problem..

since i was writning this entry using his g.card installed on my cpu..

thinking that,, i possible problem lah..

the cpu need to formatted..

yah.. i found it was too many error onb his windows lah..

later i'll talked him as he , SHAFIQ, work as X-Ray in HTF..

yah.. kinda charm one and yah... he consider me as his friend..

then. at 9.00 pm..

i need to rushing home.. as promised i wanna took my brother to The PAsar MAlam..

Dont u know today was wednesday.!


then, undo myself.. and rushing back to home..(kangar)

greets his family and and shaking hand with him as he's hide some oney on his hand while shaking hand with me..

so i'll garab that money lah..

notb what..

as i mentioned. had a money crisis..

and as we deal before i reachyed at his house..

"Takpalah. ,awak cuma bayar duit minyak say ajalah dan saya cuma naik motor ja"

what i said..

Then deal lah..

unexpected his giving too much lah..

RM 20 ringgit while the fuel only cost me only 2 ringgit.

Dah amik dah pon.. Takpalah dah dia bagi maca tu..

then he spokea s . atk payahlah berencik2.. just called me shafiq la.

so,, okay..

then rushing to kangar..

and took back his g.card for test..

then. after reached home,, at 9.15 gitu..

quicky called for my brother.

" weih. cepatlah.. jom pi pasar malam."

so, as arrives PAsar malam, we're just buying Nasi Goreng , Soy bean , And roti Goreng.

that's all..

** sambil2 shopping tuh sempatlah memandang sekeliling.. saja cuti mata.. release tension..

balik rumah, makan and main facebook jap..

then .. wrote this entry ..

hahah.. * same simple ending..

k lah..

nyte and bye..

** a Facts!
i'm speeding up only 15 minutes from Kangar to Upper Side of MRSM.
as quite at 30km i'd think?

so, thanks to FX for not giving me any problem while journey..

*** Thanks also to Shafiq coz giving me a trust on his computer and siap bagi upah and minyak ammounted rm 20.. thansk a lot..

Touche2.. stated this second we're declared as friend.

although he was 1984 and me 1990..

not an obstacles ryte.?


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