Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sesi bertemu di ILP kangar.

okayh.. today story, we all planned on going to ilp to sent our Log Report BNook..

So , we as Teknologi Komputer Rangkaian proceed to gather at there..

wah! what an inspirous moment daa... a loveleble and missed moment..

But tyme was too jealous at us..

not much we can talked and laugh. oh no! Shit! raeally dont like it..

so,, what didi i do today.??

so as approved for today holiday..

kekdahnyer, woke up 10.30 lah..

oh no! cant leave that sleep habits..

so, bangun2 pagi with the smellest of my saliva (not even brush my teetht yet)



so, im testing My Sonic Gear Boom sound..

wah.. very impreesd of having the first tyme woofer speaker,.


so, mjust repeated the Owl City song named Fireflies..

hahah... thinking of addicted dats song..

so.. sambil2 tuh.. im just putting y clother to be laundry.. self laundry meh..

hahah... while testinmg that sonic gear boom speker set...

wah.. im totally satisfied with that lah.. only a little heat at the back panel lah..

but its okayh as it wont made aproblem to me..

so,, aftar that.. went to arif house..

eat lunch there and updating my log book there..

so, at couple hour.. Mama and Mak long just came back.. and mak long gave me an invitation card of her son weddings..

afta that. me and arief went to ILP.

at there.. were check in at the Post Guard..

fill that trouble form then entered there..

wah.. we gather all the TM student at infront of Pusat Sumber and im just too speecless to talk..

yalah.. was being too excited of meet them..

been passed 3 months last time saw them..

then this day would be our last day to see after this no more lah..

since everybody with thier own comitment and career..

haha.. at first we'll meet cik faz as our KJ and then sign everything that proper..

then, meet all the lectures there..

what a waste.. My lovely Cik Khai wont there.. going to Meeting of SQL server katanya..

oh no,.. but its okayh.. still got other lecturer as a remedy..

so, getiing into library.. met cik faz again.. to pick my CGPA pointer for semester 3 nih..

oh.. as like guess!

Atin , Fizah and Arif got the top amongst btm..

poor me..

mine only got this.. for my pointer.

:( Ilp.. but still cannot handle.

but i dont care lah..

as ah foo said.. does your future works really need all of those crap things ha??

entahlah.. dont take part lah..

okayh.. then the last procedure.. meet the STUPIDESt last cik to grab my SKM level 3.

why did i called him so?

yalah.. Kau hengat kau diva nak we all masuk kekdahnyer tak nak ramai2.. then leh sengaja maki aku pasal a little crap common mistakes..

yal;ah.. i admit that i was too clumsy too get my SKM.. but doesnt need to ashamed me infront of yor Cikki coalegues lah!.

moronn.. not mentioned his name but paham sendiriklah.. ! you messed with me.

forget about that crap cik.. them at last procedure..

**begitu hazab sekali nak mengambil benda nih,,

check out at post guard and heading to sungai bharu kuala perlis..

the girls group planned too having a Lok Chin bakar ther..

so,, meet there.. had to wait our turn before buying that stuff.

okayh.. so,, were having abeutiful scenario when braeks there.. ther was a sunset.. Not so lah..

TOO kinda hot lah..

my corse mate including DADA from Electronics courese.. He's date with Fatin.. my claasmates..

everybody gethern at the seaside and having Lok Ching Bakar..

so, afta that were haeding to Kula Perlis Jetty..

planned to have a dinner there..

lepak there 45 minures.. saw a black cloud coming to us..

" oh no! Its gotta rain!" we bet to hurry..

so.. after taking a picture at the Uncoplete Dataran near the concstruction mosque.. we're rushingt to going back to ilp..

planned to dine at embum..

the ... restaurant infront ILP..


on the way of going back to ILP..

that rain come to us..

so,, apalagi.. we all just..


no worry... no offence..

sesudah sampai di EWmbun Dingin corner..

they not planning to dine ther.. only Bunkus jer the air..

instead they were too full of having that previous lok chin bakar..

so, just having a little chat there..

and there just suddenly fade away from my eyers..

too littlee too fast of meet they..

what a crap!!

i hate perpisahan.. but that was only the option for us..

nevertheless, we're still have too separated..

oh no.. I really missed that moment..

so,, afta that.. me and arif going to town to topup thier mobile.. and im just get back home..

so,, im goint to Cik Ros house to take the printer and money..

then im sitiing alone in this rome..

saddnes of my soul..

skejeap saja dapat gather dengan korang..

k lah..

need to sleep..

it wss 1.25...


bye daa~

* After getting raeched to ILP.. Kak ti motorcycle back tyre just punctured..

oh no.. pity her..

but no woories..

all girls gropu planned to staying at hostel. they were planning to going to jalan2 around perlis..

mandi manda and padang besar kata mereka..

but?? thye boys group.. haha.. dah pecah awal lagi..
they having thier own way to fun by karaoke..


** besok aku tak tau;ah..nak join lah diorang., but,, got to work.. 2morrow i'll figured out.. still not having a good quality tyme with them..need to talked them untill puas..

*** Anip, ishak , Hafiz nad mat shuffle spend thier nyte also ta hostel.. nak balik jauh lagik.. dunnow wheter they joined the girls group tomoorow..

**** tak sempat nak jumpa si ayauqi dalam hostel.. i noe he was sufffered of living with taht bad boys rather then uss in our old day as roomates..
he sti8ll need me.. miseed him.. hope he doing well there..

***** some certain people planned of continuing studies at Adtec BAtu PAhat,.

but ,, dengar aja peraturann mereka yang creepy tuh.. alamka.. oh no>>
tak nak lah pergi sana././ siap ada kandang untuk kurung segala bagai then dahlah kena pergi surau wajib.. oh no! thats not me..
instead ada lagi denda2 diorang yang ganas2..

apa aku patutb buat ya..

okayh.. serabut.. nak tidurr.. bye..

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