Saturday, April 10, 2010

im checking this so hot..

Why a?? lately this was so hot a.. what i mean the night also like a noon.. * tak paham ker..

aku hairan yer, napa baru-baru nih panas sangat cuaca.. malam pon panas lagik.. sampai berkuap dan berbahang lah dalam rumah aku.. and aku yang "sehat" ni pon tak berhenti-henti berpeluh..\


okayhlah.. letlet finished this now.

now im gonna talk bout today.

wah! now i just being a entah!

i dont noe what didi i babling about.

but, today just an ordinary days like usual.

yang lainnya adalah hari nih i lunch kat kenduri si aishah tuh..

ya.. her sister kahwin.. a foster sister isn'nt it?

yah.. im not having a good tyme instead of arief and ina dated each other. hahah..

nor what.. just don wanna disturb thier own personal moment..

bout me>?

yah.. still alone without yang tercinta.

yah.. adie? now has her mr lova2..

not that i dont want to make love but i just cant stand with couple.. yah.. im just an easily person who get bored with person..

what i called a LOVE GAME.


let Gods made HIS jobs..

entahlah.. who can stand with me and my behave...

oklayh.. no more talks love..

Aftar mencekik at the kenduri.. turning back to works..

Got an ole2 from the kenduri..

a pocket yassin.. Nice..

so.. then at 8 pm.. going back drop bya at Garden while for buying the Chicken floss bun..

tetiber lak mengidam nak makan segala benda2 tuh..



so.. balik then have my dine and bath..

dad watching the football program. hentah ke hapa Negeri 9 main malam nih..

then, mum , me and una wathiching The Awan Dania via online..

alkisahnyer nonton episod yang we all just missed due to the Astro problem *previous entry.


lepas tuh aku main face book then wrote this entry..

k lah.. nak tidur and enjoy...

tomorrow is holiday..

daa~ wanna have own good time for myself..


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