Wednesday, April 28, 2010


hello baby you called back can't hear a thing.
i ain't got no service in the club they say eh..
what2? r u saying u breaking up on me.
sorry i cannot hear u im kinda busy..
kk kk kinda busy..

.. .. .. ... .. .. .. .. .. .

hello, we'll meet again..

what did im merapu about ha .?

no lah..

okayh, so after going home then i had a dinner.

oh ya. since today was the pasar malam day.

mums already buy me 2 pack of nasi lemak from Pasar malam.

then i had it all contnued with SATA BAKAR.

humh yummy..

since i was feeling uneasy if did'nt going to PAsar malam.

i was wondering if i had Pateh , nazrin and amer with me.

then , rushing going to thier house asking them whether they wanna join me or not.

after waiting then aboout 1 hour.,

then we'll decide not to PAsar MAlam but

we're haeding to Tok Wi Char Koey Teow batu 2.

since my cousins hubby working there i said why not?

been long time no eat at there.

then we're speeding up our bikes and reached thera.

looking around,. not found my cousin hubby..

ah.. Nvmd lah!

so, we're ordering the Cahr Koey Teow and our own throats drink.

the we'll talking about "rubbish" or in other word an emty talks.

then amer and awari came by.

at that time , we're done with our meals. then they ordering themself only a drinks.

we'll chat there till 10.45 pm then back.

continues chatting infront of Nazrin house till

then im back home and cleanup myself and have a left of Cucur Udang on the table .

and charging my lappy after running my Cafe World. ( too slow when running on this Desktop PC)

then i wrote this kind of entry.

k la..


tired lorh nyte~~!

** not in good situation at the service center. No cpu at all untill a less typical time there the new problem cpu wnat to pop up. oh god!

*** got a cough rapidly today.. don know lahy why?

**** he is SHIT!acting like a monkey and the drama queen of the yaer.

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