Friday, April 23, 2010

Derita MErindu.

oh ya.. what was thet tittle..

SHH!! it shouldn't b that..




meet again..

not much im gonna write today..


today woke up at thge same time like yesterday..

But not overlayed on my phone but IM stop the alarm..


what am i doing yah nowadays..

always late.

never oversleep again.

so, as today was late im rushing again to works..

brush my teeth..

have a piece of Cucur Jagung ( too oily lah mum)

then have a glass of clear water. then rushing to work..

so, as today as usual..

proceed with the cpu..

hahah.. bosan dowh..

then, saw the boys who was messy with hair doing the unfinished work.

afta that, at 12.30 noon..

back to Jumaat Prayer and have a lunch.

this time invites Amer to go with me..

have a chat with her mom and "gabriel Mutti"..

hahah.. matilah akronim..

then , going to Masjid Behor Empiang but this time the prayer gonna start pray as we reached there with a little sensitive time..

then after that, back and have a bulk of rice on my plates..

okayh.. at 2.35 pm.. back to work again..

and continued with the works..

at 8.00 pm back to home.

and met Abang who suddenly approaches home (from IPGM PERLIS)

have a dinner.. mum cooks MEE Kuah and Nasi Goreng Cina..

then he told us that he going off to PERak..

dunnow what purposed for..

then, Safwan come to my house with his brother NABil..

take it the lappy that i format yesterday..

then he'll giving me rm 20 for the wages of helping his Friend laptop who Practical In BAyview HOtel with him.

then they back..

and suddenly too, anisa..

the cute and chubby girls next door approaches at our house.

and then feed her a cut of Mangoes.

then , take her out at the night as Perlis now having a extreme heat..

dunnow why. even in night also have hot winds surrounds.

then, saw amer, the boy next to anisa door house.

sitting outside then pluck his guitar with the unrecognise song..

then we have a sensitive , heavy chat there..

we'll chat till 11.15 pm.

then back home and prepares facebook and cafe world..

Then.. yeah..
that all for today..



**OMG! Miss H**....

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