Monday, April 26, 2010

the best way to implant a bomb and blowing up my mind..

Hello, met again,,.

not in mood today as i dont know why..
im not going into any relationship..


aku memang macam tu..

mudah saja tertawa.

no comments.

.... ... ..

ya. what would i be ?

dunnow whter im just a crap on this world.

i can see the dark of my future.

yeah. im useless.

SPM pon tak pandai..

therefore tak dak instituisi yang nak tawarkan kat aku any offer.

yah. i understand and deserve this.


i don have any plan since i was the failure person and meant to be.

terserah sjala..

okayh. today was a lonely day.

hafiz did'nt come due to his injury on Rugby games,.

so, just me and ah fu to tak over.

as usual, wake up in the morning and made myself a cup of mug and 3 pieces of Ayamas Nugget and then going towork.

as so dull scenario on working rather i dont write here since it was the same like everyday..

and at 8 going home.

and have my self a BULKS of rice on my dinner plate...

yeah.. too hungry today as no lunch for myself..

no mood to buy any food for lunch.

then, watch myself with nuna the tv program.

while my parents going to supermarket somwhere in kangar.

and that all..

going bedroom and have this entry.

** my english worst and sucks!

oh SHIT. cant erased my mind.

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