Friday, April 30, 2010


we'll meet again..

what a bad luck today.

ya.. as usaual and told my shop made it stock take today..


hahah.. busy lah yaamat..

oh ya.. wake up in the morning at 9.00 a.m

going to wokr after having my b'fast of round lekor..

aftere punch card, wait for othe korum to be copleted..

since everyone were too worried and antie give a solution..

call them. till when do gonna wait?

so, after called..

at 10.15 a.m/.. they reached here and got a SCOLDED by BIG BOSS..

OMG! pity.. saw boss angry for the first time..

yah.. they were told to b there at 9.30 a.m.

so, they were late and made evryone wait for them to start counting the stock take..

then, after that, were strting the stock takes after briefing.

im with Battery GP section and Notebook cooler..

then at 12.30 pm

im back.. to friday prayer.

so, bacdk at home..

stsrt my desktop first.. then, unfortunately,. the modem keep wrongly blinking..

OMG!.. no internet connection..

suspected the faulty of CHEAPS MODEM BROUGHT BY TM called RIGER DB102..

ah... damn.. try everthing but no success.

then going to Jumaat prayer by riding with amer motorcycle.

since my motor are being drying the seat from the absorb water.. ( the cushion cover scracth by CATS)

then proceedding to mosque..

after we'll dicussing.. im going to giving amer my bikes since i had a problem with itsd SPoket and cycle chain..

then im back.. as deal, amer will pickup my bikes at this noon..

then 2.30 going to AGRO bank atm..

withdraw my money ammounted rm 50 for that motorcycle repair purposed.

then going to shop back..

saw all we're eating pizza hut. ( treats and ordering by BOOS as for lunch)

then they giving my shares and brought upstairs..

and then got calls from downstairs.. need to double check my counting since there was an error.

oh shit! nothings wrong only just a missed counting stock who kept hiding and not told..

then upstairs again.. have a chat with ah fu.

an hour later, ayu called..\

she was witing me downstair.. ( behind the shop)

SHE ASKING FOR MY FAVOUR FOR FORMATTING HER LAPPy windows 7 with adding 1 gb ram.

then she left money ammounted rm 150 for all of that purposed.

yeah.. take it and brought all of the item upstair and have kept it on my bag.

then 2 hours later, got calles from amer.. he's also downstiar.. waiting for pickup my bikes to be service and fixed.

gave him a rm 50 to that purposed and have that trust to amer then they passed by..

WAn rides my bike to thier friend workshop.

then,, see boss..
asking for his favour..

" i want to borrow our Modem, to figured out of my internet connectivity at home and promised him to buy if the problem was comes out from THAT BUNDLED CHEAPEST TM MODEM.\ or link problem.
so he said, oklah.. but open it carefully.

here are the borrowing modem.

** luckily im staff.. so i can Borrowing and test without asking the TM technicians to come to my house.

then, brought the new modem upstairs and kept in my bag too.

then me with upstairs crew having our pizza moment..

ah.. not warm and were eats roughly..

then, downstairs called and asking me to downstairs.

so, proceed and antie called.

"here are ur salary for this months?"

so im surprised and dissapointed after being told.

"ur moths salry rm 450 plus the PC Fair part time rm 50." overall rm 500.. so please sign here..

yah.. sadness but im ahh.. nobody cares the works that i've done including OT.



Stop grumbling.

palnned to quit next month.

so , going upsatir then proceed with my works.

make some bugdte calculation for the needed of this months.

and i only get rm18 a days.

oh no.

so, at 8.00 p.m.

im back home..

being told that tomoorow we're closed..


oh.. happy.. at least got some two day rest..

so, after punch out my card.

calls amer. to pick up me since im back.

so, while waiting they..

got calls from Shafiq..

asking blu ray.. modem.. garphics.. and bla bal..

as amer reached were not done the conversation on phone.

wait till 3 minutes later.

pity them waiting for me.

then ended up my called prematurely.

so, talking bto them..

"how much the cost?"

they said. Rm 35 with the new spocket and cycle chain.

o, as rewards for them im treating them a dinner.

we'll drop by at Repoh restaurants infront o9f the Putra Putri Lodge.

so, after ordering our meals somebody..

the unkonons passed by our side roads and wan shoutued at him..

he' turn back..

Oh it was his friend ..

after shaking my hand with him and them too..

wan invites him to join us..

so, after he 'll join hell ordirng only a teh ais and they starts chats.

some certain moments i was joined them .. but not much lah i was new to get know with him..

apart from that converstioan he was holidays from PLKN.. dunnow lah what kind of holiday and he has to going back to PLKN camps tomorrw.

and 1 more things, he didnt know my real ages..

he'ss thought that i was 18 y old.

like them

after being told he cant believeable..

(yeah i know u wanna sait that im AWET MUDA. thanks..)

hiding my real face through a suci faces.


then, im going to payment counter and paid for all of that.

total only cost me rm 16.90.

they were thats to me and i said. its okayh..

my treats and welcomed them..

at 9.30 p.m.. we're back home. and wan asking mme To copy the "tokan" things to his house pc.

so i said.. hm okayhlah..
went to wan house and they (wand and his mom)

were talking about further place to continued study.

then after the copy done made my way home..

then at home start cleaning the messed that made..

to lacate the warranty card from the cheaepst bundled modem..

unforntunately , the anai-anai were too fast to eats all of the paper product under my beds.

then it messed too..

so, start cleaning and have a dine..

after that, called shafiq back for the paused ccnversation just now.

we're were talks nothing and mostly about computer..

then called amer mums to apologise and thanks for letting amer helps me on my bikes problem....

so , after all that solved..

unboxing the borrowing modem from the shop and open too ayu lappy for the new configuration on the modem..

SUCCESSFUL! so, the problem were caused by that STUPID BUNDLED TM MODEM.

then browsing FB and manage my cafe then read the h.mtro paper today.

so, after all have been done.

there im ihere to wrote this entry..

ok.. nyte..

nye. already 2.00 a.m


** yahoo.. tomoorow holiday so planning on ALor star surveying the Guitar Electric for amerr by my fixed bikes..
oh no.. hope it will be fun of convoying there.

*** not enuff salary lah.. that keep worrying me.

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