Friday, April 16, 2010

The Friday..


we'll meet again..

huh.. some people said dats this blog punya content dah basi..

asyik2 benda yang sama ja...


yalah.. it was adaily journey of my life and having to had a same scene day everyday..

yah.. sometimes im getting bored of this..

Wake up in the morning..

Going to work..

Back to home.. and online..
yah.. that was my routine..

and i cant changed it unless i was far awy from here.. may b for continued my studies..

so.. what did i am babbling about ha...


tu apa yang aku rasa masa memula tulis entry nih..

so,, as like on other mornink..

Yah.. getting to work and doing my repair and service at kedai..

at lunch balik jap..

yalah makan and respecting of the Friday prayer.. *rest 2 hour.

then get back to work..

then balik kerja macam biasa.. kul lapan..

ang my wallet getting "thisrty"

running out of my money ha...\

ishk2... when ar the salary ..

too long waited for it..

kekdahnyer nak kenalah nunggu sampai hujung bulan nih and i was kinda surprise to get my Fisrt Salary as a Staff.. not a practical anymore..


hope that it was Rm 600 and above lah..\

if it just below the Rm400..

i'd rather to quit lah..

not valueable lah..

so.. k lah.. ..

donnow what to write about anymore..
k.. daa


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