Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kaya dengan duit, Miskin dengan cinta , musnah dengan kerjaya..


what di im babbling about.. it was a ridiculous lah..

so, what plan tomorrow, yea,, since he go to SArawak, then tomoorow ill gonna to his house..

to fix his computer.. he's giving me green light..

said his mom waits for me..

dunnow.. Im speechleess.


what didi i do today?

hm.. like usual .. just a Saturday with a stressfull case did i handle today..
It was the Acer CPU who in front panel did not detect any USB..

im confius..

take much hour to solve the problem untill it was fixed fullyl..

oh yah..

today going home early.

about 5.41 pm..

yah.. since in not going to rest today.. i just shifting the time.. minus with my reccess time..

hope bos dont get mad im doing this like my own company..

suka suki jer nak pandai ubah waktu kerja sendirik.. Keji kan..?

so, as usual, woke up in the morning.. At 9.00 a.m..

have my bath and b'fast ( the balance food of last nyte.. Bihun Kuah.

then , going to work..

As usual, starting with handling case 1 by 1..

as it done proceed with the next one..

Then solve the acer copmlicated problem as stated just now..

Buat2 punya buat..

It was the JUMPER.

Shit,, seeting on the m'board failed .. Yah ECS brand,


then at 5.41 p.m back home..

then , ate my lunch while watching FUHH! on tv3..

then out and Saw amer and called him.. And we're have an out..

taking some air outside before MAghrib and we're stopped at the Backway bridge On TAMAn Bukit Kayangan..

We have a talks there while enjoying our ponaramic vision of nature..

the, when maghrib , we;re back home..

i'm just doing nothing and suddenly when eat my dinner, amer called.. He got a problem with his Printer.

CAnnot use due to Catridge low warning have to press the RESET button 30 seconds then it okayh to be functional like normal.

(common problem when using MISS tank outside the printer.)

then watch CEREKARAMA TV3 entitiled BERLARI KE BELAKANG while washing my clothes outside with THE OLDIES washing MAchines..

then managing my Cafe world and write this entry.. klah..
aLmost 1.30 a.m..

need to sleep.

so, Tomorrow SUNDAY..

time for happiness and rest..

k lah....


** im speechless. dunnow why do i too much consider of him..
im weird!

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