Friday, April 2, 2010

The Day Of Pc fair


sakitnya kaki ku nih..

yerlah.. berdiri ja sepanjang harini kau tau tak>??

memanglah lenguh sesangat yang teramat sangat..

berdiri ja kerja aku serve kastemer sambil bagi brochure and pamphlete..


harap gaji nih padanlah dengan kerja aku buat nih..

kalau tak??

memang nak kena maki berkandang dengan aku..


whatups for today??

nothing interesting today..

works over time..

exceeeded from what they promised so..


let me begin?

so.. this is the first day of PC fair in dewan wawasan 2020..

as expected..

surely will be up in more visitors..

guess so and thats ryte..

most of them not buying the stuff today..

they still hoping that the last day would be the berely down in price..!

no no..

i'll tell yah..

but, mayb for the end day we were expecting attract visitors by giving more giftlah!

not by downing the price..


but .. it will always b thier choice when did they want to buy ..

as for me??

yah.. my salary would ended up therelah..

too much of thigs stick onto my list..

many things to buy..

nor that we were closed by the "lid Offer" of Crazy prices,


merasa kau.. there you goes all of my salary..

so,, today..

as contracted..

2/4/2010 our On job training terminately ended..


relief that for arief..

But for me??

too much itchiness on my cocks..

i deserve to start working there as staff..

no more practical..

finding some pocket money maa..

i'd not rather sit alone in my house then flang away my feet..

no no..

thats was'nt me..

i need to works to earns some money..


Money first..

as still waiting for any offers from college or university..

so.. not much lah wanna blang2 bout..

need to rest..

still have 2 Shit day to go..

so,, Nyte.


** soorylah bahasa inggerisku terlalu BURUKS!

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