Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Merasa stya up late. now 2.00a.m

okayh.. not more to talk bout..

but, today i got the same problem meh..

waking up late this morning.. alkisahnyer, punch out my card at 12.00 noon..


that stupid crap csl wont woke up me this morning..

Malangyer nasib dapat phone macam tuh..

BTW, 2morrow is cuti..

im applying tomorrow because we're The TM ILP would supposed to gather and meet there tomorrow..

to send our Log Book.

so,, horray..


cant wait to see them at ilp tomoorow.. and plus no more stressfull job (*for tomorrow only)


so,, whats up?

what do i need to wrote here..

oh yer..

just got back from "ronda" perlis..

yalah.. With my neighbours friend..

yah.. at first we're dropped by at the Pasar Malam At stadium..

treat myself a bowl on Bihun Sup there while waiting for amer and other.

haha.. then following Pa" Teh to buy his "special BEdak Sejuk"

hahah.. mad me laugh while..

yah.. that was a special potion for curing the Resdung..

that was was his said..

then we're heading to Seriab lah..

Planned to lepak there at Burger Kafe..

Unfortunately. it was damnly closed..

wasting my Bike fuel lah!/../

then we're haeding to Rosli Char Koey Teow..

im just sipppin a Teh Ais only..

not planned to eat still have that Bihun Sup hidin' on my stomach.. wanting to be processed being a shit.. Hahah.. Ugly word..

so, what didi i do now..??

yah.. okayh.. i need to sleep lah..

dunnow what to wrote about daa~.

so,, its pillow called..

Bye.. And goodnyte..

* cant wait for tommorrow..

** got some strange noisy from my bikes larh.. it was from it chain lah.. Too tight.. that was my PA told me lah.. Advise to change the Spoket lah.. Oh no! Money again...

*** later lah i will updaTING about my stuff that i bought at PC fair.. Costing me around RM250.. hahah..

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