Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday.. Party Over.

oh God.. so short of time passing by..

so< it ended up My Precious Sunday just like away..

What did i do today as spending my precious sunday?

yah.. sleep all the pageon on till 12.05 noon...

hahah.. merasa bangun tidur selewat begini..


but its okayh... sattisfied with myu sleep quality..

yah.. afta woke up heading ti living fame and watching Jalan2 cari makan..

then take a bath followed up with MElodi..

haha.. lots of controversial issue and a shock bad news..

A famuous singer Achik Spin has passed away on a tragic accident.

A condolescense to the family..

Al FAtihah..

on Melodi too.. adalah sorang artis tu jugak kecoh2 pasal dan.. entahlah..

What.. Melodi said ah.. whatever..

That was the price that artist should pay for being a artis.

then aftar melodi ended. going to room then switch on my lappy..

A veri dissatisfied on my lappry nowadays..

donnow why..

it was a graphics problem as exmple. when watch a movies the movis did not running smoothly..

dont know why.. maight be of the microsoft update lah kot..

thinking of formatting again..

laterah. as i don use it for my official use..

dulu laptop tuh tak macam nih.. musykil2 lak..

then going to the Wedding Kenduri..

accopanying my parents..

going to kenduri at Bukit Jernih territory.

yah.. unexpected.. it was my ex school clerks sons weedingg and supposed to meet my old teacher at Teknik KAngar dulu..

but, thinking of they don even remeber me so..

what a sad., due too many guest coming up. the dishes left only a little..

tu pon tulang ja..

oh what.. so , apalagi just taje a rice and swap the gravy and that little lauk lah.

then after that , back therefore drop by at Pasaraya Seri Utama to buy Syazril (my the SBP) cookies and mum things to make her Bihun Sup.

back then mum prepared her Bihun Sup as promised last night the

Bihun sup alredy lah.. but no Sayur or taugeh as mum didnt go to PAsar Tani this mornink.

then, mengaruts2 then watching TOOTH FAIRY at my lappy and oh. it was 6.10 p.m

Time to dates Anisa ( the neighbours ) like last week.0

haha.. what a perfect time.

Anisa waited for me already lah.. she was so excited of seeing me..

I know darling.. Lets go the playgrounds.


wears her Shoes and shirt. then start my bikes and heading up to Taman Bukit Kayangan the new ones has Child play on it.

then , taking care of her as she excited on playground..

Believed what, taking care of child make us happier as they dont have any sin.

then 7.15 p.m back again. and sent anisa to her mom and she's bye me.

then going inside. test my lappy againg sambil check Maktab interview result.. Oh no .. wrong date.. 20/4 then it will show the list lah.

then , abang balik then eats mums bihun sup then back to Maktab again..

then i took a bath and going outside * as ran away from watching HAlaqah. hahah... luckily mum did'nt know.

then knocked up nazrin and pak teh house.. No answer, might out lah kot..

proceed with ameer house..

haha.. merasa ganggu rumah orang..

have a light and meaningless chat..

till 11.00 p.m then back..

eats again mum bihun sup.. doubled up.. hahah..

then.. tidy up a little my messy room.

beofre the anai2 gets my books again.

okayh.. then managing cafe world..

then wrote on this blog..

k lah..

almost 1.27a.m lah..

need to sleep ..

what a short journey day kan??

huh.. what ever..

oh no.. Bored to go working tomorrow.



** oh ya.. kat taman aku nih ada dua kes curik Motosikal..
oh no.. beware my KCL 4239.. hahah.. If burglers wants that..

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