Thursday, April 22, 2010

Broken down in AGONY just to cure my illness.


oh no .. Not again..

Dont put much in expectation cause it will hurt u one day.


Salam, okayh bertemu kembali..

Napa yerk tetiber jer tajuk entry aku macam ni..


im now in a stressfull and unstable mood.

Donnow why..

might be because of my works?

my social life ?

or.. Maybe someone else..

donnow lah.. i just cant understand with my self.

i need to tears.. :(..


lupakan ttg tadi.

apa yang aku buat hari nih ya??


lets started by morning..

OH SHIT,, late on works.

Woke up in 9.45 am.

just too late..

This is because of the ALARMS who shut itself from ringging due to my body overlayed it on the bed.

how come did i hear the alarms sound since my body overlayed on it.

never do this again..

so, ask Hafiz to help me punch my card.

then going to work rushingly at 10.10 am just reached.


the situation in my service center is just like usual. but today not too burden since there's no complicated case to handle..

then have my b'fast from the Myza who brought us food every morning.. but this tyme the BIHUn was too little..

not valueable for the price.


never order bihun anymore..

just going with NAsi Lemak ja like usual..

so.. at 3.30 p.m. back to lunch and and have a lite sleep..

then going work like usual.

at 6.30 pm.

Safwan with his aunts come to shop. they we're sending thier montsh printer to be checked and repair.

Unfortunately, it was the colour catridge spolied due too dry on it.

oh. pity them, and safwan brought his frinds laptop to be fixed by mine.. (format)

then. decided to do it at home.

at 8.10 p.m

im back..

then proceedn with the lappy.. and format..

let it there and bathing myself..

then have a dinner.

so, back at lappy.. had a trouble with adapter..


sekejap leh cas.. sekejap tak..

complicated lah..

simpan then besoklah sambung kat kedai pinjam adapter kedai..

okayh,, mum asking for my favour.. to fuel the KANCIl..

then okayhlah. we're moving to the petrol pump and the bank too..

after that back home and facebook myself..

and write this entry..

k lah..



** Myza bihun was too little.. not valueable for RM2 that i spent.

*** Called SHAFIQ, the guy last night. telling him about his G.card.. then , we're fixed our relationship to be more easier..

No more im calling him encik . and he calling me awak..

we're just HANG DAN AKU..

simple but friendly>:)

ON that Calls he just said that he just came back since his mom involved with accident..

oh. Pity on them.. But the insurans will cover it up.. No worry ya..

he also, had to flight himself to sarawak early tomoorow morning.. and will be home at MOnday. Works matter..

OMG, we're being a member in just two day. unexpected..

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