Tuesday, April 20, 2010

When it's good, then it's good, it's so good till it goes bad..

salam.. jhola.. meet again..

yeah im now having a money crisis..

yerlah, spending too much or over the budget on the Pc Fair there..

so, now, im telling you that im broken up my Piggy Bank..

yah.. all was coin.. a collected amount is rm6.00 only..

oh, how GOD!

Does it enuff till my salary day ha means at the end of this months..

Perhaps so, Hope a miracles lah..



so, what am i supposed to write here yah?

Yah, tomoorow gotta dates NAdiah lah.

yah, as deal. she will treats my lunch tomoorow at KFC kangar lah as a reward of helping her on that lappy.

oh. cant wait lah.. haha..



as stater to9day wake up in the mornjing like usual then goig works..

so, not having much problem today as a less on new service Cpu..

yeah.. sukanye..!

not whats. sometimes its good lah for this situation ..

so, back like usual at 8.pm.

then copying all over the backup data of Nadiah to her lappy. then , testing her maxis broadband..


its good when the Blu LEd LIght on the Broadband.. But when it comes to green light.. oh no!

SUCKS! slow connection..

then , watching senja permai.. Oh no.. THis drama Becomes more DRAMA lah..

unexpedted, , then , have a dinner mom cooks Fried Rice..

then , going back and hit this entry..

k lah..

no more to write down her..

k.. bye.

** The Maktab KPLSPM Online Checking has been postponed from 20/4 to 25/4..
oh no< wuts happen.. ^^still hoping while noe thet im not in this qualified..

*** shocked of hearing that 16 from 18 courses in UNIMAP are not APPROVED by the authorities.. what did i gonna do? nevertheless of entering there would be such trouble as i dont noe the status of my applicants..
Harap2 dapatlah masuk ke sana walaupon dapat tahu pasal news nih..

bukan apa, at least im continuing my studis.. isnt it?

Mtailah carots di ini tak PANdai!

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