Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ku Menangis... Membayangkan.

betapa kejamnya dirimu atas diriku..
harus selalu kau tahu.. akulah hati yang telah kau sakiti..



SO, hello,,

meet again..

as we know today is SUNDAY..

And usually SUNDAY doe'snt have much time as to be spend on it..

BTW, how bout my rest today??

not as much as fun.

but, at least im giving my ability to impersonate other people and solve thier probs..

then. So, wake up in the Morning at 10.00am.]

then prepared my self for hygiene and took Shafiq g.card then rides FX to his house.

yah. as told he does.nt at home. Still in SArawak..

but its okayh. as i reached his house welcomed by his mom and Granpa.

then im doing my works..

yeah.. dats rite..

as i gueesed the actual problem that his cpu was a Windows problem..

after repair it then it okayh and have a display..

Not the NEW lcd monitor that he bought probs..

so, while repairing his OS take a look around of his bedroom..

yah. like other bachelor men bed out there..

then , make a self judgement about his personality./.

as look in his study picture.

he was SO LUCKY get a chance to be further study with health Ministry as he was offoered by SPA on radiografi fields.

at ages 19..

Too lucky to have all this at young ages..

then after done with his computer. have a chat with his mom.

yaeh.. simple question..

Works there?

how many sibblings that shafiq has?

where is his dad and occupation?

then . yah..

that was enuff to me know all of that..

refuse to take any granted then back home..

hope to see him againg and have an eye discussion.

oh no!

the Melodi has started.

then watch af the whole programs. then Cik Mek.

the neighboir sending us the lunch dishes.

It WAS nasi KERABu..

emm.. yummy.. hand made of kelantanese.

then. ate my lunch with mum..

after that..

managing Cafe World on Fb.

suddenly amer approach me at my house..

asking for my favour ( as promised ) to take a look on his VAIO lappy..

probs. : Bluescreean after being used 2 hour,..

then. try with format..

not starting yet as we waiting for the Driver of vaio to be completed on download.

as waiting we watch some of the3 new movies..

Ninja Assasing..

when 6 pm..

im leave.

planning took Anisa out.. like usual.

then amer was impressed to accompany me..

then , we enjoying a fresh air at TAman bukit kayangan..

and heading to TAMAN baru playgrounds.

anisa was so excited to play there..

we're parks our bikes there and have a chet there at the miniature chair.

while watching anisa from there..

Talking about WAN LC who wont dfeated by others bikes lah..

About the "LANSI" of taht wan lah..

more2 lah..

not talks bout that only, many topic we're chat.

then at 7.10 pm

magribs call and we're going home..

send anisa back and me too.

then. im feel asleep infront of my desktop near my lappy..

bout 30 minutes lah due too tired today.

then , at 9.00 p.m.

going to Amer house then we're statring our format win seven.


while formatting amer entertain myself with his skill of guitar..

yah.. he was so good on that things and it was his ability added..

im not ggod at guitar just okayh to listening the melody out ja..

so, after the whole process completed at 12.00 a.m

im back home and wrote this entry..

k lah..


im going to bed as bored works waiting for me tomoorrow..

b strong ya to me..

imagine of the salary..

** kerinduan melanda

*** syamir ask me out for rolling out the BOLING pin at The Store KAngar. Due too busy. im refused.. Pity him.. Next time ya..

**** arif also ask me out. but? was promised to amer on reformatting his vaio. So sorry.. refused too.

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