Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Birthday aisyah..

Ok. my today event was.. Pepagi..
aku bangun pukul 11.30 pagi.. WTH! Lewatnyer.. ok.. lepas bangun/... aku terus masak nasi since my dad going to his orchards and my mum doing overtime at Poli (Preparation for thge poli student yang bakal masuk mendaftar dalam minggu nih.. so,, then aku bersiang ayam yang my dad tinggalkan dalam sink.. buang kulit , lemak dan serta puaka2 yang terdapat di dalamnya.. aku buat ayam goreng curry spixce aja.. perangat sambal tumis yang ada dalam freeze .. then my neighbour generous giving her asam pedas iukan keli.. Then after masak..

At 3.30 pm.. Going to the "famous " supermarket.. *sorry to say..
It was the store/. accompanying shahrul and shahril going to buy some of things.. then singgah beli keropok lekor depan the store tuh and the twins treats me the ABC.. Thankjs yerk...

Then kami balik..

At 8.00. arief msj me.. ask me to go out for dinner.. What !!
Im exhausted now l;ah..
O k.. So , wait at arief house.. Then Dylla And Ash brought adie dad;'s car.. The Waja with the superbs torbo..
Ok.. Il test drive the waja..

Going to medan selara kangar.. And im ordering the Burger Ayam and Air teh ais.. WTF!!! i can say.. TOO Expensive... Fuck! Burger Ayam For 6.00+...;

Ok.. Im telling you that im not going there dah nanti.. ]

WAtch the juara Lagu..

The.. We're heading to kuala perlios.. Planned to surprise party for asishah.. Well, her birthaday was today.. So, lepak tepi pantai bawah pencawang di kuala perlis tuh and then light on the candle and everybody sangs a birthday party..
With the breeze of an ocean.. Include
The car audio owner turn up the scenes with the loud song.. and..
What can i say..
It was memorizes for her.. Aisyah..

Ok.. Going back i'll drive.. And speed up the turbo of the waja on the highway kola perlis..

it was hillarious and fun..

But , im just afraid of the summons of thye speed trap ther...

My gosh!!! hOpelah takder speed trap.... Takutlah kena saman.,.,
althought it was dylla dad car.. but i have to responsible for the upcoming summons .. If so..

Hopefully dont lah!! janganlah.. ada.... btw , aku dah pesan if ada summon letter sampai umah.. Just told me.. Its all on me.. k??

Matilah ! has to saveing all my money after this...

BTw.. Tulah day aku hari nih..

Tomorrow hari penting aku..

I will start my on job training at Compuland Center Tommorow which will be duo 3 months onward.. Strats for tomorrow.. Wish me luck K..

Oklah.. i'll need to go sleep now..
To get a quality rest...

Sorry for the typing error..
Aku dah ngantok sangat.. Ting tong dah otak aku nih.. Tak sempat pon nak taru7k gambar.. Btw.. Adios//>!!

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