Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I need strength...

i need someone ryte now..
someone who are willing to hear what im gonna say this..
Thus , NO One can feel on what i've feel ryte now..
Feels like im such a loser..
Perhaps that i dont read her BLOGS last nyte.. BUT?
hmm... still in my mind.. a dizzyness..
why do i should thinking of her.. and her achievement..
That's make me SOOOO jealous ryte now and made me feel such like a loser..

Ok.. i must keep going on..
i dont know what will happen to me afterward... my future..
Damn.. !!
regrets of changing the school.. but?
Thus that tyme will rewind..
Maybe i dont seem somthings special on me...
Something that can be proud..
Something that are reliable..
I've try my best on my past history..
Entering many competition ,.,
Even peringkat kebangsaan...
but.. I will never being satisfied on myself..

Isn't this such a loser words??

Oh C'mon!
Wake up...
Your journey still far away ...
U must strong on what will come to ur life.. The obstacles..
To b success u must Wake up on the past failure history..
and you should be proud on what have you done..
Take is as a challenge for you to be success on ur life..
Dont compare other's life and it is destiny for our lucks written by GOD.
Dont thinking of that things lah!! We deserved on what have we seed.

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