Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another burial ceremony..

Hari nih aku agak letih sesangat...
Pagi tadik terkejut dengan shocked news..
aku dikejutkan oleh mak aku seawal 6 pagi...
but, kali nih with a BAD news..
Today., my adik punya tok a.k.a Tok lang has passed away early morning..
what can i say? she has been in hospital for a weeks..
it was her fated and destiny..
nothing else i can elaborates..
reciting an Al-Fatihah sahajalah..

Btw, schedule aku morning nih memang kalut..
bangun,, dengan taik mata di mata..
in rush..
driving mum's Kancil to sent my lil' sister to school..
My parents took an Emergency leave due to this condition..
so, i had to sent her to school lah since my parents has to figure out somethings here.
bawaklah aku kancil tuh Dari kangar To pauh...
Naseb kuar awal.
taklah buzy sangat the road..

balik tuh,,
aku mandi segala siap bagai..
wearing a Melayu suits..
and going to the late house..
this tyme im speeding up via LAgenda..
going alone to my Grandma house..
FYI, the late house is side by side to my Grandma house..
okayh.. not much i can help..
standing there.. walking there..
and lastly, ended up till 9.15a.m..
i have to Punch card for work today.
Nor taking the E.L..
Hm,, going to work like usual..
but this tyme,,
macam-macamlah si karenah dia tuh..
about what??
about our schedule lah..
bukannya apa..
he's always selfish..
tak paham how to treat a guy like that..
aku tetap with my noon shift next week..
not what..
pity to jit..
alone in downstairs...
busy on looking for customer laptop...
*btw, boss there... has to working.. does'nt have much tyme for playing around like upstairs..

Im tired ryte now..
being a wonderman for today..

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