Sunday, April 5, 2009

Breaks is OVER!!

hhmmm.. i miss my home.. anyway,, this breaks is Over and now im at the college.. huahau.. MISH my Home.. Anyway.. cuti ni tak dalah adventerous sangat.. but i feel very happy coz my missions accomplished like the planning..Hm.. Now i was bersila at my katil after done kemas2 barang.. Although it was a WEEKS Holiday but macam 2-3 hari aja.. Masa cepat sungguh berlalu kan skunk ni.. I was very proud with this holiday because :
1-My Kad Biru Project was done.. Soft copy , tinggal nak buat hard copy saja.. Haha. beware..
2-Menghantar my BEST friend going back to POLI and having and interesting journey. plays with his little baby(NABIL)mish dats.. and meet his 2 college friend bytheway at his home.. And i'd think i has a chemistry with them..(later i blo about it)
3-Get some money and effort of selling the Tapioca at my dad orchards..Happy.. ;)
4-wathching a Fast and furious 4 at the Cinema.. Good acting of VIN DIESEL.. Luv it..
5-Cooking a spagheti.
6-Winning of some Hampers at the JPJ Family Day.. Banyak jugak hadiah yang dapat.. Best..
7-Tidur lelama pagi2 dekat umah.. bangun lewat..
8-Downloading some of the movies at the Internet.. (unfortunately my hard disk become corrupted..) maybe because of the long time open for downloading..(HOLY CRAP!)
9-Going to POLy and meet my cousins buy her CENDAWAN GORENG..
10-Meredah banjir on the way to POLY.
11-Fetch my cousins because of her VAN break down and send her back to POLY.. At the same meet adilah at there.
12-meet my neighbours.. LOng time no see have some chat and thats great..
13-Watching the CSI on AXN channel at night.
14-having my mums cooking..
15-getting some bad hobby.. Dont try this.. May cause a suffer from a lung cancer..Just tension...

hmm.. tu lah.. activity yang buat...hmm. ada banyak lagi yang tak list down.. Anyway,, this breaks tak menghampakan aku although it was a short break.. Cant wait for the Cuti Sem yang 3 weeks nuh.. JUst counting a day.. Cant wait too...

pS : still miss my home..

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