Monday, April 13, 2009

its a reality to be a fantasy..

haha.. dunoow wat im babbling about.. just getting the wifi now.. so im a very lil bit Of 'sengal' today..
i dont know.. my currently mood now was a ROJAK now.. macam hampeh.. and i dont like to have this feeling strange like today.. prefers to have one feeling at the time...
and so hitless.. my desktop hard disk was corrupt... thinking whether i shuold buy a new one or just let it be..
hmm.. stting retarded by some one.. like it so much.. hopefully.. it will be a true.. donnow whether it will be the kind of pecah tembelang or not.. just thinking of being a friend with it... don have to think so much deepre about this .. bukann apa.. afraid of getting the angau or love sicks...

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