Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Poly Matter.

hmm. at the way masa nak mai ILP ni i was gueesing and thinking whether i made a wrong decision to come her(ILP) although i got the POLY.. hmm.. bukannya apa.. seems i got a lot of problem here.. yeah.. last week i sent my best friend going back to his hostel and i've meet the two of his friends.. Id think that we can be a friend yang seperti rang kata like a GANG.. kawan yang boleh masuk satu kepala.. Yeah., seems i found nothing here .. and now im thinking and adding up my friend by him.. Im dreaming if i was studying there. i could hang out with them together.. and more.. im just hoping my study here ended soon and im counting down the days.. The lifestyle there is very different apart then here.. like thier schedule.. it was very different..
And now..
im thinking whether i made a wrong decision.. But.. what can i do..
Just focussing on my study here and cant wait to seek him when the weekends coming..

Ps: mish my best friend...

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