Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Convocation Of Poly are today..

huhu.. now im at the class computer.. Using the net .. didnt bring my lappy coz kalut sikit pagi tadi.. hmm.. anyway,, today was bored.. and so released a lil bit coz them not maiking the idiots things today.. Anyway, i hope so for the so on..hmm.. im guessing if i were at the POly ryte now... them are making thier 3th Convocation today.. surely my mum get busy today.. hmm.. If so i could be there now.. hmm.. tak delah apa sangat entry kali ni.. just dreams.. Anyway.. i can accept the fact here now.. Things will past fastly.. AMIN.. hmm.. must be them having some citcat there and enjoying the nice foods selling there includes get a souveiner.. Oh GOD.. Sukan asrama is coming.. im so afraid towards the many works that i have to do.. SHITLESS.. hmm.. dont wanna think about that.. Just thinking something like Our Class vacation to Key All.(KL)... Cant wait.. hmm..

Ps: Dreaming that i'll be there...

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