Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Very der shit yaamat..

hmm. just baru balik from the kuliah maghrib.. get some irritated from the bodoh tu lah...Menyesal betul lah being a friend with him.. bukannye apa.. just macam bodoh being irritated like that.. Well! let the tyme decide it.. i dont even heran lah sangat with the good deeds that you have done.. Toksah nak berlagak lah pandai san-pandai sini.. Everyday you just keep on acting and being a hypochrite towards the others poeple.. Bukannyer apa, i just cant keep on hiding on what have you done..Ikut hati memang nak reaveal saja apa yang dibuat olehnya.. but!! i just get retarded of being acting like dats, being a bad infront of people of telling everythings about you...
DAhlah.. meluat cakap denagn hang.. Jumpa hang pon aku DAh MELUUUAAAATTT!!!

btw... BODOH!!!!

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