Monday, April 13, 2009

The Future..

i dont know what will i be in the future..? What will my occupation to be on the future? The only hope was getting the SPA jobs.. hmm.. i dont know.. sometimes i just feel dissapointed with myself,my study , my friends, and so on..i dont know whether i choose the right path to be here or may b i will have another rezeki beza datang lambat atau cepat... hmm.. just let it be.. What do i feel ryte now was an epmtiness... i become a haters rite now.. i dont know which i have to admit that im wrong or not or it was unconsious did.. ah.. lantaklah to the last narrow of my class.. Im not the one who terhegeh2 nak being friend with uols.. Well, my princip senang aja.. Being nice with me there ill be.. Being rude to me there ill be rude too.. As for me.. tak rugi apa2 pun kalau tak kawan dengan hampa.. But,, beware.. you just make a BIGGER problem of your life.. seems like my words like stupid but yeah.. as i know i was a peramah and mudah being friend with anyone else,,,.about the one yang sengal tuh.. hmm.. i dont know what should i do.. just being a good actor aja lah.. But.. ya hampon!@!! memang menyampah tengok muka dia especially bila dia start to *******! perasan bagus yaamat..

ohoho... mish my other friend..
oh b4 forget...
we'll see whether i just suitable with h88 or not.....

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