Thursday, March 19, 2009

Molots Longkang!

huhuh..sebenarnya tak patot wat entry ni time ni.. sepatutnya wat dalam 2-3 minggu lepas..but i have to express wat i feel on this blog.. Anyway,, i dont care wat they wanna say about me..As for me .. lagi banyak orang talking bad about us lagi banyak rezeki akan masuk.. Dats wats my mum told me. Hm. the stupidest persons who talking bad about me is like a molots longkang.. The kind of words thats we have to IGNORE. Hm.. I dont wanna explained about this matter anymore.. Thats was rumors only.. kay? hmm.. as i can see the rumors has fade by time.. oh god,,Please make it dissapeared rapidly.. Thnks.. Whats i got now is dont EASILY trust people.. It will harm myself.. Hmm.. Lets 4get about that, i was totally tired mind and soul about MPP works.. I hate of doing that kind of works.. It steal my rest time and my mind. Hmm., wat i want to say now is hoping dats i wont being an MPP again next sem. okayh?? hmm.. lately banyak sangat assignment.. So, im running out of the dateline.. Hm.. about our freedom time.. the KB has home.. hm.. the 'OTHERS' geng feel threatening(tercabar) with the come back.. haha..

and im sO?? oh my gosh... have to acting again in her class.. haha..
GTG.. bye..

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