Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sissies Camp?

Hey Blogger.!!

ni haa.. mood meroayan sikit..

Seriously i totally disagree with this plan..

why im saying that..

-why only sisses are involves? where are the "tomboy".. this is discrimates.

-shame on a family who has sissies on it? they shall be laught at school , home ,hostel, neighbours , relative and so on. and so called Pondan because thier name mentioned to go sissies camp.

-some sissies are normal int thier sex orientation.. to mention here NOT all gay..

-how do they choose? based on the looking and observation only.. If sorang tu laki but has suara yang lembut does he selected too? co'omon! this is ridiculous.. This is GOD fate.and if they are categorized as Budak Skema or Baik are also selected as a sissies.

-PLKN is enough dont need this camp instead.

- some are a man but have well mannered behave @ sopan santun,.. is that a criteria of sissies?

to mentioned here brought more disadvantages rather then goodness.

That was my opinion.. they shuld rather foccused on some problem gangster @vandalism in school and put them(girl or boy) into the camp. not to sissies.

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