Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tired Of Being Myself!

I Hate to hear that..! i think i don need reprimanded like that.. I dont need that.. Fine!! i;d think i was being so rude at the class today.. especially, i knew it from my act.. I feel so guilty towards my lecturer today even she didnt say it infront of me.. i meant to my new Ustazah that come today.. I feel so sorry.. Now ,, my emotion was unstable.. I was a haters right now.. I hate everyone.. Demit!! shit.. But,, believe me that it was not my intention to do that to you.. it just because that i was very unstable today... I hate him.. Now its going to begin again.. I'm not the one who start the fire.. It was u!! you start first.. would you just cares about your life.. Tak payah lah nak jadi mami jarum aka usatazah yang sibuk nak mengajar orang itu dan ini. i know how to handle my self.. dear shit!! believed me that you're not the angel in this world. You're are the same.. we're the same..

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