Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Just got back from wedding function!

hye blog!

huh!.. *sigh..

what a very tiring day..

anyway, sorry for no entry yesterday.

this is due to intentinalyy of sleep.

and a very bad luck yesterday. ive dropped my lappy from my bed!

huh! while still on actually..

surprised when see it descending on the ground.

test2 on.. luckyly ok.

oh. a very frightened moment i had this morning.


so, today i'm attending a wedding fuction.

dunnow who, might be of some of relatives of CIK IMAH (my neighbour aka nazrin mums.

located at Alor star, me driving mum's WIRA to Alor star followed by CIK IMAH drove her KANCIl.

so, sebelum balik tuh.

me with amer and NAzrin & Nasrizal. have ourself stopped at Alor Star mall.

tapi, tiket WAYANG FOR karate Kid SOLD OUT.

then we made our way to Jitra MAll.

ticket yes but scheduled on 10.55 p.m.

then we'll decide to have that movies this night.

my review on this movies.


shuld watch by ur own.

then , finished at 1.10 a.m

and we've back to PERLIS.

then , reached home 2.15 a.m


k lah.

need to sleep da.

Gudnite! and bye.,

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