Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Putra's Gang moments..

hahah.. today takder lah sangat schedule aku..
JUst memenuhkan invitation 4 wedding kenduri..

banyak gila beb kenduri hari nih..

dekat 4 saja yang we have to attend today..

*matilah kekenyangan..

ohya.. di malam hari , dalam kul 9.00mlm..

out for dinner eith the Putra's GAng..

there was THE TWINS + Arief + me..

we're headed to RAdix Chicken HOuse and gather each other..

not what , shahrul (one of the twins) has to depart tomoorow morning as this moments we chat each other..

bercakap tentang meals , our meals tonight was being sponsored by Arief..

Thanks yah for that dishes..

althought it was an ordinary dinner , at least we got to relief our MISSED moment..
thus shahrul was studying at KELATEy..

not much we've been talked..

but i've enjoyed myself for that dinner..

ok.. daa..


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