Thursday, May 20, 2010



dunnow la..


as today not much i can say.. just the same routine..

but, im still thinking about the "new bikes" things la..

should i just get the new one or using the old one...

if im not in money crisis should i changed it. but,

ahh.. laterlah..

think dat i still can use my current bikes. enuff..

and the money as be used to savings..

nntle lelama baru pikir beli benda apa yang necessary.

so, just today.. going to work.

back at 8.00p.m

then , have mums Bihun Tumis.

and accompany her to Kangar towns as she wants to grab Mango there..

then, turns the Kancil to Mak Wa house to send the mongo there (as for bg cik awin. he's back to his work tomolow)

then, back home..

just on9 faceboook..

and have this entry..

k la..



** nak buat jahat ker tidak??

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