Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

Wah. what a lovely moment of sunday..hahaha..

Although that i woke up such as early at

hahah, really, sunday is the only day that i can rest.

so, after being woke up by mum frequently , just woke up. then straight to the living room..

hahah.. enjoying the half hour of Melody programme remain..

then, take a bath and whispering to Husna Masrura.

my 8 y.old sisters..

telling her on doing some sort of surprise party to mum in conjunction of Mothers Day.

haha. after keep me tide then ignite the Wira cars engine..

then , moving slowly leaving the house with manja (my sister)

haha.. since mum in upstairs.

then , first place we're going was the GARDEN CAke house..

located behing Aneka Supermarket..

then, chhosing 2 cakes of Blueberry worth rm28 each..

why buying two?

yah.. since i was a foster son to MAMA RADHIAH and my biological mum..

hahah.. so, in order to celebrate i have to pick two lah..

wah, too crowded in the Garden cake house since many poeple doesnt want to miss today specials day..

ah. after payed up, then we're driving to KFC kangar..

The Old KFC. not the new which located at The Store.

then ,parked our car and que for order.

then , i'm ordering the A Combo's..

which i'd think enuff for all of my family members..

then, after buying that, we're heading to MAMA RADHIAH house.

in Taman Aman perhaps..

then , make the surprise..

haha.. MAMA thanked me then we're enjoying the cake there..

so, after doing so we manage to leave lah since i dont celebrate with ma real mum.

so, we're back home and.


"Happy Mothers Day MUM"

shaking hand , kissed her and ask for her forgiveness.

then , mum said..

Thnak you. susah2 ja buat ni.. Mak tak kisah asal dengaq cakap mak saja..

so, put the things in the table.

and having the meal.

since abang not at home. ( going to

and syazril (who currently Studying At Sekolah Tuanku Syed Putra stayed at hostel)

we're celebrate with us only , my parents , manja and syauqi.

then, calls abang, said that he going home toninght.

* mums cutting the cakes.. Blackforest too expensive. Only buying the blueberry ones lah.. haha.


the meals from kfc.

then after the party done.

im tidying my room..

ah.. cleaning all over..

then , out a while..

going to NAzrin house..

just have an empty talks and then amer appeaers..

so, since too bored. back home and called for ANisa.,.


the lovely child neybour..

then , Took anisa out and join me with amer with that empty conversation..

Anisa doing on her own worlds sometimes she sstares at us looking weird to us..

then ,

nazrin tells us to go to Taman baru..

then , asking to have anisa with us.

anisa xcited joining us since she love to play at the palygrounds..

then , lets anisa have her play..

me and amer and nazrin and nasrizal have our conversation..

at 7.15.p.m/

maghrib calls..

then we're back home..

send ansia back too.

and have myself a bath and on9..

managing the Facebook..

Copying the necessary things for the Interview To adtec this 12.5.2010..

Takitnya nak pergi temuduga adtec hari rabu ni dekat Kulim.

Got offer in Diploma Of Computer Networking at Batu Pahat Johor..

just interview in KULIM , dont know whether want to go there or not.

kemudian aku lipat2 baju yang aku basuh semalam..

dan jahit seluar2 aku yang kesemuanya terkoyak pada bahagian kangkang..


then, masuk bilik and have this entry..

k lah.. nyte..


* Planning on cutting my hair tomorrow for the interview purpose.

** Not studying yet for the Interview things schedule at this wednesday.. Takutnya..

*** oh no, Burden lah. my bikes still in PAk Din workshop. How do i gonna reached to pak Din shop tomorrow and how do i managed to go works tomorrow.
Mums left car , but how do i gonna brings the bikes ha??
Tomorrow, will asking for HAfiz favour to Punch my card and told him im late due to the falattened of my bikes tyre.
and might asking for arief helps to send me to PAk Din workshop..


HAppy Mothers DAy to All of Mothers around the world..

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