Monday, May 3, 2010

I wish we NEVER meet.

hllo.. we meet again...

napa yerk tajuk entry aku kebelakangan ini emo sangat ya..

entahlah.. aku pon masih kabur dengan jawapan yang tak pasti lagi..

perlukah aku membencinya sedangkan dia tidak mengetahui apa2?

aku rasa tidak perlu..

Perkara yang perlu aku lakukan adalah Membuang segala perasaan yang aku pendam ni..

ya.. memang sound like cowards.. but i hate to face the truth.

all i need to do just some time to healed the open wounds in my heart.

okayh.. lets just rock~!

so, today as usual.. hansuari sangat..

early in thge morning had to solved the BIG cases..

The hdd drive of customer exchanged with other customer.

luckily, the problem was solved by an hour later.

huh.. what a Bad starter mornink..

then , i keep moody and depressed in the work.. currently no mood..

i dont know why this happen.. i wish we never meet before so i dont have to suffer like this..

not all of our dreams are truely happen..

i hate it..

i hate of being made like this.

wish that i could run and go far2 away from here..

k lah..

i need to rest since too messy and dizzyness in my head.

bye and nyte..

i hate to know you.. shit!!!

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