Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Im not gonna diss u on the internet.

okayh, so , starting the dumbest day of my life..

soon, i will b able to forget oll of such the nuisance happen in my life.

therefore turns out my mood into the weirdess.

ah.. Please leave me alone quickly..

i just cant stand of keep haunted of your shadow that invasion to whole of my life.

... ... ... ...

bla.. bla.. when me talks .haha.. ridiculous..! :)

but , yah at today ..

let me just told your the entire day story lah..

so, wake up at 10..a.m

then take a bath and bfast.

so, going to the wrokplace like usual..

an emty heart.. no more love towards that creepy place.

feel like im into a prison.

being treated like an intruders.

so, after having my sucks time at work.

at 8.p.m just going back home.

before that, reached Nadia (mums friend daughter) who suddenly appeared at the base level.

then , she figure out something with her lappy to the boss then we have a talked..

ya.. about our study, she's into the Music Fields at UITM SHAH ALAM.

so after that, im back.

then , Anisa suddenly approached me when arrives.

haha.. she keep excited of seeing me and me have a kissed on her chubby face.

then , carry her onto my house.

Kidnaped her for a while. hahah..

then , me having my dinner,,

mums buying me Nasi Ayam and Nasi Lemak.

Buying from Kangar PAsar malam then amer calls.

asking me to have a talks with him outside,.


saja sesuka ja nak ajak menyembang..

then i told him after my MENCEKIK moment yer..

then, send anisa back home then im going to amer house.

so, after we beeing talking about nothings..

then i said wanna back home..

to copy all of my details , cgpa , and my certificates.

ya.. to submit with Cik Rashid.,

for what yer?

ah.. keep it secret ya..

then asking amer back to accompany me to en rashid house.

then, we enjoy corn tube ice cream . (hand made by his wife)

so, at 11.p.m

im back.

and said thanks to the family.

so, after that, im taking my bath.

got some irritaion on my armpits..(put medicine oready)

then im having my time of CAfe world proceed with blogging..

k lah..

my eyes hurt..

hand shivers..

dizzyness of my head.



** i need more time to recover onto this wounds matter.

*** pity to nadia when she talks about her life at uni.
being avoided and humilated by the PULUNS STUDENTS who jelous of someone advantages.
pantang lebih sikit.. mulalah nak mepropa sana sini.. dunia2..

**** today was pasar malam day.. so, im not kinda into that excited of going there, dont know lah. maybe cause by unstable mood who carried me by this.

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