Monday, May 17, 2010

Isnin yang cuti.

tajuk entry tak seberapa..

Btw, today is the holiday untuk rakyat perlis..

Ya.. Hari keputeraan diraja ..

sebab itu jugak aku boleh cuti hari ni.. syoknyer..

btw, tomolow got to work la..

hahah.. malas sangat nak pergi sebab sterss ja pala otak bila kena handle kes2 berat ni..


no more talk about works as it will ruined up my mood.

so, yeah. today wake up at 11.30 a.m

still a.m ryte? hahah..

then teruslah gi mandi then tolong mak masak..

then mum ask my favour to do a WANTAN..

hmmm.. yummy.. just help her to wrap it and fry as the ingredients serve on tables.

mums busy on cooking lunch for us..


then me help her made that WANTAN *google on internet.,

then , at 3.00 p.m

abnag balik.. then he used my lappy..

geram betul since he erased all of the TODAY history..

ah.. my things should proper to use it lah!


then , me just landing2 on bed reading Auto Touch *mag for car.

sambil2 berangan dapat beli kereta mewah tuh.. hikhik.

ah.. bosan.. turning around..

tuptup already 5.00 p.m

then , me pick the laundry clothes to be fold into stacks.
while wathching Kampung BOy..

ah.. done it , bored..

out while.

bored too..

then in again..

layan jelah cerita2 dalam tv tuh../

then , mum backs from sending Syazril to Sekolah Sains Tunku syed putra hostel.

me having lunch at 7.00p.m hahha..

then , masuk bilik..

get a short nap

and at 8.00pm.

take a bath..

afta that , layan Fb.

chat with Amer the neighbour.

he asked me to out.

have a cit cat at Nazrin House.

then , suddenly they made a plan to go To Perlis BOwl..


10.00pm already.

then me proceed there lah with then by bikes.

sampai2 sana as expected..

wah too many people..

had to wait our turn on Lane 9.

then , we waited there until it turns.

ah.. me as loser..

kalah lah dengan depa dua..

memanglah.. aku selalu mesti kalah main boling dengan sapa2 pon..

tak der skill lah konon..

lepas tuh. dirang ajak minum2.

thejn we heading to Football corner.

only ask drink then we have talks there,

merapu2 dah kul 12.00 a.m.

then we're back home..

reached home , aku layan dulu FB kemas2 Cafe World.

then have this Blog entry,.

k lah.

already 1.13 a.m



* malasnya nak pergi kerja.. Tak de mood. tak sabar rasa nak berhenti at the end of this months.
dahlah tu . i have debt with them lagi lah..
my external hdd drive and my SMC modem.. need to return it back.

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