Monday, May 10, 2010

What a very hectic day..

meet again..

so, ah,,, startng to going to work after holiday in Sunday..

so before going to work..

i need to settled somethings before..

wHAT shuld i do at first??

So, wake up at 9.00 a.m

send sms to HAfiz telling him i'll be late due to my waiting for replacing my motorcycle tyres.

he's reply ok..

* double meaning too.. Like usual..

so, after having my bath and my b'fast.

then , calls nfor Arif to pick me up at my house to send me to Pak Din workshop..

Unfortunately , after reached there..

Pak Din Workshop not opening yet..

Argghh!! tension...

then telling him to left me there and i drive slowly my bikes to Jalan Sekolah Derma workshop..

Again.. The shit things..

"closed On MONDAY"

dah la penat dan berpeluh2..

then, not surrender yet.

drive again to Jalan Sekolah Putra workshop (KOTA MOTOR)

ah.. sama saja..

then , going to Taman Bunga Padi workshop..

Same things again.. Closed!

then , Going to Workshop near the peladang..

shit>. closed too..

hapa masing kedai motor ni dah kaya sangat ka??!

tak reti nak bukak kedai motor dah..



jauh perjalanan dengan motor yang menyiksakan..

memang hampa..

then OTW back..

ada satu kedai motor ./

di seberang jalan..



ah.. lega...

Bayangkan 4 bijik workshop..

semua tutup..

dah kaya sangat la tu..

Untung kedai yang buka tu sebab masa aku sampai kedai yang kelima tuh ada one of PAk Cik ni..

sam gak.. tukar tayar pancehtt gak..

so waiting to my turns..

then , after the flattened tyre being changes..

paid the price of 7 hengget then rushung back home..


really a sweat momnet daa~

then,. at 12.30 p.m..

baru siap2 nak pergi kerja.,.

so, as reached at workplace..

not punch my card..
just going straight upstairs..

so, doing some services.. Not much today..

then at 3,30 p.m
back home.

then Adie sms me..

asking for her Driving licensed whether done yet?

then told her to pick up at my house..

she refused..

then at 4.30 p.m.. OTW to work, fetch at her house and drop her licensed there..

so, went to work again..

then, duduk merapu saja without doing anythingts except received calls from customer and downstairs,.

so, at 7.10 p.m..

punched out my card then before back..

dropped by at PAK YA the Barber..

doing some cut and grooming there as for interview preparation..

while doing the haircuts..

the Barbers and guest we're talking about someones who died..

They we're talked about GANI..


do u know him?

as recognisation..

He is Black and darkk..

a bit FAT...

muka macam mamak or ala2 india sikt..

selalu pakai seluar pendek dan selekh sngat..

rambut kerinting ala2 uban sikit..

surely for poeple who living in KAngar town will remember him...

ya.. shocekd news..!

he was died yesterday,, *according to them.

the cause of may be of some sort of disesead.. I dont know what its about..

after the hair do so done..
im back and taking bath..

after that, burn the IMAGE FILES..

yesterday i'm downloading Windows XP black Edition..

so, today im burn it to Disc..

and im formatting my CPU desktop as for experiments.


tak sempat nak godek2 lagi what happen after formatting with the cd..

then. got phone calls fropm amer. (the neighbours)

asking me out.

then i said yes..

Sure.. Bored stayed at home.. at least got some fresh night air outside..

he' asking me out for dinner at Piee Cafe near the Mobil Station at REpoh..

then, we managed to go there with pa'teh and nazrin..

so, as first reached, call syawan who currently waiter at there,.,.(also our member but working there as part time)

then im ordenring Keoy Teow Ratna wit Lemon ice.


then after ordering and while having our dinner.

we;ll chat abou our future yang tak da future ni..

yalah. since i was rejected by Poli and UPU applicants..



same to amer too..

but we;re doing the RAYUAN THIngs!

then after done with dinner..

they we;re guessing where to hang out aftre this..

At first , we planned on going to KARNIVAL JOM PI PERLIS..

however, the planned changed it channel so we're heading up to KARAOKE!!

wah2.. best..

so , ignite the bike engines then we;re going to KAraoke Center Located near JPJ JEJAWI..

as reached there , payed to the ULAT PARKING to PArk our bikes there..

then , going uptairs to registerd our room and song ..


at first, we;re opened the book title of song collection..

then choose the song to be karok!


then , we're checked in the room..

then amer as first fried it first..

then followed by our turns..

wah.. aku nyanyi sepenuh hatio..


bisr puas..

banyak sangat masalah dalam pala otak ni.. kan dah lepas tension..

then , after we're losing all our voice.

we;re back home at 12.00 a.m.

then, heading back home to TAMAN BUKIT KAYANGAn..

then , i manged the cafe world on fb..

so, here the end of today..

what a very hectic day da that i've had..

but , im enjoying althought it was really tired..

k lah..

need to rest..


bye~~ nyte!!

* thinking of going back home arly tomorrow and telling MR. Ong that i've had an interview the day after tomorrow..

ah.. how do i handle the interview of adtec tu ha? since im not studies anythings..

ahh.. biar ja la....

letih nak pikir..

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