Sunday, May 2, 2010

I Just cant stand it anymore!


meet again,,.

Totally im lost! i dont know why.

i'm lying to myself.

i can hide it but i cant BEAR with it.

how to deal with this..

Oh GOD . help me.

i dont want to enter on "it" own world.

i dont want to bother "it" anymore..

i noe.. im not perfect and totally lost on my own nightmare dream.

okayh.. so wher do igonna start?

yah.. as usual on sunday writing should be long and more.


so, as usual, im starting my monday with a different..

i was wake up by my phone ringtone . and i'd tought that it was from hAfiz and.. ah.. no.. im late..(mamai tengah pikir lewat ke tempat kerja)

after talking to him , the i realised that it was from Shafiq..

ah.. u ruins my sleep lah!

then he jokes at me..

"tak bangun tidur lagi".

haha.. what a shamefull moment..

ya.. he having a problem with his computer again and he mentioned that the display shown many2 vertical lines on monitor.

then id said..

"kaylah.. nnati aku pi tengok , nak siap2 dulu"

he said " ha takpalah.. aku pon nak pi mesin rumput ni"

then aku bangun dengan malasnya..


jam pon menunjukkan kul 10.30 pagi..

then id had my bath and

then i'd permission mum to seek to shafiq house.

so, as starting im going to shafiq house.

so, as reached there..

Greets and welcomed by his 3rd brother and he.

ya.. shaking my hands like usual.. then proceed to his room..

then,, Omg!

Shafiq was wearing only a shortpants without clothes.. then his brother was only wearing a towel covering his body..

Oh no>! thier body was so shaped and muscled.!

dont know how they managed thier body fitneess as i was a BOROI!

Jelous tau !

so, after checking out. his G.card spolied!~

then chaged to onboard graphics then reconfigure all..

while that, me was talking to his brother.

apart from the conversation he was just moved to new work place.

currently on FUJI factory before by Intel factory..

he was a certificat BY IKM in MEkatronik/.

his ages older then me 1 year i'd think..

but the way he talks was so rough not like shafiq.

it okayh..

dont make me any offence at it and i confortable with it..

then shafiq told me about his vacation this past day to Bintulu.

oh so.

then.. shafiq invites me to view the construction infront of his house.

then we were called by thier mom t have lunch.

as i can see. shafiq eat with appetite.. double up the plates! wah.. very der semangat..

what a happy moments to have lunch there.

then , while i was with computer.

i saw that Irfan the 3rd borther of shafiq performs Zohor prayer.

then followed by shafiq.

oh GOD! tersentuh jiwa aku tengok hubungan mereka with the creatures.

then i was following then too..

after that, i was permission to back home and leave there.

thier mum post MEMPELAM on my bikes basket.. then shafiq gave me some money for my fuel.

and after shaking my hands with shafiq and irfan. then im home..

what i cant say! they hot cause having a muscle type of body.

and im jealous on it! kay..

then , arief call me to join ash , adie and him to thier hangout time.

after reached home, 10 minute later going to Arief house.

then pick up adie and ash to Kangar town.

we heading to Perlis bowl!

wah.. Perlis has it own Bowling center after been waiting for it 10 years to be approved.

After we parked our car on level 2 of kayangan square.

we checked in at counter.

i i can see. too many poeple there..

till we have to wait for empty lanes.

after paid and choose our bowl shoes.

we proceed to play..

ya.. we reserved for 2 game.

this is the view of Perlis Bowl.

then , after tired of rolling the ball we did our way to Tasik Melati.

haha.. been a long time didnt going there.

then , reached there we eat at the nearest stall.

i having myself LAksa and ABC.

after that , we walks around the Tasik MElati and captured ourself with Ash Nikon Coolpix,

after swaeting surround the lake, we going back to Kangar, then , we was thinkig of Going to the new C-mart.

Currently opening at Arau.

The kompleks arau.

as reached there, we said..

" ni ka Perlis? dah maju dah la.."

yah.. we have a copied Tesco on our hometown.

although it was not tesco, but the shopping center are just like that..

as been waiting here long time here its come to this hometown..

Goodbye The oldiest The Store.

then, bact to Kangar..

and we planned to have our dinner at Burger Cafe..

unfortunately, after reached there, it was full and crowded by Football Fan who wacth the match tonight..

then , we on to Boomax Cafe..

Same but we managed to eat there lah..

too much of crowded who wacht the footbal match toningt.

but were on our own world.

hahah.. no cares bout other.

we dinner there and have talks there till 11.00 p.m

after full each other, were going back home as arief send thier back and me but park my bikes atn his house.

here, im home.

im full and tired..

no rest at all this 2 days of Holiday.

as conclusion..

my holiday was needed by other as i have to sacrified to other as the complementary to ther joyness.

i dont even have my qulity good time for myself.


what the...

nyte~ tired and need to figure out ayu lappy as it was need my attention too..

ah.. cuti pon macam tak cuti sajork..

** the sadness and burden of my self only me who had to handle it. dont wanna take a brag of anyone.
just me and I pour everything in this blog.thank you for being my best buddy.

*** mana2 tawaran sambung study pon tak dapat.. Bodoh sangat kan aku ni?

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