Friday, May 7, 2010

Life so hard.

Life so hard when we're have to thickened our face to do such thigs of begging and help.

ya.. life like that. sometimes we have to although we have a pride.

Does your pride brings you succees and wealthy.

no. no.

as for me we have to keep aside those element tru our life in order of achieved somtings.

... ... .. *watever..! my life sucks!



kembali berisiaran..

as today for entry not much.

getting late again too work..

same time wake up like yesterday.

tup.. tup..

oh.9.30 am.

then, take a bath and rushing to works.

* brings also mum egg toeated bread., but im not kinda into that early in the morning. gave to Hafiz.

then, starting my works.

at 12.30 noon.

back home/. b4 that, drop by at Garden and bought some sort of bun.

as reached home, anisa gasper at me. then gave her one pieces of bun that bought just now.

she's kinda happy.

prepared for Jumaat prayer.

then, going to mosque with amer, pa teh and nasrizal.

so, back again. have lunch..

back again to work.

then at 8.00 p.m back home.

very tired of being PECACHAI there.

Otw home, saw the Carnival near the Dataran at the Hospital.

oh i c..

Karnival Jom P Perlis..

Starting by today..

planning to go there with amer lah when reached home.

unfortunately , after bath, cik imah (en rahsid wife) called for me at the front gate,

asking me to go and meet her husband,.

then , going to his house.

ready for the shocked news.

He asking me to go with him to DEAN house.

about my applicants to u lah tu..

oh no.. Shameful..

Obey and follow him.

another bad luck, Dean not at home.

en rasid persuade me to go for anither day.

back home with the saddest fellings deep in my heart..

im too stupid and lazy at school moments..

therefore i have to begiing there lah,. here lah..

the pathway of my journey full with obstacles.

then, what can i do.

pasrah ja lah.

and wait for another day to rach dean..

then back home.

Put out SMC modem (borrowed from kedai)

then exchanged with D link modem (also borrowed from kedai but has significants problem.. Connection always Discnnected.)

after setting up.

im browsing my self.

and not having any diconnected problem untill now..

and have myself this entry using SMC modem..

k lah.. out..


* thanks so much to En rasid family are willingly trouble with helping me. really appreciates..

** D link DSL 520B sucks.. Just using only 1 weeks but having frequently disconnected problem. luckily im not buying this yet ( just boorow from kedai),, in addition, also got the Overheated from the modem.. Really2 hot..! ahh.. manufacturing defect. luckily im turns with SMC ADSl modem router..
which have really good in linking my internet conncetion.. thus, no OVERHEAT problem like d link modem.. just as warm2 only..and important things, no more disconnected problem. so my downloads wont ended up by regret..
thinking of grabbing this SMC modem lah... naseb pinjam yang kedai jugak.. leh test2 mana bagus mana tidak,, kan?? nnatilah baru bayq.. nak test dulu lak.

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