Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Good Sunday..

hahha.. so , im back..

yeah. im still not having this good quality time to be spend on sunday.

dunnow why?

still dissatisfied with this sunday actually..

BTW, tomolow is holiday..

yeah.. feeling good to hear that..


ya.. Besok adalah Hari Keputeraan Raja bagi Raja PErlis.

bestnyer sok dapat cuti lagi..

so, what did i do today?

yah.. wake up at such time like at 1.00 p.m.

haha. shame on me.

then not doing much today.. just watching the Melody programme on Tv3 and have mums cooks for today..

as today mums cook of her speciality..

Mee Bandung Muar and Nasi berlaukkan Ayam MAsak MErah..

hm. having both simultaneosly.

then, masuk bilik on Facebook..


already 5.0 o clock..

then take some fresh air (not so fersh) outside..

yah, then waited for Anisa ..

She's kinda different today as she doesnt excited of seeing me anymore.

i dont know why..

then , took her around the child playground.

back again and hang out there infront of my house seeing neighbour having thier cit cat and childrens playing football at Lorong Satu road.

then , maghrib calls.

masuk dalam umah.

then a couple of minutes..

got guest..

of from mum relatives..

tumpang sembahyang sini

then , mums reheat her Mee Bandung and serves them..

so, they back at 8.45 p.m

then , have dinner and at 10.00a.m

accompanying my family to Expo..

yah. as info today was the last day of the KARNIVAL JOM PI PERLIS.

and reached there..

OMG! really traffic and jammed..

too much of human waves there,..

no PArking.

each waited for the lucky draw for the main przes of PROTON ISWARA.


after parked our car then we proceed there..

then, have a look around to the bazaar..

too much of lelongan barang..

then we managed to buy a crocs shoes..

haha.. me , dan and manja bought the same design crocs.

only me made a different with buying the FAncy Cartoon buttons on it.

mine worth rm 15 + Rm6 for button.

haha.. mines crocs.!

then , at 11.30 p.m we managed to get home..

so, sampai umah. terus bukak peti ais dan isis dalam kon dan layang cerita LAksamana Do Re MI..

seronok sangat tengok cerita jenis2 macam tuh..

then im writing this entry at 1.15 a,m after manageing my Cafe world..

k lah..

Battery lappy ni dah drains out..

Gud nyte and bye2.

* besok nak spend sebaik2nya masa cuti.. HArus dimanfaatkan sepenuhnya..

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