Saturday, May 8, 2010

The test.


meet again..

Kopi ka milo..


so, as today was saturday..

whats wrong with Saturday?

no~ nothing wrong.. just and ordinary Saturday. except that i have to works on saturday..

huargh.. tension.

so, wake up at 9.15 a.m

take a bath.

then have mums fried noodles..

and going to works.

then back lunch at 3.30 pm

mums cooks Daging Kurma , Masak Cuka. and etc.

after that , have a nap for a while.

oh, really tired today. donnow why.

and woke up at 4.30 pm. then rushing to works.

OTW , using the back way of my Taman like usual lah.

tak pasal2 ada pecacahai mana tah dok buat kemas..

halau aku tak bagi aku guna jalan belakang..

WTF! tak boleh ker use your manner .

Shit! dasar tak leh diajar..

then , have to use the main roads of my taman.

as. running a bit late lah.

then reached at workplace at 4.50 p.m.

late but who cares.. hahha..

then getting upstairs and continue my works.

then at 7.00 p.m/

hafiz invites me to accompany him to go the new expo..

I'd thinks It was KARNIVAL JOM PI PERLIS.. venued at Dataran 350 near HTF.

then as reached there , and parks our bikes there.

we have a walks there..

not much i can say..

it was like Pasar Malam la..

then , get satisfied turning around there we made our own way back home.

so, as my fuel indicators shown to E.

then , i.m speeding up to Caltex Taman Guru Jaya.

Unfortunately , the caltex owner too rich so the petrol pump closed.

*(second time had this)

the made my way to Caltex infront of the Putra Palace.\

while in the Jubli Emas roundabaout, feeling somethings strange about my motorcycles.

then , made my way straight to that Caltex stations.

Refueling my petrol amounted rm 5.

then , noticed somthings.

OMG! the front tyre of my bikes flattened.

then going to the air pump near the station..

sedih sangat!

How come the Hose Nozzle of the Air pump machines been cutting off..

DAif sangat stesyen minyak ini.


made my although it was hard for me to ride on that condition.

entering the kangar town.. with the little hope that might be some bikes shop didnt closed yet.

ahh,, hopeless.. all of the shop closed already..

then, ah.. planning of going back home straight.

but , thinking of. "why dindt i left my Motorcycles at PAk Din workshop.?" still i have to brought my bikes here soon ..

then , made my way to Pak Din Workshop at Kampung Pondok.

as reached there, informed the nerest house a.k.a pak Din dad house since pak din moved away from here last year and only come to this workshop at Monday till Friday.

tells the Grandad that i left my bikes there, infront of the workshop.

after that, take out my CSL phone and callling for aMer to pick up me At Pak din Workshop.

such weird.?

cant make a calls.

then i realised when Celcom send me sms " u have insufficient balanced""


oh not again..

remembering that celcom have the option of credit advance thus quickly my finger tap for *118# for requesting that service.



Thanks celcom for approving my credit advanced.

how come that i forgot to Topup for my mobile..

Ujian2.. lepas satu2..

thus , calling for amer again.. Then, Yes..

gotcha.. Ask for his favour to pick up me there.

then after a while, amer come and saves me.

ah.. take a deep breath for what happen today.

saying thanks to amer and back home.

tells mum about what happen.

and told her that i might used her Kancil Or Wira for my tarnsport for my moves now for a while.

*Since i dont know how to Drive Her Naza Citra.

then after while Nadia comes to my house as promised..

to install her lappy with the required software..

then, left in the living room and take a bath..

have dinner then she's done tutor my sister.

*nadia payed by mum for teaching my sisters in Chinese Languages.,

tunrs downstairs and copy some of my movies to her lappy.

after she going back home, then thinking laundry my clothes tonight..]

while waiting the washing machines, saw amer. just got back from where i dont know with wari.

have our chat about empty talks.

so, entering house at 12.30 a.m/

then have myself today entry..

k lah..

really tired..

2.30a.m oready.

bye and nyte~

*** hai..! macam2lah dugaan petang tadi.. Sabar jalah.

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