Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ingatkan hari Jumaat.

huh. what a day?

thought it was friday today..

punyalah excited nak balik awal sikit tegha hari..

last2 tersedar dari lamunan rupanya hari KHAMIS..\

ah.. might b of im too bored of working there anymore dats whyu always thinking bout holiday.

so, wake up at 9.00 a.m.

take a bath and have the Lekor ball at the table.

then, while have my b'fast wathching the played Senja Permai. ah.. berapa kali astro nak ulang ha..

at 9.30 am.

speeding up my bikes to workplace.

as usual goingt upstairs but since nowadays are less with the repair cpu..

ah.. lega..hahah

then , keep the time running away..

at 3.30 p.m back home to lunch break.

drop by at kedai kuih Infront of HTF.

yah. beli apa ya?

mengikut nafsu ni.

grab 2 of Nasi Lemak

Laksa and 6 pieces of Popia Goreng..

then back and have all of those by once!

kenyang gila..

bila dah kenyang!? mulalah mata ni mengantuk./.

then tertidur sampai kul 5.00 ptg..\

hahah ..dah lebih 30 minit masa rehat.

teruslah pergi ke tempat kerja balik..\

buat dunnow ja..


naik atas..

then mengaruts2 and hacve lite chat with hafiz and he keep telling me about his new night part time work/

yah, surely will get impressed when he'll talk about the benefits lah bla2.ETC.

and at 8.00 pm.

Going home and drop by at Tapak PEsta di Dataran 350

singgah beli Otak2 bakar..

then balik and saw sebungkus nasi goreng..

and ask manja.

where's mum?

she said mum had a courses at Kuala Perlis.

then. ah. okaylah.. have my dine together with otak2 yang very nder expensiver 3 for rm2.,\

after dine, going straightly to Nazrin house.\

want to seek for cik imah and cik rasid.

abouit the applicants.

then, wait foir they while wait teach YAYAH (thier Daughter) maths as she as for my favour.

then , they back and giving me the letter.

then , pak teh and nazrin invites us to have a Lepak at kangar..

at that time , syazwan also there.\

then , me a, amer , pak teh , nazrin and nasrizal also with syazwan going to KAngar Homtown..

Merapu2 and lepak dekat Football Corner.

me just ordering Sirap LAici ..

after 1 hour there, we'll ride to aound the Kangar lah , and lastly stopped at Dataran 350 again..

jalan2 cuci mata sambiul tengok orang karaoke.

then , me back and reached home at 12.00 a.m./

saw mum and surprised she didn't stayed at Hotel (done check in) but choose to have night at home.

she telling me. ah..

More confort stayed at Home.

then , me entering my room and on9 facebook.

then , here me doing this enrty..

k lah..

1.40 a.m already..

need to sleep..

nyte.. bye..

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